i've prepared a live webinar planning 
checklist for you and i'm going to include   this as a downloadable pdf as well as a word 
document you know sometimes i get a little bit uh   frustrated when i don't have to download pdf 
documents and their checklist and things like   where they're filling the blanks because 
unless it's a fillable pdf you know something   where you can write on it it's kind of a 
pain in the neck so i will include both   of those formats for you so let's take 
a look and see what some of the stuff   that i want you to think about number one is is to 
select the webinar topic and again pick the topic   that you're going to be discussing in your webinar 
and then write a headline make the headline   you know snappy hooky something that is engaging 
something that is benefits uh written uh driven   and uh something that that is really really going 
to make somebody want to attend your webinar   um try to keep the webinar less than 140 
characters that is about the same length as a   twitter post the maximum twitter post and that is 
a pretty good rule of thumb for writing a headline   uh that you can work with write a description 
about the headline i'm sorry about the webinar   i'll write a description here the date 
that you're going to have the webinar   the time of day that the webinar will will 
take place make a note if this is going to   be a recurring webinar that may be a webinar that 
is part of a series or something that will be done   in an encore presentation so if you're going to 
be presenting it uh in any sort of format you   know make a note about that for yourself because 
there are certain things that you can keep in mind   when you're setting it up you know if you're 
doing a series uh you know some of the same   stuff you're doing doesn't have to be entered 
all over and over again so that's good to know   uh who is the organizer of the event 
the organizer is the person with the top   level of administrative control uh and the 
organizer of the event is the person who has the   uh the the authority to assign other permissions 
as well for instance there are presenters   in many cases the organizer of the event will be 
the presenter or the main presenter of the event   but not always so if the organizer is not going 
to be the presenter then the organizer needs to   assign whatever permissions are necessary 
for the presenter or the presenters   to be able to share the control of the webinar 
to be able to show their screens to be able to   show whatever applications they have whether 
they're showing presentations or working online   or managing chat or whatever so you put 
their names here whatever notes you want   you may also have panelists um panelists typically 
are not presenters and i'll tell you how panelists   work and how i like to work with panelists is that 
sometimes i will have a number of people attending   a webinar who would like to have some input 
who may have some special questions and there   are times when i've had you know very very large 
webinars with hundreds and hundreds of people but   there are just a few people that i will single out 
for the uh for the ability to ask me a question   uh by phone or or or to be uh able to enter into a 
conversation in the webinar with their microphone   and those i call panelists those are typically 
people that i will select from my no blogger   left behind group and of course people who 
have been through no blogger left behind who   are attending a blogging webinar are people who 
i think are special and and those are people that   i'm happy to accommodate and to be you 
know to be able to go deeper with them   in their in their journey on in the blogs uh 
next step is to set up a registration page   and then set up a registration and a lead 
bridge and what the lead bridge is is the lead   bridge is a is a piece of software or a tool uh in 
wordpress there is a plug-in that lets you connect   the registration uh with your autoresponder and 
your list building uh vehicle uh for instance   if you're setting up a registration on go to 
webinar go to webinar doesn't collect those   in your autoresponder but you can work with a 
lead bridge uh to to do that and there will be   a separate web subcom sorry a separate video just 
about the the lead bridge i think it's very very   important to be able to collect the leads 
who come in and and the registrants from the   registration page and to be able to assign them 
to a campaign um in your autoresponder service   uh you also want to very very possibly 
create a registration survey perhaps   get some thoughts from your uh folks before the 
webinar something that is relevant to the topic   uh perhaps ask them what questions you they 
would like to have answered uh you know what   are their most burning questions about that topic 
you know what is it they would like to hear about   and that's very good information to have when 
you're setting up a webinar because you'll you   know what you know what people really want to 
know and you can better meet those needs with   the survey beforehand you want to definitely set 
up some webinar alerts email alerts uh when people   sign up for the webinar you want them to get an 
email that says you know welcome to the webinar it   will be on such as such a date and time you want 
them to get another alert probably a week before   the day before and an hour before so there are 
a number of alerts we have again we have another   video about that but i'm putting that on this 
checklist if you have the ability to collect sms   uh or cell phone numbers you can 
send people an sms text alert   prior to the webinar and that's a really good 
thing to do and that is something that really   works very very well to increase attendance you 
may also depending upon your situation want to   send them an alert via their voicemail to their 
cell phone so you can actually send a message   if you have their telephone number you can send 
a voicemail message to them that says you know   hi this is francis and the webinar is going to be 
starting in about 15 minutes you know get to your   computer check your email i can create that kind 
of a voicemail message in a pre-recorded format   and and that can go out as an alert as well uh you 
want to you know make sure somebody's creating a   presentation make sure that's covered uh create 
whatever handouts you may be including with your   presentation any uh any of the materials you may 
want to uh for instance you may want to create a   a pdf form of of a powerpoint presentation and 
perhaps some notes and make that available as a   handout you may have a white paper to share you 
may have something to share and again that could   that's part of your planning uh you may also want 
to create a bonus and and bonuses are are a neat   thing to do and bonuses can be used actually to 
help people get viral for you so after somebody   registers for instance you can say you know what 
uh pick up a free bonus you know just please uh   send this uh link to to the webinar to let's say 
three of your friends or four of your friends or   post a a tweet on twitter to tell people about 
it or you know or post a link to your facebook   page uh there is some special software it's called 
refer a friend software that lets you tie in uh a   registrant's uh a register a webinar registration 
to a bonus and uh and connect it with that kind of   incentive that's kind of neat that's a that's a 
neat uh program that i use with one of the web   with one of the evergreen webinar programs i have 
you also want to create some poll questions um   polls are a real great way to engage with your 
uh with your audience and and you can create   those ahead of time i'm guessing you probably 
want to do those at about 15 minute intervals   uh you know make people click on a link you know 
vote about something uh tell them tell you how   experienced they are with a particular topic that 
you're discussing you know talk about you know   sales volume whatever uh one of the neat things 
about poll questions and about the survey is that   this is stuff that people will be doing online 
this is interaction that will be doing and at the   end of the day when you collect your registration 
information and tracking and see who attended   you will also see how they answered those 
poll questions and it will give you a much   deeper insight into your audience and actually 
into the people who attended uh as individuals   you want to definitely you know talk about 
your team talk to your team or consider if   you're doing it yourself if you are your 
team are your question management and how   you're going to manage questions and and your 
engagement strategy if you're a one person you   know one arm paper hanger and you're the one who's 
organizing the webinar doing the webinar yourself   there's a limit to how much you can really monitor 
uh questions and engagement and and still you know   stay on target and and and deliver your best kind 
of presentation so you may want to say you know   i'll be taking questions after the webinar is 
over after the webinar is complete you know i'll   be reviewing the questions then so please make 
sure that your questions are you know are written   in full sentences and i can understand them um 
and and again consider the type of ways that you   will entertain questions if you're going to just 
take the questions you know if you're going to   be looking at the chat if you're going to open up 
the phone lines if people are on their microphones   if you're going to let them do that or in fact if 
you're going to be entertaining questions by email   it's really really nice to be able to be working 
with another person to have a a partner on a   webinar who can handle those types of things for 
you it's a real great strategy to have somebody   on the chat on the questions during a live webinar 
who can be answering them in real time while you   are presenting so it's you know it's a great great 
great idea to have a couple of people working on a   live webinar you also want to take a look at your 
public relations your advertising strategy where   are you going to be looking for registrations you 
you'll have an email list you have uh you know all   kinds of facilities you have the facebook you have 
twitter you have all kinds of things by and large   the your email list is going to be the best 
you may also want to consider advertising   on facebook and and elsewhere depending upon you 
know what you're doing with uh with those webinars   um schedule a practice session uh you know i'm 
going to add something here i that i did not   put in i'm going to add a i'm going to insert a 
robe down here and also talk about recording plan   um recording plans let's say that you know 
most of the uh platforms have a way to record   those webinars some of those uh platforms like 
webex and some others will actually host the the   webinar and the recording on their servers for 
you in many cases you can also download them to   your machine you can also use a third-party 
tool to to record something like camtasia   on a pc or screenflow so you may be able to record 
uh you know in a couple of different ways and i   think that having a plan a and a plan b is always 
a very very good idea because webinar technology   and webinar recording technology is not 
perfect it's it's definitely not a perfect uh   situation so having having a plan b is great 
um i don't i think i said this i'm not sure if   i said this but yeah it's a really good idea 
to schedule a practice session if you haven't   done a webinar yet then schedule several practice 
sessions and take it you know from start to finish   all the way through and go through all of these 
operations and make sure you've got them all done   make make sure that you have a handle on 
them that you're comfortable with them   before you go live with with a real webinar you 
know what kind of tools are you going to use   to evaluate uh your performance or you know are 
you going to ask people to do a follow-up survey   are you going to make some telephone calls are 
you going to have a debrief with some people   afterwards i think a real it's a really good idea 
to have someone you like and trust very very much   to listen uh that might be somebody who's a you 
know a part of your your uh your audience and say   you know how did i do you know give me your honest 
feedback you know tell me what i did well and tell   me what i didn't do well and uh and that's always 
very very good thing to do again you want to track   you want to want to see how many people registered 
and how many actually showed up you know with   of among the people who showed up how long did 
they stay and how engaged were they uh there are   different tools on different platforms that can 
actually help you measure engagement you know   you can actually see with some platforms whether 
people are multitasking and doing something else   besides just listening to you and then what kind 
of follow-up are you going to have again this goes   back to the to the email follow-up and then you 
want to be able to follow up you know ideally have   different messaging for different people if you 
have somebody who registered and didn't show up   you don't want to send them the same message 
as somebody who registered and did show up and   attended so you want to have separate email 
strategies for the people who didn't show up   the people who did show up uh and stayed and also 
for the people who did show up but who left early   and then there's a room for some extra room here 
for additional notes uh you know right again right   below the video you can collect these uh these 
documents and that will help you get started   let's talk about the factors you can weigh 
when you're choosing a live webinar provider   and the first thing i'm going to do is i'm going 
to go over the features and then following that   i will actually give you a list of webinar 
providers and a rundown of how i think the   they really meet the needs of the market 
uh and first of all you know you can go to   any of those providers and and take a look at the 
presentations try to be a participant in a webinar   that that any of these folks are doing so 
when you have an opportunity to be an attendee   uh you know look at the webinar from the 
viewpoint of an attendee and see how it   feels you know how you know how is it how easy 
it is to interact you know how easy is it to   to sign up for a webinar how easy is it to uh 
you know collect materials that people share at   a webinar how reliable are the are the alerts how 
reliable are the delivery systems and and if you   have a real real good feeling about a particular 
type of a platform that's going to give you a clue   about something that will be easy to work with as 
a presenter and something that will position you   as a professional uh when you start doing webinars 
ask to to see a demo and asked actually to   be able to participate in a demonstration as a 
presenter there should be some type of facility   at uh at all of these platforms that let you 
take the controls before you make a commitment   to actually purchase the platform uh you know 
take a look at the q and a's if there's a forum   on the platform see what other people 
are saying see what types of questions   people are asking when you measure the questions 
see how responsive the the the community   moderators are to the questions in the forum and 
if you have questions there yourself ask them   if you ask a question see how long it takes 
for people to get back to you whether that is   in a forum or with email 
that's very very important   online collaboration is important there are 
different levels of online collaboration with with   webinars the most popular type of collaborative 
activity is sharing control passing the mouse   back and forth between presenters having 
an organizer who can make another person an   organizer being able to share controls and being 
able to move from one computer to another to uh to   different desktop applications that if that is 
a very very important thing for you to be able   to do then that is something that you want to 
take a look at and try and engage somebody uh   you know within your sphere or within your 
team to work with you and and check it out uh price of course price is going to be very very 
important uh and everybody has to you know take a   look at your budget what is your budget and and 
how is this number reflected you may not have a   number a line item on your budget right now 
for webinars but if you have a line in your   budget for marketing and advertising then this can 
easily fall within that so see what your budget   is are you budgeting your lead generation 
in terms of cost per lead uh do you have   an overall number you know what does that look 
like and how does that relate take a look at that   uh you know what is the return on investment uh 
when you're looking at the platforms you know a   good question to ask is is about training is the 
training included with your purchase is there some   level of one-on-one training or group training or 
is all of the training online and if you need help   what can you do about that to get to get the extra 
help that's a very very good question to ask any   of the webinar providers and is it scalable you 
know you may start with a very very small platform   uh and uh you know let's just take a look at go to 
webinar as an example if you start with with your   go to meeting platform that may give you 25 seats 
you may you know be very very happy you may go for   a long time you may work for a long time with very 
very small groups and that may be absolutely fine   but if your audience grows if your business grows 
if you need something that's scalable that you can   that you can expand you know how does that work 
you know take a look and ask your webinar provider   you know exactly how that how that works in 
your in your business and and what the prices   are that are attached to additional seats how 
easy is it to use this is very very important it   webinars are pretty easy you don't really have 
need a whole lot of uh advanced tech savvy but you   you know who is using it and what is the level 
of expertise of the people who are going to be   organizing setting it up and presenting are you 
going to be presenting you know and what is your   your you know your level of expertise um some of 
the platforms are very very intuitive and easy uh   some of them you know have a lot of hiccups again 
you really really want to get behind the wheels   and try anything uh even just to demonstrate it 
to yourself before you make a final commitment customer support is very very important is it 
included that's a good question to ask some people   will include support or some webinar companies 
will include support uh across the board some of   them have support at different price points and 
some of them have different levels of support   what are your must haves in terms of the 
features make a list of your must-haves   and make sure that the the platform that you 
decide to uh to work with has all of that   and also double check and make sure 
that that they have the security   that you need for the type of uh of webinars 
you're going to do whether those are sales   webinars or training webinars meeting webinars 
uh you know security is very very important   let's go over the list now let's talk about some 
of the leading platforms and and how they work   go to webinar is the one i think most people 
are familiar with in the real estate industry   because that's the one most realistic vendors and 
most real estate trainers are using go to webinar   lets you really scale a large audience it lets you 
talk to a very very large audience you can get go   to webinar platforms starting at about 50 seats to 
100 seats to 500 seats to a thousand seats and and   more of course the price is going to increase and 
and go up you know with more seats but it's very   very scalable it's the one that most people use uh 
go to webinar has had a little bit of a checkered   history it uh but but they they are really really 
coming along they've done some really really great   stuff they have a sister platform called go 
to meeting that is designed for smaller groups   up to 25 or so very very cost effective you can 
use them for meetings you can use them for for   trainings and if you have the kind of a webinar 
outreach program with consumers that really is   only going to have small groups then go to meeting 
may be all you actually need moving forward   webex has been the gold standard of webinar 
training and webinar platforms forever uh for   a long time webex was really uh cost prohibitive 
and that was the biggest problem because they   never really had a problem in terms of 
quality and this is a global company   they have all the bells and whistles and and right 
now we're working i'm working with a beta program   uh for webex that is very very promising 
great for recordings very very reliable   very easy to use and definitely worth 
checking it out yagma has a free platform and   a paid platform yoga has a free pla platform for 
small use and and it's it's kind of a neat uh uh   a neat uh tool um the problem i had i had for a 
long time really was reliability so i don't think   the free platform is something you want to use if 
you're going to be you know doing anything that's   really important because you can't afford for it 
to be going down i found reliability not to be a   good issue the other problem with yagma was the 
recording they really haven't uh evolved with   the recording however it's it is neat uh they 
also have a very very nice interface with skype   and you might want to check it out just for the 
heck of it um you know i they've been around for a   long time i confess i haven't you know played with 
it recently i've been i've been very very busy but   it definitely is worth something to look worth 
looking at live meeting is a microsoft product   i see live meeting mostly in the government arena 
i see some of the government agencies using live   meeting on a on a large scale with very very big 
audiences they seem to do a really good job with   with recordings they're very good with you know 
with live presentations um incidentally go to   webinar go to meeting webex and yagma will let 
you work with powerpoint presentation uh with the   animations that you see and with um uh live on the 
web uh presentations you go live on the web um the   when i talk about animations i'm actually talking 
about you know uh bulleted wet points that come in   one at a time uh you know a little bit of flash 
here and there you know some uh animations with   illustrations and pictures and things like that so 
that that's that's kind of neat um any meeting is   a free platform uh i mentioned that because i see 
some popular coaches and vendors in real estate   starting to use that they have a free version 
and a paid version the free version is actually   good for as many as 200 people in a setting and 
and it seems to work very very well and very very   good recording uh abilities the problem that i see 
with that is that it is supported by advertising   and i just have uh you know i just have to wonder 
how professional it really looks to be doing a a   webinar um and a large webinar on a free platform 
that is very obviously a free platform you know   it it make i think it makes a statement i'm not 
sure that's the wisest thing to do however it   is real it's a it's a neat platform and they do a 
really really good job even with a large group so   if that's something that doesn't trouble you then 
then you probably want to take a look at that   instantella seminar is another really good 
platform and it's very very cost cost competitive   it's uh very easy to use of all of them i think 
that instantella seminar may be the easiest to use   it it works with a powerpoint presentations 
or other documents that you upload to the web   first prior to the the actual event so you cannot 
use powerpoint with animations and you can't go   live on the web they offer instant playback 
uh they also have a corresponding teller   seminar program some people use that 
you know mostly for the teleseminar use   as soon as a presentation is 
finished it's live and it's very very   very very good so that may be something you want 
to take a look at there's actually a workaround   to the animation issue that used to trouble me 
when i was using it the fact that i couldn't   make my animations work but i'll show you what 
i mean by that uh i'll do a quick uh quick video   that shows you a workaround to the instant tele 
seminar lack of animation uh it with a powerpoint   uh skype yet you know skype is 
uh is an interesting platform   skype gives you the ability to have group 
meetings and if you're going to be doing   small presentations that aren't real real big 
you might want to like just give it a shot   skype gets a little squirrely sometimes and even 
when you have a really really good connection   or you think you have a good connection 
you know things happen and and skype is   not perfect but i think that uh you you can 
expect some forgiveness from your audience   who are skype users because everybody who uses 
skype understands that skype has some issues   so it may be something that you want to use as 
an experiment additionally skype and yagma have a   have an interface and they work very very well 
together sometimes when they work well that's   dynamite i think you know that's a platform that 
oprah was using that combination of yugma skype   some time ago when she was doing that book club 
or whatever she was doing online she had an   enormous audience and that was a skype yagma uh 
configuration so that that's something to take a   look at um and uh and again that's you know that's 
it there's one more and that would be google plus   and google plus lets you do hangouts so you can 
actually go and uh and hang out in google plus   and and give that a shot and see how that looks 
uh so that there you go i'm going to have links   to everything down below uh below the video so 
if you want to try any of these uh let me know   how it works out uh if you have a you know a place 
to leave comments if this is uh appearing in i'm   going to be posting this in a couple of different 
places so if this is appearing somewhere where you   can leave a comment and you'll find something 
interesting on one of these platforms and   you would be kind enough to share it with 
us we would sure appreciate it a whole lot   thanks a lot webex has been the gold standard 
of webinar delivery of online conferences   online meetings for years the biggest problem 
people have had with webex is frankly has been   the matter of cost involved with using the 
service that's changing right now though and   i want to take a look here at the at the new webex 
platform that right now is only available in beta   i am a beta user i want to show you what it looks 
like on the back end and i'll let you know as soon   as it becomes available take a look at the top 
of the screen here this is this is very very neat   um right from the get go they have some absolutely 
phenomenal training and if you click on the link   up there you see they've got some really really 
great nice short videos there's an overview   of the system there is uh you know some some 
discussion about the meetings how to share files   mobile access now this is pretty exciting here 
uh the mobile access because you can schedule a   webinar or a meeting or conference on webex and 
that meeting can be can you know can be registered   can be attended using an ipad or an iphone and 
a mobile device very very easy very very neat   they also have a complete suite of productivity 
tools so that you can use this platform   with your outlook you know schedule uh schedule 
meetings directly from your outlook from your   calendar you can have a collaborative document 
in an excel document and start an instant meeting   with a colleague right from within excel from 
within word so there's a you know suite of   productivity tools that's very very exciting to 
me and i think you'll find it as well if you take   a look at this dashboard you know it's very very 
uh socialized very very easy uh you see my i've   got my picture there i can make myself available 
or not uh to the people in my team and the people   who i share my space with there is a chat function 
here i can build this up with a contact list   and this is a chat much like uh you know 
other existing chats but this is uh you   know just uh devoted to to webex attendees um 
it and in the first tab in the home tab here   on my on my profile i have an ability 
to set up a meeting immediately   to schedule one and also to upload documents that 
i can share in the meetings if i want to go and   schedule a meeting which i'm going to do right 
now i'm going to schedule my first meeting here   i'm going to call this uh my first 
uh let's see fran torson's first first webex meeting on the new beta 
how about that let's see how this goes um i will schedule this to run tomorrow 
morning how about tomorrow morning   at uh i'll do this i'll do an early 
morning meeting and then invite   everybody from not from one of my groups how about 
that i'll make that 7 a.m pacific time make it an   hour long and i'll make it a recurring meeting 
that i will have daily all week long i'll end it   uh at the end of this week so i can just 
use their built-in calendar over here   to say i'll end it then and i will put in the 
names i'll come back to this in a little bit in fact you know what i'll do 
i'll put my name here right now   i'll put one of my other email addresses i will 
get the link and then i will send that out i'll   see how that works to invite other people so 
just for the sake of discussion right now i   will use another email address i can insert an 
agenda here if i like i can assign a password   and i can set the audio connection in this 
case i'm just going to leave the audio and   i have the option to record the meeting and 
i will do that i'll record the meeting so   we'll see how those recordings work so i 
will definitely do that i'll schedule it voila our meeting is scheduled and when it's time 
to start i'll click that button i can edit   any part of this i like and there are additional 
options i can cancel it i can do that and i can   add additional information i will see a list of 
who's invited over here when i have that finished and let's go up here to the next tab i can 
insert files here so if i want to have a meeting   and i want or in a webinar and i want to share a 
document if i want to share a word document or an   excel spreadsheet or a pdf file or anything like 
that i can uh upload those things right here and   and be able to share all right um i can also okay 
so yeah i can upload them i can create folders and   i can create a document on the web i can also 
take a look at my contacts add new contacts and   import contacts if i want to import contacts i can 
do that let's see how they're doing that exactly all right i can edit i can remove okay so i can import 
contacts from gmail yahoo and other apps let's take a look up here we have downloads this 
is pretty neat okay here's the webex meetings   application and again this is something 
i've already added to my operating system   they have different uh downloads for mac and 
pcs there are productivity tools again here   that let you integrate webex with your other 
applications uh and tailor them to your browser   uh recording and playback uh options and 
again the webex universal toolkit that   this is kind of neat and and i will be playing 
with that and i'll do a separate video on that   that lets you add webex files as well as audio 
flash and other web pages on a on a powerpoint   presentation so you can display multimedia 
effects on your powerpoint and that's very   very neat because you can do that either on the 
webinar or you can take your recorded uh documents   that you create on webex and you can import 
those into your powerpoint for use elsewhere so   that is a very very cool tool so this is a first 
look at at the webex beta and again more lots   of really really good stuff here good getting 
started information webex does an extraordinary   job with videos they're very very short they're 
to the point they're very very easy to understand   they are issuing release notes during the beta 
and what what of what what a company does when   they have a beta product is that when they make 
additions and changes to the product uh they   issue the release notes so you can see the kinds 
of things that they've done here um with this uh   with this with this here uh you know they've 
edited the chat uh what else we probably start   at the bottom here okay full screen video uh it 
was it's able to share microsoft 210 presentations   multimedia sharing uh they disclose a different 
problems that they have with the system or issues i you know i would always say 
problems you know there were always bugs   when you're working with it with a new with a 
new of the new of the new system and this is   very very neat and uh there's a chance for 
beta testers to offer feedback and then at   some point in time you know uh upgrade to uh to 
a new uh version when the beta is complete so   i think this is very very good i think 
this is very very cool i think webex has   something good cooking and i think 
it's definitely worth looking at okay so one more thing here before we sign off on 
webex i just got a email in my inbox which is the   alert that i sent out and i want you to take 
a look at this i like this this is really nice   i like the html format uh okay this is the 
invitation again to join the webinar or the   for the webex meeting um nice nice graphics 
here nice little icons very very easy join   button uh again there's no agenda there so there's 
nothing appearing but if there was an agenda that   would appear there there is a call-in number as 
well as a voip so you can attend either way if i   had any files that were attached to that meeting 
they would be accessible with a with a click of a   of a mouse here so if i had any pdf documents or 
word documents or excel spreadsheets or anything   like that a webinar attendee would be able to 
access that prior to the meeting and that's   pretty neat so this is good there's a link here 
to create an account a collaborative account and   so forth and so on so anyway take a look at that 
i like that i like the way that looks sometimes   those other webinar invitations get a little bit 
confusing i think this is this is quite neat and   i think participation and an attendance of at 
a webex online meeting is probably going to be   somewhat better just because the invitation is 
a whole lot easier to understand okay we'll see   you in the next one evergreen webinar looks 
like on the back end um instant customer is a a product a communication 
product that lets you combine   email and sms mobile text and evergreen webinars 
qr codes direct to voicemail technology and lead   capture pages all in a single dashboard so let me 
show you what my most recent campaign looks like   here i'm building one for real estate agents and 
if you are a real estate agent and you choose to   to take a look at this product you just need to 
get in touch with me and i'll just give you the   the file so you can use it so this is a campaign 
i'm setting up for real estate agents to help   them attract leads with a webinar about fha 203k 
financing and that's the kind of financing that   buyers can use to build the cost of repairs in the 
mortgage as you see the the the opening page here   on the campaign shows you where your borders came 
from it gives you links to your uh to your page   to your lead capture page it gives you all kinds 
of templates this is a lead capture page i set up   to uh to help real estate agents who want to 
learn how to present their own webinars and   and take their business to the next level doing 
that the campaign on the back end includes uh   you know subscribers again this is one i've just 
just set it up and i have just set it up you know   testing it myself so i haven't released it yet 
um i've so i've tested myself out three times   using three different techniques i can run social 
influence scoring on everybody in here and we can   talk about that at some other time i have 13 
autoresponders set up to correspond to this   campaign to this campaign i have uh an email sent 
up set up sent to go to everybody as soon as they   register for the webinar i also have an sms 
message that i can deliver to their cell phones   right after uh they register if they give me their 
sms or their or their cell phone number i have a   voicemail message that i can send to everybody 15 
minutes for the event so i have a message in this   system in my own voice that encourages people to 
go to their email and sign up and that goes right   to their cell phone voicemail that's a wonderful 
technology so as you see here i have a combination   of of different types of outreach to follow 
up prior to the webinar and after the webinar   and i have different messages for people 
and different uh different circumstances   so i have one email that will go to people who 
are present who leave early i have a different   email to go to subscribe people who registered 
who who were present but they arrived late to   people who were present uh but they completed 
the entire event and also for um you know email   for everybody so as you can see uh i have quite 
a lot of autoresponders here and this is all on   autopilot i can see at a glance how many people 
are opening how many people are clicking through   and again once you set this up you can set 
it up and uh and it just runs on its own   uh next let's go over and i'll show 
you exactly what the webinar looks   like you know the webinar technology on 
in the same in the same platform here this really is the only system like it on the 
market that lets you add as many communication   channels as this to a webinar campaign again i 
can add any more mobile messages i like right   here just by clicking add sms i can add any more 
email autoresponders or i can add additional   voicemail messages now let me take you into 
the back end and show you what the webinar   actually looks like how easy it is and again 
i can create this once and put it on autopilot   and run it as as frequently as i like so if i go 
editing my campaign um of course i can edit any   of the campaign details any of the opt-in chat the 
thank you page the voice the greeting email but of   course we're talking about event down here let me 
let me just show you a little bit more here i can   i can get subscriber notifications by email or i 
can get them by sms text but let's go to the event   right and i have scheduled it to be a recurring 
event that will be using video again i have a   video that's running and that will be the the 
basis for the webinar i have it set up to run on   on fridays and saturdays between may 4th and may 
25th uh it will run at nine o'clock in the morning   and i can add other times the reason i don't add 
a lot of times is i really don't want to make it   look like it's available all the time because 
that's the the way a you know videos look some   people like to run it a couple of times in a day 
so they may run it at 9am and then they may run it   again at uh at 5 00 pm it's very very easy to 
add any times that you want here and and once   you add the additional time uh the clients 
will be able to pick the time that they want   i have mine set out to show events for the next 
seven days again you can limit that or you can   expand that so that you can you know 
if you are anxious to get people in   and you want to create a sense of urgency and 
and and a time limitation you can set that any   way you like in any manner you like um i there 
this is a place where we have the the media file   selection on this particular one i haven't set 
it up yet i actually set the webinar details up   first and i will be setting you know inserting a 
the file later so it and that's another neat thing   about this particular program if you like and you 
can add the um the video later on um i can enable   the chat uh that means that there will be a live 
chat on the page i have an app a facebook chat   that will be appearing on this page that will 
be live and that will be beside the video i can   either have that appear beside the video or 
below the video i can have cue points so if   i want to be if i'm going to be selling something 
i could have a buy button appearing i could have   a bonus offer and you know in this case i'm 
not going to be offering anything for sale   but i may have a bonus i may have something like 
a pdf file that i'm going to be offering and that   bonus offer can be appearing on the page at any 
cue point any point in time during the webinar there are lots and lots of of things built 
into this lots of different types of images   that are included as part of of the system   you have again i just have this one here you can 
upload your own images and you can also have a a   page appearing during your webinar that people 
can click through and you can do that um with   with one cue point or multiple cue points so 
if you have a a point in your webinar where you   would like to send somebody to your website you 
can have your website appear there if you want   to have a some type of a notice appear 
you can do that here you may have a link   to a to another kind of a file or a link to a 
video or something else that you want people to   see and you can include all of that at the cue 
points that you that you designate and that is   very very cool and that happens automatically 
you can have attendance actions also you can um   have different campaigns that you can send people 
to after they are in this particular campaign so   that if they didn't show up i could send them 
to another campaign if they arrive late i could   send them to another if i want to treat those 
participants in a different way i can do that   the way i have it set up right now i 
just have everything set up so that   that's handled in my autoresponder 
but it really is a very very robust   and and all that so i'm not going 
to get into the nitty gritty of all   of the how to's there are lots and lots if 
you take a look at this this little little   light bulb down here there are lots of tips and 
videos and all kinds of things if you need help   if you are looking for any kind of support they 
use zendex here and you can just type in a keyword   let's say i'm looking for a word in there and then 
that will give me a list of different topics here   on and how the tags work in different parts of 
the instant customer system it really is designed   very very well i highly recommend it um you can 
work with with the campaigns and and broadcast   uh you can follow up messages or broadcast 
messages this works with at least as much   functionality as the best of the autoresponders 
uh out there other ones available commercially   is a very very very evolved program and and 
i couldn't recommend it more highly as far as   as far as the evergreen webinars go there's just 
nothing like it on the market that has that much   choice in terms of follow-up uh with clients 
and customers so i i think it's pretty neat i created an evergreen webinar checklist to 
walk you through the uh the steps to create   an evergreen webinar this is very very 
similar to the live webinar checklist   that you have also in this course i created 
this one in the color green so that you don't   get them mixed up it says evergreen at the top 
and again there are some subtle differences in the k in you know in the event that you have 
already created a live webinar and you're going   to be using the live webinar recording for your 
evergreen green webinar some of this will be stuff   that's already done you will have already selected 
a webinar topic you will have already written the   headline in the description in those cases and you 
won't have to do that again uh we're going to go   over the uh the checklist now as if you're just 
starting from scratch uh you have not had a live   webinar you're going to be creating a recording 
from scratch and so let's consider it that way so   again you're going to pick a topic uh that topic 
could be a hud homes buying a hud home it could   be how to stage your home it could be you know how 
to finance your home with 203k rehab uh financing   it could be any any topic uh after you select the 
topic then write a really really good hooky catchy   headline something that will be engaging something 
in 140 characters or less something that can fit   within a tweet i'm not we're not doing that at 140 
characters just so that you can use it on twitter   but because that is a a good rule of thumb for 
a headline length that works in many many cases   write a description for your um for your webinar 
uh something that will talk about the benefits   something that will be engaging something that 
will give the attendee a reason to actually   uh be there then you've got a couple of dates 
you want to set a couple of dates for yourself   or or a single day to to do a couple of recordings 
possibly two recordings one is an introduction and   on the registration page it's very common practice 
now for people to record a very very brief 30   second to 60 second introduction to the webinar 
an invitation in your own voice it can be you know   done with a webcam you know with you know webcam 
direct to face or it can be done with a powerpoint   or anything else uh and and that's the kind of an 
introduction that says you know hi this is fran   franterson i'm having a webinar we're going to 
be talking about fha 203k financing i have my   favorite lender who's going to be joining me 
sign up here and i'll send you the information   right away and that that's the kind of an 
introduction uh recording i'm talking about   then you're going to also record a webinar and 
the webinar itself again is going to be about   30 to 60 minutes in lane and you're going to 
record that so you're actually going to be do   creating a recording that will be converted to a 
webinar after you have recorded it check it out   uh see how it sounds make sure it works okay 
uh make sure that it loads very very quickly um   you know if you're creating an evergreen 
webinar it is going to be an experience   that is going to simulate a live event so you 
want to be sure that your recording doesn't   have a have a a great lag time 
there's a a program called handbrake   that you can download for free at handbrake.com 
and if you're a techie kind of person you can use   that and and do some tweaking here if you're not 
techie then you know you can ask somebody who is   um when you review the webinar make some notations 
about time and and here's here's why i say that   there are going to be opportunities during the 
webinar for you to uh inject some simulated live happenings it may be in in the chat section it may 
be by introducing a poll a poll is a really really   good interactive thing and you may be asking your 
people a question in a poll uh you know you may   have had a live webinar that have a poll in it and 
um and you and you want to give your people here   in the evergreen webinar a chance to vote now will 
those poll results uh you know reflect what your   evergreen webinar attendees are or are clicking 
no they're not and and you want to be a little   bit careful about how you use polls in evergreen 
webinar i'm going to create an entire piece about   that but all you need to know right now is 
you need to make a notation about the time   that you will be doing the poll if in fact 
you're going to be doing that and that would be   when the poll would commence that that's the 
first time and then when the poll would end   okay uh you may also want to make a notation about 
time for buttons to be appearing on the page or   for downloads or for uh or for hyperlinks and with 
some webinar platforms there is a space below the   video where you can say okay edit precisely 
20 minutes into the webinar i want there to be   a download link to something i'm talking about in 
the webinar and i want that to stay on the page   for uh for two minutes and and you 
can make that happen you can say   uh you may be selling something you know you 
may be selling attendance to something or   or something that requires a buy button and 
that you know you have the ability to uh to   make a buy button appear let's say at 40 minutes 
into the webinar so if there are places at points   in time in the evergreen webinar where you want 
to introduce a poll or a link below the video   or a button or any of that kind of stuff you know 
make a note to yourself about that when you're   reviewing the webinar make those notations 
about time in your checklist here and then   when you get to the point that you're setting up 
your webinar uh it will make it much much easier   uh you know decide what days or day your webinar 
is going to appear uh you may have a you know   an evergreen webinar that will be appearing every 
friday um some people create webinars that uh that   appear every single day and i think that 
that probably is overdoing it relative   to uh you know to meeting somebody's expectation 
for a a more alive kind of an of experience   and it becomes very very transparent 
when they can attend the same web   webinar every single day sometimes three times 
a day that you're really just working with a   video and i think that uh you know that 
that the value and the perceived value   of a webinar when it's available all the time 
every day is really really significantly less than   something that is not bear in mind too that when 
people are making a commitment to attend a webinar   they're making a commitment to carve away some 
time and devote more attention to this subject   than they would to a video that's 
available all the time so bear that in mind   and and you may want to make it available you know 
once or twice or maybe three times a week but but   anyway you want whatever you do decide to do is 
your decision and and this is a good place to uh   to make that decision and write that down and make 
a note for yourself also you know to what time do   you want that webinar to actually uh be available 
um you know is that going to be in the morning or   the afternoon or the evening is it during business 
hours you know decide what is the best time for   your market to view and and when you have the 
most uh most registrations what you really what   should do is schedule several and uh and do them 
at different times in different days and and test   that and see where people in your market uh issue 
the best response and the most registrations and   when you have a feeling about that then you 
know stay with what works again is it going   to be a recurring webinar an evergreen webinar 
can certainly be a recurring webinar and it can   happen as often and frequently as you like again 
i wouldn't suggest you do it too often uh there   is another you know another argument to be made 
about you know making it available all the time   and again there are some very very valid arguments 
from both sides of the coin there i'm not going to   you know belabor it uh my personal uh feeling 
is that you don't want to do it too often but   again that's your choice and the neat thing about 
evergreen webinars is that that is technology that   gives you a choice to do things the way you like 
to do with it all right uh who's the organizer   and the presenter you know again the organizer 
and presenter aren't that important here because   you're working with a recording and and really 
working with the technology you've got somebody   who's going to be working with an administrative 
panel and that's about it so that is not a concern   panelists really are not going to be a concern you 
may want to gather panelists for the recording to   create the recording and that's okay but you don't 
have panelists on an evergreen webinar nor is   there an opportunity to engage in a live way using 
voice you want to set up a lead registration page   again you may also want to set up a separate web 
form to gather registrations and you can do that   in addition to the registration page you can set 
up a web form and put that on your on your website   you can share that on facebook you can share it on 
twitter you can invite people to sign up just with   a simple web form and not necessarily with a page 
you may also want to have a registration survey on   the page connected to that that is something you 
can do and create a thank you page once a person   has registered send them to a thank you page and 
say thanks for registering here's the information   and then of course they will get an email uh 
reminding them and and telling them to mark the   calendar uh in most cases you can incorporate a 
calendar marking function right into the thank you   page and it can be a link there that says in many 
cases you know add this to your outlook calendar   add this to your google calendar uh and and 
for whatever calendar type of function you have   you also want to set up webinar alerts again just 
like you would for a live webinar and use email   use sms technology you know text and 
voicemail and and that's very very   important um create the presentation yeah i 
mean certainly if you're going to be creating a   video uh you you'll be doing that with some kind 
of presentation so that that stays on the list   um you also want to probably think about handouts 
and creating some handouts for your folks so that   they have something that they can walk away 
from the table with uh you know remember if   you're creating uh handouts whether they're in 
word or pdf you know make sure that your contact   information is on there make sure there's a 
clickable link so they can find your website   don't just give them a handout that doesn't have 
a way for them to to to get in touch with you uh   same thing with bonuses uh you know a bonus can be 
something that will incentivize somebody to share   uh share your registration uh again create the 
poll questions uh you may or may not want to use a   poll question you may or may not be okay with that 
again i'm going to create a separate video that   talks about using poll questions in an evergreen 
webinar because there are some ethical questions   about using that and how to use it that is a an 
interactive device that can be used to manipulate   and uh and skew results uh in in somebody's 
favor that's not an ethical way of doing it but   there are ethical ways of doing polls within 
an evergreen webinar and i'll address that   in a separate video um question management and 
engagement now remember this is not live but but   there does there there is room for uh engagement 
and engagement does happen um frequently there   is a chat a live chat and you may tie that live 
chat to an email i have had live engagement with   numerous people attending my evergreen 
webinars who engaged uh using the chat function   and what happens is they're you know most mostly 
this has been happened on my copyright webinar i   get the most engagement there and i'll give you 
an example of a piece of engagement on on the   copyright weapon or one day i was sitting and 
i got an email that came from the chat from a   woman who was attending my copyright webinar 
and she said she was a writer she was a real   estate reporter and she was having a great deal 
of difficulty because they were real estate agents   who were swiping her articles copying her articles 
into their blogs and she was very very frustrated   and so she commenced a chat correspondence with 
me and the chat happened you know on her screen it   sent me an email and then she and i went back and 
forth using email and and talked about that talked   about her dilemma and we you know ultimately 
connected by telephone after the webinar was over   so you know there is engagement possibility 
uh there are engagement possibilities using an   evergreen webinar did i know that she was going 
to be there at that moment no i didn't um but i   happened to be on my computer a lot if i wasn't 
on my computer for instance when this when this   woman engaged i would still have received an email 
i doubt that she would have had an expectation of   hearing from me right away because i was you know 
probably in her mind i was conducting the webinar   i don't know that she knew that it was a recording 
uh you know we didn't we didn't talk about that   she liked the webinar and and she did tell me 
that so uh you know it's it's a neat way to   to be in touch with people uh to uh to to have 
engagement to uh to to seed engagement to see   discussion and connect with your with your 
target market uh you can do some really really   neat stuff with public relations and advertising 
you can advertise these webinars uh you can put   you know uh create events on your facebook fan 
page create events and linkedin and elsewhere   because when people you know are invited to to 
to see your webinar they may see the opportunity   to attend you know more than one occasion and and 
that just stays live and you can just keep it out   there uh always a good idea to practice this stuff 
anyway you know check your recording plans uh   you know evaluate take a look 
you know look at it with with uh   with an objective i ask people what they think 
uh strive to be better you know talk about some   best practices uh mix it up and have a discussion 
with people who are also creating live webinars   and or or evergreen webinars ask them what 
they think about it how you can improve it   you know the first one's not going to 
be the best the first one is going to be   possibly awful uh you know but you know you just 
you need to get through it so get through the   first when you go get through the first one before 
you actually uh create something that people are   going to attend you know don't create your first 
evergreen webinar and put it out there unless it's   really really good it's really unlikely i i have 
never met anybody who ever did it the first time   and had something that they were happy enough 
about that they were ready to just release   it and publish it for the general public so go 
through a practice session you know by all means   create a practice webinar a practice evergreen 
webinar when you have it and it's live you know   you can do tracking just like you can with a live 
webinar you can see who registered to attend who   did not attend when when they were going to uh 
if they don't attend uh at the appointed hour   they will get an email that says you know 
sorry you couldn't make it here's the replay   and then you have a uh a replay decision you 
know do you want to make that keep that up   there so that they can listen anytime or do you 
want to make that a limited uh window do you   want to restrict the length of time that somebody 
can review the replay i think that's a good idea   because i think you add a little bit of scarcity 
and urgency to the matter and that will make   people more likely to watch it sooner than later 
if they think that the opportunity to watch that   is only going to be for a short time follow 
up with email follow up with uh with voicemail   follow up follow up follow up engage and and 
at some point in time you know you're going   to take this and take it to a conversion point 
where you are going to uh you know to go move   from a you know from prospect to customer to uh 
you know to somebody who's actually working with   you in a transactional relationship and doing 
business with you and that's the bottom line what kind of presentation tools do you want to 
use and and do you know everything that there   is available the presentation tools that you use 
on a webinar are pretty you know pretty varied   most popular thing i think is is a powerpoint uh 
that's what i see people using mostly powerpoints   are great they're very very visual um you can 
you can have animations in them uh you know you   can have things happen uh things that appear 
things that come in and off the page that that   move in and out we're gonna have a complete 
little uh little unit on on powerpoint uh the   other thing neat about powerpoint is you can 
socialize them so you can do that in a number   of ways you can go online and you can take a look 
at things happening online within your powerpoint   you can also tweet and and engage on social media 
automatically by building in um by building that   that capacity in and so we'll see 
that in our powerpoint presentation   um there's another presentation called 
prezi that that some people like it   it's a little bit more uh snazzy i think it um 
you know it's a little more free flow and uh   i don't know it's a little new age people like 
it it's very very engaging it's a lot of fun   i don't really use it a lot i've used it a 
couple of times um and and if you want to   go you know google that you'll probably find it 
quicker googling it than waiting for me because   i'm just not drawn to it terribly myself but 
but but i've seen it done very very well um   keynote isn't is a great presentation keynote is 
something uh that that's that's mac based you can   use powerpoint on either the mac or the pc okay 
keynote is is is is a is a tool that you can use   on on the mac and also on the ipad now 
i'm still a pc gal so i still use my pc   and until it dies and and and you know and i 
can't bring it back to life i will use that   my next computer will will be a mac i'm sure um in 
the meantime i'm waiting for delivery of an ipad   and i know that there's a keynote application 
on the ipad if that is something that is is   something i can use for a webinar i will create a 
training about it but keynote is is very very good   um i know a lot of people who are mac aholics 
like a lot more than powerpoint i've seen some   brilliant presentations on keynote definitely 
worth looking at definitely worth doing mind   mapping that's what i'm doing right now i i really 
enjoy mind mapping i'll do a separate um separate   little piece on that you can prepare mind maps in 
advance and you can also create them on the fly   i love mind maps it's a really really good 
way for me to organize my thinking and as i'm   organizing my thinking i can create a uh create 
a mind map that i can use in a presentation like   right now this is very interesting i'm using 
connect.mindjet.com right now because i want   to use as many free tools as i can and stuff that 
keeps the cost down and every now and then uh the   you know the the the system saves whatever i'm 
working on it does that automatically and that's   what happens when those little twirly birds come 
on the screen and it gets gray so that that's what   that is um the other way of presenting is just by 
going live um by going live online in and going   to websites you know surfing the web going to a 
url uh you know looking at websites and engaging   uh there is one way that i forgot hold on and 
that is by just working with a whiteboard uh some   webinar platforms have built-in 
whiteboards with all kind of drawing tools   and other other great stuff you can 
also create your own whiteboard and   now that i'm thinking about it what i'll do 
is i'll make a little video that shows how   you can create a whiteboard because maybe 
you want to be thinking about something   uh and and sharing some thoughts from other people 
and just you know creating something as you go   along so you can create your own whiteboard 
and and i'll create a little video about that my very favorite favorite form of webinar delivery 
and webinar presentation is mind mapping i love   mind mapping technology what you're looking at 
here right now is a mind map that i created with   mindjet.com mindajet.com is a mind map service 
you can you can buy it's not cheap it's about 400   they do probably the best job there is a free 
service that they use and that's what you're   looking at right here you're looking at the 
connect.mindjet.com and you'll see notes below   and i'll also include some notes below for some 
other programs that that also that are also   available um this is a mind map i created when i 
decided to do webinar fever and the mind map is a   great way to uh to organize your thoughts uh to 
you know to take a view and and then drill down   and get more uh you know more more exact and and 
develop some really really good content it's a   great way to develop content and then just kind 
of talk along the content and follow your thoughts   uh you know this this particular uh presentation 
i'm doing right now falls under the mind map   uh program under presentation tools and 
and and we talk about you know two ways   of doing that you know preparing mind 
maps in advance and creating them live   mind mapping technology is really really rich i 
have been doing a lot of learning i've been taking   a lot of courses and studying a lot of marketing 
techniques in the last year and i think a lot of   the richest learning i've had a lot of the best 
content that i've had and where i really have got   the most out of it has been in presentations 
where presenters were using mind maps   again this is a great great technology 
one of the reasons i like mind yet is   because you know all of this stuff is very very 
customizable you know the colors the fonts uh   you know the shapes uh line sizes and everything 
else are very very easy to tailor to your own use   everything is very very easy to you know to 
change to move around to do different things with   i mean you can just do amazing amazing 
stuff with this you can uh you can do uh you can take the content and you can use it 
elsewhere you can export it to evernote you   can export it to word documents uh you can 
export it to uh microsoft excel spreadsheets   you can do a lot of a lot with this content 
uh you know in in terms of repurposing that   that you could never that you never would i never 
would have imagined before again so it's very very   customizable you can use pictures and you can have 
something that's a very very rich presentation   again this is something that i prepared 
in advance that i used previously and   and and we're going to go next in the next 
video i'll show you how you can actually   create one from scratch and use a mind map in a 
webinar with a live presentation where you have   people who can be you know talking to you in chat 
or elsewhere and and collect that information   you know get some uh take the information and and 
crowdsource it and crowdsource it into a mind map   we'll see you in the next in the next video let's 
take a look at how we can work with a live uh   you know brand new mind map you know in in a 
webinar and how that could work i'm going to   call this one no blogger left behind q a because 
i think i'm going to go to a webinar format for   my q a sessions instead of just working with a 
teleconference i think that could be a lot richer   and let's say we have you know somebody who wants 
to have a discussion about niches has a question   about that uh we may have a discussion and i may 
say okay well let's get a little bit more relevant   you know what are the niches you want to actually 
talk about uh so that we can you know have a   discussion that is going to really really work for 
you and you know chances are we will have somebody   in the crowd especially in one of my crowds 
that's going to want to talk about hud homes   uh you know you may have somebody else who 
wants to talk about reo's you know more in   more general terms you may have somebody who 
wants to talk about first-time home buyers and somebody else may be about investor properties   and then if you know depending upon 
where the discussion is going to be going   the uh you know the the subtopics could uh you 
know could go out we you know may want to be   talking about developing categories or topics 
around reos if that's what we're talking about   we may want to be talking about financing uh 
we may be you know we may be wanting to talk   about uh inspections uh we may want to talk about 
uh about reselling you know flipping uh and and   again we can do that in any one of those topics 
uh then we may want to you know move to another   topic and somebody in the group may want to talk 
about you know wordpress plugins and we may want   to uh you know have a discussion there we may have 
you know somebody else who wants to talk about uh   about traffic uh web traffic you know it web 
traffic you know how we can accomplish certain   things with seo perhaps how we can use social 
media for traffic uh we might want to you know to   talk about uh something like that so this becomes 
a really really neat uh vehicle a mind map becomes   a need vehicle to do that um at the end of the 
of the webinar uh you know i can print off the   print off you know into a pdf file i can print the 
entire mind map and attach that to a replay of the   webinar uh it also gives me an option depending 
upon how our discussion goes uh you know if we   have have it structured right where i can let's 
say i've got a 60-minute webinar and we cover   you know three things in great length well maybe 
i can break that down into 20-minute webinars   uh with the mind maps and and then have 
discussions that become more like faq   videos and a little bit easier to follow so 
i think that that the mind map support is a   great great way to to do a webinar whether you're 
you know creating the web the mind map in advance   or creating it on the fly it's a great way to be 
interactive people can be interactive they can   give you information they can ask you questions 
they can help you fill in the blanks here   in the chat they can do that all sorts of ways 
um and that that could be a lot of fun uh i   think that's a great way to do that i it also 
if you know if you have a very very small group   and and it works okay and there's not a lot of 
background noise then you know you can invite   people to share from their from their phones you 
know on their headsets or with their microphones   that's something that you want to play with in 
very very small groups because that can become   a little bit unwieldy so you know don't try to do 
that if you have more than 10 or 20 people trust   me then it gets a little common presentations 
you see when you were on a webinar this is a very   simple powerpoint presentation you're looking 
here my powerpoint uh program is open to a   you know just a very very simple presentation here 
how to choose a webinar provider in powerpoint you   have a chance to create a series of slides the 
slides can contain text and images and one of the   neat things also is that you can make notes for 
yourself uh at the bottom to to help cue yourself   when you are conducting a a presentation you can 
actually create an entire presentation and then   print this out with the notes for yourself 
uh and and have have a hand up for yourself   so you can work with that um the other thing that 
you can do is to build in some animations uh that   keep this live alive and and let you move from 
one topic to the other by using what's called an   animation here let me show you what that 
looks like if i if i bring this slide up for right from here so if i have the slide and i'm 
having a discussion uh initially what you see   is the picture if i advance the slide by one 
click i i have the first bullet point at this   and this one is it's about online collaboration 
when i'm finished with that particular subject   and i want to move that on i just click 
and i just move ahead one step at a time   and i can do that on as many of those slides as i 
like what i find interesting in recent days here   is that i've been attending some real estate 
seminars where the real estate presenters have   actually been presenting in this in this mode 
right here which is your your uh your working   mode a lot of people don't really understand 
how to work with powerpoint but you know what   it still works um they they still get their 
point across i uh i'm not finding fault i just   think that it's interesting that uh that people 
do that so you know powerpoint it does not have   to be difficult uh you can use lots of great tools 
to you know just take it slow take it easy if this   is something new for you don't let it stop you 
from from getting started uh just just work work   with it uh you can get in you know a whole bunch 
of of templates and designs for your powerpoints   you can customize these with your own logos with 
your company name and as i say you can actually   create handouts if i want to create a handout from 
this what i will do is go up to the top i will hit   publish and then i can actually create handouts 
in microsoft word i can select any of these formats here this is one of my favorites 
i up to put the note below the slides   and in that particular mode the slide appears at 
the top of the page and the notes appear below   that since they appear in microsoft word you can 
go back you can edit those you can do whatever you   like the the the notes that appear below are the 
notes that appear down here and then you can add   additional uh notes in your in your microsoft word 
document it's very very cool and a neat way to go sometimes it's nice to be able to create copy 
and create a visual as you are making your   presentation and doing that on the fly and some 
webinar programs have some built-in annotation   tools things that you can use to illustrate 
your points but you don't really need to do that   that isn't necessary what i have here is just 
a plain uh screen for my paint it's just a free   software that i have on my pc it came included 
macs have the same thing i've seen some wonderful   webinar presenters uh use this kind of tool this 
very very tool to create visuals uh i've seen   one folk one gentleman who talks about you know 
creating a squeeze page and he will you know just   create the graphics to show you know with with 
you know a uh a web page uh perhaps where the   headline would appear uh talk about a you know 
placement of a video video on the page perhaps   you know make that a little bit um color that in 
a little bit uh talk about where to put the opt-in   the opt-in box that's just a general idea and 
then make notes on on the side uh about uh about the topic and maybe arrows and and all 
kinds of things that will show you know how   to move from one thing to another you know some of 
the things that uh that people might want to do so   you know paint becomes a really 
really interesting thing to do uh   to work with what i would suggest is that if 
you're going to use it as a whiteboard work with   it first you know get an idea about the kind of 
thing you're going to be doing if you're not using   it all the time in a presentation sense believe me 
once when you get get in front of an audience you   know it doesn't work exactly the same way and 
it doesn't have the same kind of feeling that   it does when you're just sitting at your computer 
alone doing something for yourself so definitely   definitely you know take a little bit of practice 
practice session and make sure that works for you sometimes the best tools that we have a right 
under our nose and there's no reason that you   have to go out and do something terribly terribly 
fancy if you want to put together a collaborative   document with the people in your webinar you 
don't have to look further than word to be honest   with you so don't worry about having something 
really really fancy some really really amazing   annotation tool because you've got word um you can 
create a list and you can create a collaborative   document with feedback from your audience if 
you're going to use that and do that and and   you want to use word i will give you a little tip 
here it's nice to use a larger typeface so goose   that up a little bit but you may have people 
on your webinar who are sharing thoughts and   helping you put together a list about something 
and as you do that and as you gather those uh   those thoughts from people in the chat or perhaps 
you know you have them unmuted and you don't have   too many people so you can talk to them and have 
an interactive discussion you can you know create   a a list uh you can create all kinds of uh of 
thoughts and and come up with a collaborative   document uh then you can go you can save the 
document you can share it with the people who   are present on the webinar and we'll lie you 
have it so don't worry about things being   you know being perfect or or real real advanced 
you just use what you have and just use what   you have in a virtual a working environment and 
and you've got everything you need right there

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