hi viewers this is Victor Godfrey and
I'm welcoming you all to a brand new video on this channel. in today's video I
will share with you an amazing ready-made lead magnet funnel inside
builderall funnel Club that enables you to start generating leads instantly and
also make sales. guys you know that in order for you to generate a lead you
actually need a lead magnet and builderall recognize the need for an effective lead
magnet and went ahead and created a ready-made lead magnets campaigns and
all you need to do is to use the ready-made lead magnet campaign funnels rather or funnels and start generating leads and sales for your own
business. so this is an extract of the ready-made lead magnet funnels inside builderall funnel club and you can choose any of these funnels for you lead magnet
funnels and start generating leads and sales for your business is online and
also want you guys to know that with the creation of this value-packed lead
magnets you no longer have the need or spending extra money on PLL's contents
anymore and you also don't have the need of hiring a copywriter anymore because
buta all has already taken care of this needs for you right inside the
ready-made lead funnels inside without or from our club so once you you know
sign up and become a builder or I forget or become an account holder with buta
all this will be the first page you are trying to taking to this particular page
if you go up here you see this athlete section here that's where you have to
click you click on your affiliate button here so that it will take your straight
out to the funny o'clock section and the only only those that have premium plans
are premium plan subscribers as buta out can be able to assess the phone our club
so if you actually want to have access to this formula club there you have to
sign up with the Buda or premium plan account and I'll be leaving a link below
we are actually you know sign up and become a premium account holder so once
a click this particular affiliates button here
on this dashboard it will take you to the next page we a and on the left side
you'll see that our this sales lead generation funnel and our really page
you will need to click or the button you'll need to click once you click it
there'll be a drop down here that shows you the funnel club so all you need to
do now is to click on this funnel club so that you'll be able to see all the
funnels they are to lead magnets that you can actually start using to generate
sales and leads for your own businesses before I proceed to that I also want you
guys to see that every funnel inside lead funnel any every funnel inside the
funnel club already has your affiliate links already and then so I just need to
do is just to start sending traffic to them does if you an affiliate marketer
if you decide to be an affiliate and strictly do the affiliate business then
you send traffic here but if you don't want to be an athlete and you want to
use it solely for your own business needs then you can also do that and
every of the arm inside the club from your club area there are different
funnel templates with different niches that are peculiar to every kind of
business which we can actually deploy for your own business needs so having
said that this has throw some extracts of some other from our templates inside
the funnel club that you could actually use for your own business needs so but
for this particular video I've decided to work with this particular for now
that says thermogenic foods so I'd like to work with this particular funnel and
show you guys certain things you can actually do with any of the particular
funds of the chosen but for me I've chosen this particular one so I'm going
to click on the view also click on the View for note is going to take you to
the page I probably bring you to this place
this particular page and from here you can see I have my affiliate link here
and I can decide to promote my affiliate link or send traffic to this particular
plane and once people get to this link and click on the link it takes them to
this home page this is the home page this is what they see
once they get once they click on the link it brings them to this particular
homepage we could be able to see this and this page actually has an ebook
downloadable ebook very beautiful that they can actually download and it says
seven main foods that accelerate your body metal makes up listen so a lot of
people working as affiliate marketers or selling weight-loss product like network
marketers I believe this is a very good template of funnel you can actually use
to generate leads and we also be able to solve your product that I incongruent
with this particular type of ebook here that has to do with weight loss so as
you can see there's a provision for them to download the ebook here and look at
what happens with this magnet this particular funnel when they click on
here to download the ebook it takes them a pop shop actually comes up in front of
the screen requesting for them to provide your names and their email
address before they can be able to go ahead to download this so this is one of
the strategies leader on earth actually inculcated inside this particular funnel
to enable you to generate leads because by them providing this information
you're able to capture their data and once you capture their data you can
actually be able to start you know sending them value contains emails
follow-up you know for you to actually warm them up and be able to make a
salute then directing them to whatever acts in you actually one of started an
array of services or product or whatever but the the beautiful aspect of this is
that before they are able to download the ebook this pop-up comes up for them
to provide the information which is very very effective as well so once they
provide your name as requested here and the email address then click on the
download button it takes them to this particular page and this is a thank you
page this particular page is really cannot be able to download the e-book as
requested but there's something you can actually do here you know inside Beulah
or you have the ability to you know it did any of the pages it
homepage or the Thank You page to suit your own business needs so what I
normally do is this if I'm promoting this particular our funnel I'm trying to
use this funnel as my lead magnet once they get to this Thank You page
I just don't send them directly here what I normally do out how ad for this
particular type Thank You page and put on insights a call-to-action button
where I'll be prompting them to actually do for that stops once they get to this
page and I'm going to show you guys what I do but before I get to that point I
just want you guys to see that you can actually edit any of these pages you can
a deeply homepage you can see the edit button here and you can I probably do
all this at the back office of your Buddha all account
once you download these funnels into your account there you go to the back
office and do whatever accent you want to do that you can customize them to
suit your own business needs supper for me I just write so you know customize
the Thank You page and I inserted a call to action button which I'm going to show
you guys or I just peed in few seconds so guys our remember that this is the
Thank You page once I click on the download and after providing the I
because it brings them to this place so this is the original Thank You page but
I told you guys that I went ahead and you know edit ended like Thank You page
and you know made it to suit my own business need and what I did was I added
extra buttons a call to action button trying to prompt them to do something
else and this is what exactly I did I had to scroll up so that you guys will
see I actually had in this particular section we I said they should check out
the number one recommended product to help you jump-start fat-burning
now and actually you know putting greater this call to action button where
if they click only show me the product it actually take them to a page where
I'll be marketing a product today and the whole essence of doing this is that
I've actually used this particular formula not number one by giving them an
e-book electronic generated a lead which is the
first step then the second step is that actually also want to use the same
funnel to sell a product so if you're an affiliate marketer or you're a networker
or whatever business providing that is incongruent with this
particular funnel you can actually use this same strategy too just like saying
using one stone to kill two birds I'm using this particular formula to
generate a lead and at the same time trying to make it so my intent here is
purely to get the lead and also see if I can make it sell today because right now
they've actually gotten downloaded and ebook they showing them with seven men
fools that accelerate what it meant losing metabolism rather and the next
thing is I'm also trying to sell to them a product that actually solves the same
kind of problem so once they click and this particular show show me the product
it will take them to another page so let's check it out so you can see mainly
they clicked from show me the product you brought them to this Amazon page
sales page showing them this particular product and again what I did was I am
actually selling my showing them a product that is also in congruence with
the title or maybe with the product with the funnel they just clicked I mean the
the e-book they downloaded rather so you can see this particular product here
also talks about tamo genic fat burner weight loss supplement appetite
suppressant it is in Congress it is related to the e-book they just
downloaded so if you're an affiliate marketer selling products from Clickbank
or you're a network how different how only help me
this is extracted you can actually deploy you know to actually makes us and
also generate leads but guys there's a disclaimer here I'm not Amazon athlete
I'm not promoting this product I am NOT so I'm only just using this particular
product for educational and demonstrative purposes alone so having
said this much guys you can see that this is one of the ways you can actually
use one of the d'enfer you already make lead magnet for knows inside
buta or as tap generates only you if you just want to promote the product the
funnels or you just need to do is send traffic directly if you don't want to
edit anything if you don't have any other business so this can actually
become a full-time business for you by sending traffic fuel to any of these
funnels I have your affiliate link on them and those that have the need or
clicker needs once they click on it then it prompts them to take further actions
that are actually the results to meets and sells for you so it's a win-win
situation either you're using it to promote your own pest mad business or
you want to use this alone to promote your affiliate link as the business of
its own any strategy or any matter you decide to adopt actually works and it
generates income for you so having said that guys so you can actually see that
giving out any of these ready-made lead magnet funnels you would have
successfully given out something of great value and you also generated a
lead to start reading your list and you can also use the lead magnet link
funnels or magnet to lead to lead your prospects your network effect magazine
products or whatever services you're actually providing and also make sure
that you're also following up with your generated leads through emails by
persistently providing valuable contents so guys this is the time for you to
become a do that I feel it by signing up through the affiliate link below in the
description and start utilizing the ready-made lead funnels inside you that
offer on your club and start generating leads and make more cells and also start
any recurring monthly commissions for yourself
besides that so this is also one of the reasons why I love promoting buta all
you know is one of the best selling products in the market and again its
generates tab or recurring monthly income and it's also have ready to go
sales funnels our annual income faster and apart from that so there's total
support these trainings they'll actually help you to be able to utilize this and
start making money and apart from that so it has an awesome customer retention
rates so once again just like I say there'll be a link below this video for
you to sign up and become an athlete and it is completely free to become a Buddha
or athlete and if you sign up for the Builder of
a premium plan that has the funnel Club for premium account members then you
have access to an exclusive private area where you have tons of invaluable
resources that will show you how to get results faster along with the community
of Buda our athletes that are ever ready to assist you any time and any day so
viewers we've come to the end of this video and if we did got some value in it
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