did you know in the early days of the internet the idea of using it for e-commerce was considered a joke well look who's laughing now digital marketing also finds itself there today on the cusp of something new and totally game changing are you ready for a marketing mind shift [Music] I'll get straight to the point social media ad spend in North America increased by a staggering 92 percent Google ads are getting steadily more expensive it's scary out there I dare say unprecedented that's why it's time to introduce a new way to do digital marketing meet conversion intelligence it's about you powering up with the raw data power of artificial intelligence all in the name of getting more conversions think of it in terms of Chess but not quite like Queen's Gambit I'm talking about cyborg chase a unique format where players team up with a computer now this is a real thing it was first introduced in 1998 by Chase Grandmaster Gary Kasparov for years there's been this big debate about who is better at chess humans or computers cyborg Chase proves the best is both in this game players are the ones calling the shots but they backed with strategies and tactical insights from a computer and it works total newbies to the game have come out winning against Grand Masters dreaded supercomputers and those same Grand Masters playing with laptops talk about leveling the playing field there's just no competition when creative minds and data crunching machines power up and that's the basic principle of conversion intelligence too AI provides actionable insights and recommendations for your marketing campaigns and you're the one making the calls it's the perfect marriage of creative ideas and know-how with billions of data points and no it's not another fad hack or best practice it's the future of marketing but don't just take my word for it here's what real people real business owners and marketers have to say about incorporating AI into their marketing stack I look at all the AI stuff I'm very cautious cautiously optimistic for us it's all about bandwidth because we're not a huge team you have a team of mode 11 if we can do our job and do it more efficiently and get equal to or better results we're all about it I think that artificial intelligence can provide a lot of new insights for us to create and explore to get to the to our potential audience and students so yeah of course yeah we are super excited I know that all sounds fancy and wonderful but how does conversion intelligence look in the real world let's explore how you can practice conversion intelligence in three simple steps yeah right like you can do that before launching a campaign well yes you can but not all on your own that's where AI comes in with the help of AI you're able to study the results of millions of campaigns similar to yours so you'll know how visitors will most likely respond to your campaigns this can be something as little as knowing that fewer than 300 words is the sweet spot for a high converting landing page AI powered resources like the unbounce conversion Benchmark report can automatically dig up these golden nuggets no spreadsheets required now that you know the conversion Trends it's time to use these machine derived insights to build your campaigns the easiest way to do this is by using conversion intelligence tools that support your creative skills so you can be confident your campaign will succeed as you build it but there's also no reason you can't manually experiment with AI derived insights on your own the goal here is to build with predictive data how you get there is up to you and now comes the fun part optimizing your content for even better conversion rates so you know what the machine recommended for your campaign and you know what you created and this is about going granular to see how those decisions work with your audience what works what really works what can you do more of with a few simple tweaks you start creating your own smart insights that drill deeper into the unique preferences of your Target customer from here you head straight back to the beginning learn build optimize then rinse and repeat to keep creating better campaigns and it really is as easy as that head over to unbounce to learn more about conversion intelligence and how we can help you step into the future of marketing [Music]

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