hi guys uh g number back with you and um this is 
our freedom breakthrough bootcamp group friday q   a and today i want to talk about high ticket 
affiliate marketing strategies for beginners   and how i made actually how much let me see 2300 
bucks in seven days today 1200 bucks last four   weeks almost 10k last month i made 11k so it 
looks like a high ticket yeah but i'm not using   high ticket marketing to get these sales okay to 
make this sales and this is very important for the   beginners beginners because the majority of them 
they try to make like big money okay they try to   uh understand how to actually make thousand bucks 
per day like me today for example yeah or at least   thousand bucks per week or two thousand bucks 
per week and uh when they try to think about   this there is actually a strategy which which 
many people call um like high ticket affiliate   marketing why high ticket because it's about 
big bigger sales well the pro there are some   problems with high ticket marketing and first of 
all the first problem which i see is that usually   um you need what you need to do for the high 
ticket let's say high ticket how to get marketing so problem number one with the high ticket marketing 
okay and this problem is actually you need to pay to be affiliate and make big sales okay so this is actually 
the first problem which many people will uh   will be faced will face when they try to make high 
ticket uh to join high ticket marketing sales okay   now um what we're doing in the freedom 
breakthrough boot camp you don't need   to pay 2500 bucks actually to make 
up to a thousand bucks per buyer   this freedom break breaks a boot camp you 
can pay just seven bucks join the program   okay get your affiliate link and if you know 
how to actually uh build your brand promote   your business you can make from from 3.5 to 750 
bucks and this is a big big big difference for   this okay now also the second problem which i see 
with the high ticket marketing problem number two so we will hate you so people that that will buy this will buy this high ticket program will pay 
like 2500 or even more even 5 000 using your   link and using your recommendation they 
will hate you for the end of their life   you know why because actually the majority of them 
will never make this money back never never ever   okay so this is like uh you are creating you know 
bad karma and just believe me you don't need bad   karma okay you just need to give people what they 
can afford to buy okay and give them opportunity   to learn during the process of okay and while they 
are becoming a better marketer and everything okay   so uh also what i wanted to share 
with you problem number three people face is that there are two 
actually tribes in this business sellers and affiliates so the product marketers they 
are here they are sellers and this is probably   like i don't know two percent two percent of 
people on the market okay well it's not that   easy to create your own high ticket program or 
any any any your own program but okay but still   um you should you you should actually think of 
okay uh i'm with boot camp right now but i i'm   learning here i see how gina created these 
and later i will be able to recreate this   and create my own program okay so the majority 
of these people affiliates it's it's like 1998   of all people they're just trying different 
programs trying to create like you know uh   trying to promote this this these programs 
next program third program okay they buy and   learn all the time and everything okay and the 
majority of them will never make let's say even   a thousand bucks per week this is a problem but 
i will show you the approach actually which you   can use first of all to build your own business 
okay and when you build your own business you can   recommend those people things which you actually 
like tools which you use for your business okay   and this is a whole different matter okay this 
is a whole different approach and this is how   you build rapport and trust with your people okay 
and we will start actually with a facebook brand   funnel because this is the fastest way how you 
can actually be different from uh other people and   i had a conversation with one of my one of the 
boot camp members uh with sadir and we even   created a video for him together okay and this 
video is here start facebook traffic mastery   start from this video facebook brand funnel 
strategy explained okay so if you don't have   access to pro membership where this is where this 
is actually located you can just go to my youtube   channel and you can watch this video it's like 
about it's about 40 minutes 40 minutes long okay   but this video explains how you can build 
your brand online using your facebook okay   see and this is um yeah how to make money from 
affiliate marketing using your facebook group   okay this is very important but again what i 
wanted to share with you today is actually i   will give you a brief brief um actually a review 
of how how it all works okay so first of all no   matter what you do start building your brand okay 
and this all starts from the facebook profile okay   i call this facebook brand funnel actually so 
we start from facebook profile then you can use   facebook page create facebook page or you can use 
facebook group i recommend to use facebook group   even if you're just a beginner 
okay just just understand that   later if you're serious about this you will need 
to do this okay so in my case facebook group uh   everything starts like from this from the facebook 
profile okay and when when you come to my profile   immediately you see what i do what i am about 
today next week and everything okay why i'm doing   this why i'm posting all these results like every 
single day because first of all i want to share   first of all my results okay i want to show people 
that i'm a professional i want to build trust   report and everything and when i add new friends 
every day to my facebook profile i simply send the   message okay guys hi hello how are you doing 
if you are an affiliate marketing let me know   if you need to help with traffic and sales and 
just check my facebook profile for details and   when they go to my facebook profile okay they see 
who i am what i do how much i make and everything   and this is how i build uh trust and rapport with 
them okay so next step is facebook page again not   let's let's say i would recommend you 
know to even uh create a facebook page for   uh any business opportunity any business 
opportunity you are going to promote okay   you can just create as many facebook pages as 
you want okay so for example freedom breaks   your bootcamp i i have like special facebook 
page and i also have special facebook group   for the buyers okay and the idea why it's okay 
to cool to create facebook page as well because   for the majority of facebook groups you can join 
any any facebook group not only like a person but   you can join facebook group also like a page and 
when you join like a page and post something okay   in this case uh when they see this um image okay 
or your post they will see the post was made from   this page and if the page is called let's say how 
to make money uh or how to make let's say 2k per   per day with blah blah blah then they will click 
on the page and we'll see what's inside the page   and we'll see what you wanted to share with them 
okay but the most coolest thing here is actually   the facebook group okay a facebook group is a very 
powerful scene because first of all if you will be   um let's imagine that you want to promote many 
different products okay but again if you will   just try to promote many different products 
to many people they will feel like you're   spamming them okay but if you will be inviting 
many different people to your facebook group   this is already not spam this is already like 
you are sharing your experience your expertise   and if you if they they see that they want uh they 
are invited to join your facebook group for free   and this is a very cool page now i want to share 
with you how how this can be done with actually   page traffic because again if we 
are talking about the business   then we should understand that business starts 
from numbers from numbers so when i started like   five years ago i saw that okay i would be okay 
to make 100 bucks per day with affiliate market   but now when i'm thinking about something okay 
what i do i start from the numbers okay how much   i will need to invest knowing my numbers already 
how much i'm making okay from from a certain   idea okay uh how much i would need to invest to 
get to that certain number okay and this is a   whole big difference okay but let me share with 
you actually um this um traffic we sell traffic   strategy with solo ads for building your facebook 
group okay again you don't need to do this right   now but later maybe in a month in two in half a 
year in two years when you come back to this video   you will understand how cool this is how 
important this is okay by the way you   can do the same with the uh free traffic so for 
example if you will just post this sign like okay   imagine making blah blah blah autopilot using the 
free legitimation tool join my group for details   so for example i could post this on my facebook 
profile i could post this message okay uh create a   facebook cover for for my facebook profile and put 
it here okay and in this case i would just invite   people to join my facebook group and when i am 
promoting when i when i'm actually uh inviting my   new friends and they see my facebook profile first 
thing they would see on join my facebook group and   this is also very very simple to do you just need 
to to add facebook cover create facebook group   and add your link in the description okay but in 
this case i will share with you how i do it okay   so opt-in page is a step number one okay and when 
they subscribe they already again i send i send uh   traffic to this i send solo ads to this again let 
me share with you actually how it looks like in my   um autoresponder in get response okay so 
i have let's say a couple of lists which i   want to track every day so for example today 
i received 29 new subscribers to this list   which is my facebook group members list 
okay and this is very important list for me   because tomorrow i will check how many how many 
of those people joined actually the group okay   so next scene on the left you see freedom brexit 
boot camp this is another funnel so from certain   people who uh joined fred and breaks through 
boot camp least one is one is already a buyer one   already purchased which is also very cool results 
okay but uh right now as you can see the majority   of my traffic like three two one okay comes 
to promote my facebook group not the boot camp   and i will explain you again why because when 
i promote the facebook group in my case okay   as a creator of the freedom brexit bootcamp i 
don't need these fast sales because my goal is to   get access to people and meet people who can 
invest more money not seven bucks who can invest   500 per month or who can invest 2500 bucks to join 
the coaching program to build business with me and   everything okay to become my partner so this 
is my goal this is why i invest three to one   into creating my facebook group into growing 
my facebook group and now actually let's   check another step okay so they come when 
they join okay they will be redirected to   this page this is very important page because 
this is how i actually differentiate myself   from other vendors in in the majority of case 
after subscription after this page the majority   of case they are redirected to a sales page okay 
but in this case they are directed i'm not selling   anything okay i just uh show them everything about 
me and i invite them guys just join the group okay   next scene so how the monetization of the group 
actually starts how you can make like real money   so this is also very important scene so see when 
it when they join the group before they join the   group they will be uh ask these questions 
let me find them group rules and should be   groups uh scheduled posts membership questions 
okay so see what i do immediately i do   pre-qualification okay step number one required 
what's your best email so okay if the guy joined   my list uh join my group not from this solo ads 
but just by because he found my video on youtube   or he found me on facebook and i invited him yeah 
so i will ask him for an email and this email i   will use again to add this to my autoresponder 
to my get response next thing i ask okay   i tell them what i do so i specialize in helping 
affiliate marketers build to keep a weak recurring   passive income machine in less than 30 days okay 
this is like slightly exaggerated in less than 30   days but i i do can't help you with this okay and 
how much you can invest so i do pre-qualification   already here and when i see a person who who tells 
me okay gina yes if you will help me i can invest   let's say three thousand bucks then immediately 
i will get i will get in touch with this person   because this is actually my main idea and 
let me show you how it works okay so for   example this is a special tool i use also 
to track everything okay i just connected it   and see when people give me no reply i don't 
contact them okay but this first person shirley   for example she replied that yes gina i will i i 
i will be happy to pay you three thousand bucks if   you will help me to make thousand bucks per week 
okay the answer is yes and she replied yes so what   i will do i will just click this button and i will 
just contact her and this is how it works for me   this is how it should work for you but remember we 
started from a simple offer which is seven bucks   okay so this is not now now i hope you realize how 
powerful the group is and again let's come back   and we'll just check actually this thing okay so 
see on the left we have 13 contacts and one sale   yes from this one sale i could have like up to 500 
bucks today probably up to even 700 bucks today   but as a majority of those people would will just 
pay for seven will just pay seven bucks okay one   time because uh they don't know me yet but when 
people go and join my facebook group they start   to see what i do every day okay and i also post 
different videos here i do facebook lives and   everything and this is how i know that these 
people will start know like and trust me and   the and when people know like and trust you this 
is when you uh can expect them to pay for your   coaching program or for high ticket program or for 
anything so we started today with the idea of uh   how to do how to do high ticket sales so my idea 
for you today okay this is how you should do high   ticket sales first of all you should create your 
brand okay start building your brand and for this   you can start from your facebook profile okay then 
you should create facebook group even if you're   newbie even if you're a beginner just just do it 
okay just create it's not it's not hard you will   find like a lot of videos on youtube how to create 
facebook group how to create like everything   okay it's not it's not the problem but when you 
when you start working like this okay you start   building your tribe of people people who will know 
like and trust you and another cool thing about   is that where you will also have access to like 
bigger people like for example i don't need even   to think what to promote because people like the 
good islam for example and many many many other   vendors they send me invitation so gina i 
will support your launch but also please   check uh check my launch and please send send the 
emails and to promote my launch and this is what   i will just do i will just send to my list which 
is already big enough to make me sales every day   i'll just be sending emails promoting 
other people launches as well   so this is how i can make uh i can guarantee 
myself that i'm making money every day   okay building my list growing my online presence 
okay and uh also uh creating building rapport with   those people who start who know me okay and 
this as you can see i already have more than   four four four thousand nine hundred ten friends 
this is a lot okay i even use special software   to uh get rid of inactive friends okay but again 
the idea is very simple if you will will just   follow this procedure okay you will be able 
to build first of all your own presence online   and yes i know that youtube is not easy i know 
that tick tock is not easy just but you can   just start start from facebook okay start 
from facebook create your facebook profile   start building your group okay if you again if 
you are serious about this business and also let   me share one one one really cool scene with you 
today because i want this to be like a case study   so let me share this this facebook group 
economics calculator okay so for example my   coaching program right now is 2500 bucks okay 
this is a big coaching program for people who have   money understanding that they need to invest a 
lot of money and time to build their own business   if they want to make real money on that okay so 
i work with these people one-on-one now to make   250 000 per year okay i need only 11 leads 
only 11 people join joining my facebook group   joining my facebook group every day so for 
example if i would have less expensive offer   let's say 1500 okay for the coaching program i 
would need to have 18 18 people join in my group   every day to make 250 hundred thousand per 
year but if i want to make let's say less if i   let's say i want to make hundred thousand 
bucks okay with this number i can make   i can make like easily this is very easy 
numbers because if we will check this again and let me see let's go back so today i i got new members okay because 
i started sending traffic okay new members   today is seven if we go back to the calculator 
again we will see that i i will need let's say   slightly more but even this number 
will give me a lot already okay see   with 1500 bucks offer for the coaching program 
i i even with these seven seven people per day   taking into account these numbers which are 
checked during the years i can make 100 000 bucks   per year okay actually i'm already making 
this kind of money but slightly different   with different things well if we divide this 
by 12 this will be 8 33 bucks per month okay   which is also good but okay this is this 
is real strategy because it doesn't depend   on free traffic guys it doesn't depend on free 
traffic and this is why it's so important uh when   you know your numbers money money is just the tool 
when you know your numbers money is just the tool   and this is how it should be if you're serious 
when you're building your business but again   it's not that easy to understand how much you how 
much you can charge for what and everything and   this is why i actually created the um funnel which 
allows us to make at least this kind of money like   constantly so for example if you see again seven 
seven seven seven three seven thirty seven two   seven four ninety nine fifty seven thirty seven 
ninety seven ninety seven so this is this is the   funnel which allows me to make more than sixty 
s more than sixty dollar dollars on average okay   from from the buyer this is so cool and this is 
why again i recommend to start from this idea   from this simple funnel but you can use 
this strategy for facebook brand funnels   start building your facebook and facebook at 
least facebook presence okay facebook profile   facebook group and start also working with the 
group again it's not mandatory i'm just creating   this video to create a sort of case study how it 
all works in real business in reality because many   people who are let's say promoting high ticket 
offers they just say that guys just register   just get access to this high ticket program pay 
2 000 bucks to get your affiliate link go on um   tick tock and just do tick tock live every day but 
this is this is i mean this is it's not silly but   this is this is not this is so not helpful to you 
to become a marketer actually because people who   do this they are already marketers they already 
have big youtube channels they already have thous   hundreds of thousands followers on tick tock and 
for them it's easy to promote anything because   they already invested their years and thousands of 
money to become who they become okay who they are   now like me for example yeah so i know my price i 
know how much i of time and money i invested and   this is more than five years and sixty thousand 
dollars at this stage and yes i can make already   like 10k or 11k per month sometimes even more i 
can sometimes make like thousand bucks per day   or two thousand bucks per day but i know my my 
my stats i know my numbers i know how much time   and money i invested into building this okay so 
the idea of starting promoting high ticket offers   uh just because you want to make high ticket 
sales is wrong from the very beginning because   it will be much easier for me to make high 
ticket sales promote and high ticket offer   because i'm already a marketer with experience 
with follow-up uh with a big least and everything   with youtube channel was understanding how to do 
it but for the majority of people who just start   doing this this is nightmare they just drive like 
a lot of traffic into this shitty funnels making almost nothing and this is not the problem that 
they are spending money the main problem i see is   they are not becoming a better marketers and when 
they start realize uh that's something is wrong   they start learning and then they will spend their 
four five years and thousands and thousands and   thousands of dollars to become a marketer and when 
they become a marketer it's easy to sell anything   okay so guys this is my strategy for you for today 
i hope this was useful uh so you can watch this in   the replay and i will also create a video for 
youtube channel and if you are not subscribed   to my youtube channel yet okay so just what you 
just need to go you just need to go find me on   my youtube here okay and this is my youtube 
channel so you will see like a lot of videos the   majority of videos i do now is to explain people 
what is the freedom breakthrough boot camp again   freedom breaks for bootcamp is slightly more than 
one month and it's already making a lot of money   and this monday i also do a launch on warrior plus 
and i will see where it will be working better in   warrior plus or on p or on pay kick start and 
we will decide which which actually system we   will use for actually for affiliate system this 
is it for today hope you like it talk to you soon you

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