i don't want to panic you and I really 
don't want this to come off as clickbait but   this is really weird
did YouTube just completely end   affiliate marketing on the YouTube platform?
I saw this today  it was a really tiny announcement on a video 
on the Creator Insider channel which is where   YouTube tends to make announcements to creators
it's 15 seconds long, and about two minutes into   their news flash video that came out today
and finally we're expanding on an experiment   that detects products in your content or related 
products now we've experimented with this in   the past and what it does is allow viewers to 
decide what to watch next and what to do next  that's all
that is all it said  but look at the screen grab
can you see it what it looks   like is that under the video, YouTube or 
Google will serve adverts – direct shopping   adverts – to the products that appear in the video
and it looks like those adverts… they kind of   look like the adverts on the Google shopping tab
so does this mean that YouTube is completely   wiping out making money on YouTube 
by using affiliate marketing?  isn't this like really massive?
I mean people make like six figure   sums a year from Amazon Associates
is this a whole industry on   YouTube that's being wiped out?
and is it me or is there so much to   pull apart in this 15 second clip especially 
if you make money from affiliate marketing  let's take another look at the screen grab
it looks like this feature is called   watch & shop and sorry it looks so blurry
this is how it looks on the official YouTube video  and from this it looks like to me that Google 
will offer ads underneath our videos to the   products that it can see in our videos
we already know that things like Google   Cloud Vision can completely interpret 
images and YouTube analyzes our videos   frame by frame for all of this metadata
so the idea is if it detects a product   it can directly take the viewer to a place 
to buy the product straight from our videos  so here's the problem and why 
I think this is absolutely huge  if you and I make money from affiliate 
marketing here's how it works at the moment:  I make a video where I talk about a microphone 
– like say this microphone here – and I   make that video last about six minutes
then down in the description there are   these links here that link to the products
in this case they link to Amazon and if you   click on the links there and buy the products or 
other products I make a commission on that link  but look at this – and I know it's blurry I'm 
sorry – but this lovely visual box will now   automatically appear to whisk your purchase after 
you've done all that work…

The buyer is whisked   away and can buy it straight from that Google ad
so does this mean that Google earns all   the money from that sale?
and I know I'm racing ahead   but there are probably a few other things we 
need to pull apart from this 15 second clip  the first thing is that we're in 2021 and this 
is an experiment and finally we're expanding on   an experiment – so it might very well come 
and go but I've got a feeling that if it   makes money for YouTube it's not gonna go
I think it's just gonna come and not go  the second thing is that it's currently 
only going to be in the United States  this is going to apply to US viewers only
for now  so that's interesting for non-us 
affiliate marketing YouTubers like me  by the way this is how much I earn 
from Amazon affiliate marketing  I made a whole video about how 
much I make in a month the…  the link is in the description and on screen now
it is a really tough place to make money  I guess the biggest takeaway 
from the announcement is this  so now we've experimented with this in the past 
and what it does is allow viewers to decide what   to watch next and what to do next
yeah the viewers  as you know YouTube will always decide 
what is best for the viewer not the creator   or the affiliate marketer but the viewers
it's always been this way  by the way hello I'm Neil Mossey: I'm 
a development producer helping high   achieving creators and performers 
just like you to get ideas out into   the world here on YouTube to make people happier
I'm wondering could this be absolutely devastating   for someone who earns money from unboxing 
or reviewing products?
But as a viewer – and   YouTube is all about the viewer experience 
– this could be absolutely fantastic because   currently it's a really ugly experience wading 
through links like this instead of really nice   shiny…

If a bit blurry… a picture 
probably a bit better than this one  bit less blurry… but you get the gist right?
but for YouTube this could be great because   we'll now have stores competing for that 
space underneath our videos instead of all   that traffic going to to one online store
now you've probably had exactly the same   thought – the same KERCHING thought that I've 
had which is "huh, what what if YouTube were   to actually share that revenue it gets 
from the sales of products underneath   creators videos with the YouTube creator?"
and so I left that question or suggestion or just   out and out begging in the comments 
of that Creator Insider video  but then I found out that there was this 
article from Bloomberg in October 2020  this article explains that it's an experiment 
and claims that the YouTube person said:  "creators will have control over 
the products that are displayed"  KERCHING!
I don't know if I've got   the right sound effect for that?
[KERCHING SOUND EFFECT]  that's better
the link to that   article is in the description below but 
let's take a look at the clip one more time  and finally we're expanding on an experiment 
that detects products in your content  so what do you think?
leave a comment below  is what you can see here – I'm treading 
in all sorts – is what you can see here   going to affect you financially do you think?
and on screen now is a link to that video which   could either be really exciting 
news or absolutely devastating  so on the other side I've put another video 
just to cheer you up thanks for watching!

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