How to earn $100 or $1,000 dollars a day from home? There are many solutions, but here, we are talking about Affiliate Marketing or more precisely, about Direct Affiliate Marketing. You can do affiliate marketing through specific platforms, which will charge you a commission, or, you can do Direct Affiliate Marketing, if you know a trader with huge resources. What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing is a form of online marketing based on PERFORMANCE where, a trader rewards one or more affiliates, for each action performed on its website. A rewarding action is a sale, a lead, or any other predetermined action within the merchant's affiliate program. Affiliate Marketing is practiced by many influencers, on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, personal blogs, etc. Can you do Affiliate Marketing without a channel with many followers? Yes, There are several ways where you can reach the trader's target by email, text message, or phone. The best example of Direct Affiliate Marketing is the Agri.Market platform. There are millions of farmers facing difficult times in each country, because they can not to sell their products, at the right price. Most of the time they are robbed by intermediaries of supermarkets or food factories, while you eat chemical additives.

What is Agri.Market? Agri.Market is a local market, a national market, an international market, and a stock exchange of agricultural products. Agri.Market is the revolution of agriculture and you can be a part of it. Farmers around the world can list now their products on this online platform, where they can sell wholesale, with delivery from the farm, or with home delivery. Agri.Market is the ray of hope that farmers need. A place where farmers can sell their products at the right price. Affiliates! Agri.Market rewards affiliates
with $ 5-10 for each farmer who registers on the platform. How do you reach farmers? If you have a channel with a lot of followers, it's quite simple, although your audience may not bethe target audience of Agri.Market. If you have no followers, than you can search for farmers on the Internet. Where? On Facebook, Google maps, or other sources.

On Google maps you can search for farms from all over the world, but it would be better to limit to farms from your country. In the search window, type the word "farm" and a ton of farms will show up on display. You will get the farm’s locations and a lot of information. When you Zoom in, more and more locations will open on the map. Zoom in Zoom in Zoom in Some farms have a website listed, where you can get an email address, or a contact form, while other farms only have a phone number. Some websites give you a contact form, which guarantees that the message will be received. Don't forget to check the option “Update results” when map moves, to easily discover all the farms in your area. Research works for each country in the same way. On Facebook You can use multiple keywords: "farm" and "state" and that will give you ALL the records. But you can narrow your search to pages or places only.

In the Facebook pages you'll get an email address, You will be able to send a message to the farmer, Or, you will get a link to a website. And the contact forms guarantee that the message will reach to farmer. You can set your searches by Location, or according to other criteria. You can also search for farms using keywords by product. "product" and "state" Or "product" and "farm" Some pages have a button for direct messaging in WhatsApp.

If you can't find an email address or website with a contact form, a phone number is enough to send an invitation to the farmer by WhatsApp. WhatsApp? Yes! Open a Google translator page Insert the link from description, for sending WhatsApp messages Write the country code without 00 or +, 34 is the code of Spain Write the farm phone number, without the zero prefix, if any. Now you have a link to send WhatsApp messages, without the recipient beingin your phone's address book.

Select the entire link. And with the right click, open the link in the new window. Continue to open the WhatsApp window Paste your message for the farmer and your coupon code. Send! If a phone number does not have WhatsApp, you will receive a notification. “The phone number distributed by URL is invalid.” If you have an email address or a phone number, you can invite the farmer to sell his products on the Agri.Market platform. In some countries, unsolicited commercial communications are considered spam and are punishable by law if they are sent to people. However, communications to traders are not considered spam, especially since you are sending a business offer, the recipient being a trader of agricultural products, and you act in the shadow of Agri.Market platform. The recipient, the farmer, will be happy to receive your message, because it will help him overcome the sales issues he is facing. Having an email address or a phone number, you can invite the farmer to sell his products on the Agri.Market platform.

This way, you can send daily invitations to dozens or hundreds of farmers. By email, by messages on Facebook, leaving comments on Facebook pages, or by sending WhatsApp messages. If you can do that, you can earn a lot of money! The more you work, the more you get. How? Sign up for the Agri.Market affiliate program. To be an affiliate, you must be an adult, or an adult parent with a bank account. You will receive a promotional code associated with your account, which you will insert in the messages you send to farmers.

Your promotional code offers the farmer a 50% discount for the annual subscription that he will pay for the platform. Thus, the registered farmer, instead of paying an annual subscription of $ 30 or $ 100, will pay only $ 15 or $ 50, using your code. For a small farmer who pays a $ 15 subscription, you will get $ 5. For a large farm, a cooperative, or an agricultural association, that pays a $ 50 subscription, you will get $ 10. Each subscription payment is recorded in your account and at the end of the month, or weekly, you can request the transfer of the credit to your bank account. If your bank account is in another currency than the US dollar, your bank will automatically convert to your currency and withhold the exchange fees. To avoid bank charges, you could make a Revolut card, N26, TransferWise, etc., which allows you to have several currencies on a single card. Another good thing to consider is that any farmer will know another 5 – 10 farmers that are struggling during these difficult times, which he will want to help also.

So, he'll redirect your message and your coupon code to others. This way, your coupon code, will reach more farmers, you will have more registrations and you will earn more money. How many millions of farmers are there in your country? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 million? You earn money working from home, helping farmers sell their produce, helping millions of consumers eat healthy, and help the local economy flourish. It’s a Win-win solution! If you are ready to earn money from home, register as an affiliate at https://Agri.Market/Affiliates Don't forget to like it and share it with your friends who might be interested too.

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