in this video I'm going to show you how you can take our ebook list of 30 plus free ad websites where you can post affiliate offers Rebrand it with your own affiliate links with our easy online Rebrand or give it away for free and earn recurring affiliate commissions but before I go on I'd like to ask you to subscribe to my YouTube channel and click the notification icon that way you'll be the first to know about our affiliate tips and new free software that comes out okay so here's our ebook uh free ad websites where you could post affiliate offers if you come down here and look at it this is in PDF format um we have a list of free advertising websites and as you see we've got various banners for down here for um for a video on a blog post and come down here a little bit more here's one to get your own website here's when you get software and here's the great thing about this all these can have your affiliate links branded into them here so if right here I just have the placeholder in it but you would have your affiliate ID in here and if the idea is you're going to Rebrand this ebook and I'm going to show you how in a second with your affiliate ID and automatically in just a few seconds and if anyone clicks on any of these banners here any of these like if someone goes here and decides to get their own classified ad website you're going to get a commission it's a big Commission on that too because it's a high ticket product if they come here and Order then you're going to get recurring affiliate commissions every single month and I have Affiliates I've paid every single month for years just off of one sale so that could really work even if they download the free software and later order anything from cool marketing software they upgrade and get a free pro version you're going to get a commission all these banners and the great thing about this concept is once you Rebrand this and again I'm going to show you how to do it in a second you're giving away valuable a valuable resource because everybody is looking for a way to get more traffic everyone buddy is looking for free places to advertise and we have over 30 websites it's actually up to 42 and soon to be more where people could go and place their free ads and get some traffic to their offers and also a lot of places don't want to accept affiliate offers so every single one of these websites will accept affiliate offers so if you have people in your team or you're coaching or whatever and they need places to advertise but you're approaching them with a free advertising resource you're giving away something for free and that is a much softer sell than say hey check take a look at my offer take a look at my business opportunity you see it it opens the door much better hey would you like to get a list of an e-book with a list of 30 over 30 free ad websites where you can post your affiliate offer yeah sure and they come in here and they say well gee maybe I I don't want to post manually manually I'd rather have classified submissions do the posting for me so they click here and they get that even if they click here and go to this blog post it is coded to you so if they order anything off the website even by going to an informative blog post teaching them how to get free advertising credits you're going to get credit as the affiliate and it's a much better way to approach rather than just trying to sell somebody right away you're offering a valuable resource okay so how do you Rebrand this ebook very easily you're going to come to this webpage free ebook two I will put it in the description below and by the way stay to the end of this video because you you don't want to miss uh one step in this process we want to make sure it's done right and we get your ebook rebranded properly but any case you come to slash free ebook too and you'll come to this page all you need to do is join two affiliate programs if you haven't done so already and I have the links to join right here and come here you click you fill this out okay you choose your username that then you submit and you're going to get an affiliate account an affiliate URL and you're going to use the username that you chose the username it's exactly the same thing as it is for so say you pick a username and you come here and all you do is put your username you you put your actual username in there not your username okay your username it might be a good idea if you uh to use the same one for both but it's not necessary and if you already have signed up for these programs that's fine just use the one you have and you click Rebrand it all right that's it now you have a choice to download it now when you click here to download it it will go automatically to your downloads folder so see it's downloading down here see it downloaded to the downloads folder so here's the PDF I'm going to open it up I'm going to get the PDF and here is the rebranded ebook you see here you go now let's hover over here now look if you look at the URL that you see kind of highlighted there it says your username because we that's what we chose as the username your username this is an example if you've chosen John Smith as your username you it would be John Smith but you see it's coded automatically that Banner to the username that we chose and even here on this blog post I go to a blog post but it's coded you see where it says question mark ref equals your username but it will say question mark ref equals John Smith if it was John Smith whatever username you chose so I can keep coming down here same thing it's all coded to you so now you can just give this away to people and one thing that you can do is upload this to Google Docs docs or Google drive or you can use this long link that we have for you and it'll it'll lead to the download of the rebranded ebook so say I come here and I I've copied and pasted this URL if someone gets it it automatically downloads to their uh right to their downloads folder in their computer that's if you use the link that we give you or you can upload it to Google Docs so for this you have to have a Google account which almost everyone does and you just search for Google Docs to a Google Google search for Google Docs you'll find it and you come to drive and then what you want to do is you want to click new and you click upload you find your ebook your rebranded version of the ebook you upload it I see I've done this a couple times already and here we go I'm going to double click on this I'm going to come up here actually I'm going to come up here where it says open with Google Docs and then this is going to give me a URL I'm going to come up here to share and I'm going to say anyone with the link copy the link and now I have the link that anyone can access and the advantage of this is that people can go right to it okay they can download it if they want they can do whatever they want so here it is in Google Docs okay the whole thing you can share this you can give this URL away and now you might want to take this long URL see how big it is go to some place like uh bitly and do a shortening get a short URL right here you could do bitly or tiny URL there are other services as well and I'm gonna choose an alias I took my long Google Docs make a tiny URL copy and now I have a little more palatable URL that I can use which will redirect to the Google Docs see so I've got free ad ebook you can do whatever you want and now you can give this away to your list you can send an email to your list share this on social media any way that you can promote as well you can use this ebook as a an incentive for people to join your list and give them this link when they join because this is something valuable this isn't just you know a free ebook this has a whole list of advertising resources that they can use and people you know value that without people are looking for free places where they can place their ads and now you have it you can give it away and if you click any of these Services you are going to get commissions and I've been paying out commissions for over 10 years so this really works and I do it every single month so this is a proven concept now here is another idea on how to promote your PDF here you can go to this gig on Fiverr and I'll put the link again in the description below and I've used this guy many times for all kinds of stuff not just this and for five dollars he will would be bad actually a two dollar fee or something he will upload your PDF to some of the top um PDF hosting sites and a lot of these get a lot of traffic and that can help with SEO and you could write a little description put some keywords in there and have this as a permanent ebook on a lot of the what they call High PR slideshow or PDF sharing sites now I actually did this I paid for it and what he does for five dollars will give you a little report here um and of all the places where he submitted their Google PR which is very high for these sites and this is kind of a granddaddy of them all right we come here and let's say we'll go copy paste this URL this is is probably the most popular one come here we go to the URL and there it is man it's uploaded to I've I put my whole description down here I put a link that people can go to you can customize it people can download it and they'll get your free ebook and then he did it on rebranded eBook on a lot of other sites too uh some of them I know some I don't I did a Tumblr thing I wonder how that worked out some not all of them will always go through okay let's see but it's so cheap and we go here Tumblr wow you put this whole thing on Tumblr too that's amazing okay got my link on Tumblr goes right to my link all for five bucks you could do this and you could do this with other stuff too so this is a good tip for shared that's a very popular site um they did it on uh LinkedIn amazingly enough let's see what happens here there you go I'm on LinkedIn with a sucker so that's well worth it so that's a one way you could promote this of course hit your own list hit your own followers find people who are advertising on websites and just say shoot them an email or shoot them up a message and say hey would you like to get this free ebook and here's here's my Google Docs link enjoy you developing a relationship with people you're giving a free resource uh it's a win-win then go and have it submitted to get this report off of Fiverr have it submitted and that's a good way to start earning affiliate commissions just one tip and the key is to start taking action and do it do stuff go go go go go go go go go go go go go go don't get dumb worry about if you're doing the right thing just start doing Massive Action and here's one tip that you could do that you can do for free or just like five to seven dollars and and get the ball rolling with this to start earning recurring affiliate commission so that's even without your own website so I hope this has been helpful for you if so please like it share it you can embed this video on your blog if you want to show this to your other group and go ahead and get this technique going and let me know if you do it in the comments section and you know send me some links to where you've uploaded the PDFs so again hope this helps you out please subscribe to my YouTube channel click the notification icon and also join our newsletter below as well so you can get more affiliate tips like this and get 597 dollars of free marketing software thank you so much this is Matt May

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