hi guys Nikki here and I just thought I'd do a quick little video all about using a green screen now it's easier than you might think it's just a green cloth does not be green even how about that this is still being shot on the phone I do all my shooting these days on iPhone 6s plus I don't see the need for anything else I use it a lot for my photography as well so it's it's quite handy bit of kit when you know what you do I say yeah so we just got a green screen you can't see probably got a tripod phones on lights on all good good to go you can be at the beach mmm that's nice or you can be outside the office or you can be inside the office and have a presentation running behind you so you know all at the click of a finger you can change everything anyway just what I'd share with you that's today's action plan is making about the green screen it's a great job if it's a tough job but someone has to do it

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