in this video I'm gonna show you I keep
making up to a thousand dollars a week usually Clickbank affiliate marketing if
you knew if you knew coming across my channel for the first time my name is
mr. DaVinci I'm a friend and mentor sorry different tips tricks and
strategies for you to implement so that you can start making money online so
that you did leave at 9 to 5 so that you can have a life of freedom on your time
and do whatever you want wherever you want all across the world still making
money that's something interested definitely subscribe right over here
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notification bell so you're notified when I release new videos like this I
just got my webcam release I'm so happy I'm ecstatic
but that's not what you hear you hear to see how to make money using click main
so i'll further ado let's hop into the video and you follow along with cut this
awesome you'll get confuse real fast and bond alright so here we are on the as I told you in song this video this isn't apply for one year so
that you can make up to a thousand dollars a week using Clickbank affiliate
marketing it possibly could be making five thousand could be making a hundred
dollars depends how much money you want to invest into this method now the way
we're gonna go about this Ramon be using two platforms of obvious and Clickbank
as you see I'm already on Clickbank will also long to use in so here
we are on Clickbank arm and just in case you don't know what this website looks
like cuz I'm already signed in gonna go right here open the tab this can work in
Google Chrome Firefox Microsoft edge Safari whatever internet browser you've
had you just want to go up here load up do not let all of
my tabs up here distract you just focus on what we're doing right here follow
along me stay on pace with me they'll be good to go so I just had to rerecord
this video because my buta sacked in low if he so here we are
for the second one hopefully it works about it and it is working better the
child to my computer I'll owe you um anyway this is the main website you have right here you already have an account you can log in
as you seen I'm already lost and but if you're new to the platform this first
time here about Clickbank you won't come over here want click on create account
here is going to ask you for some of your information now this information is
required so that you can get paid directly to your bank account I believe
I don't believe they birthdays paying you by paypal just yet but they do pay
you so your bank account yes they do it's gonna end some information over
here personal information I'm not going to get into all this in this video but
it's pretty straightforward they'll take you give or take 5-10 minutes set up but
moving on back to the video here we are once you log in this is the marketplace
as you can see I'm in the health and fitness category over here on the side
because I was just looking at some new products I wanted from home because I've
been holding this method off for a while it's been in my bag and I decided I
wanted to share with y'all cuz I'm not a greedy affiliate marketer one key while
the permissions for myself on why everybody make money and that's what we
all here to do make money and enjoy our lives so the offer I'm gonna be
promoting is to send around the solution my openness a new tab now this as a
recent I just became a big there this used to I'm not gonna say used to be the
red tea detox but the red team detox did disappeared so this has becoming a new
platform that I've decided to promote just take a look here sorry about that this is TV
oh my night yeah so scroll on down and basically what this offer is gonna do is
gonna help women specifically you can travel with men but mainly gonna help
women on losing body weight cuz not to be sexist or anything but women like to
look good they like to feel confident they want to look sexy they wanna be
appealing and this offer right here can help them with that as you can see you
got a nice video over here they just had an exit pop out for people try to leave
so what we're gonna do is we're gonna come over here if you want to promote
this product you can do this we kind of product first in four paths first and
foremost you want to go sort results by come over here to gravity let that load
up hold on one sec please sorry about the brief interruption at
the quad i'ma go but what we're gonna do while hit this promote button right here
what you want to do is let this load up gonna come over to account nickname go
my CC cleaner just ignore that we're gonna type in your account nickname
which is mine which is less intervention I for this personal one is a written
sales page you click on that you're gonna hit generate hoplink now I've
already did this so I don't have to worry about doing this but for you this
is what you have to do to follow the procedures once we get our hoplink
generated and I'll take you to the next step you come over here you're gonna
copy this link and then what you're gonna want to do is go ahead get out
gonna come over here to build it like I said ignore the tabs that I have up here
let's follow along with me you're gonna let load up bitly comm that's 8 app that
bi te ly comm you gonna see a lot of my current bitly offers that I have again
don't let that distract you now just already had this copy I don't have to do
this but I'll show you just for this video so what you want to do is gonna
come over here to create you want control V which is paste the link in the
day again I already had this copy so I'm not going to do this in that video so
I'm gonna come over here and since our I have my copy on Titan Cinderella
solution gonna search through my bitly I load that up we won't copy this link now
we get into the fun stuff gonna come over here like I said begin the video
we're gonna go to what we're going to do is we're going to look for
youtubers who are on stay with me here don't leave the video just yet
wrong type in weight loss because that is the niche that we're going for so
we're gonna look for youtubers within the weight loss niche and what we're
going to do is I'll show you once it loads up here
don't mind the side videos that I got on the channel this is just one of my other
profiles so what we're looking for is let's try and space our weight loss
maybe we'll get better results but we're looking for YouTube channels who
specifically make videos around weight loss or okay I got a better idea let's
do this type in how to lose weight fast but basically we're looking for YouTube
channels that are making consistent videos on how to lose weight loss so we
got this guy here hundred thirty eight thousand bees long enough ago could
target could try him for this video but looking more so for
a woman channel because the offer would promote it is mainly for women so as you
can see here this looks like a woman channel I lost 11 pounds a 1 week lose
weight fast 9 million views and 4 months so it's kind of recent I'm not signed
into my Google Chrome so I can't pull up the date of how much views that she's
getting but let's click on the video real fast
let's check this out see if it's something worth testing see if it's
something that we can slide in here and get some results so I'm gonna load up
the YouTube video here and want to meet the video so that you're not try this
video alright so we're going load up the video I'm gonna keep on scrolling over
here 17 minute long video and lucky for us this is a woman channel so that's a
good sign so I'll pause the video here start on I lost my mouse stay with me
don't miss out the video yet right I've recovered my right we want to go to the
page he has a hundred ninety thousand you to subscribe so she definitely has a
good audience this is definitely someone that we want to work with moving forward
so go about promoting our affiliate offer for YouTube now I do believe that
YouTube is the platform one of the few platforms that allows you to directly
link your offer and the description could be wrong you might use the sales
phone if you don't know one of his I will make a video that later on so we're
gonna come to the page we're gonna go right to the About section this is where
you normally can come to contact youtubers about different type of things
and doors from sponsoring if it is we do want her to endorse stuff really offer
that worth we're offering so agency right here she has an
Instagram but I'm pretty sure with this amount of followers that she had that
her Instagram there's at least likely place that we want to try and contact it
so and see this is a regular email but we want to go down here was his details
for business inquiries click on view email address and hit submit now what
this is going to do we are verified that we not a robot of course I'm not trying
to spam but what this is going to do is take her directly
I take us directly to her business email where she is used to get an office for
her to promote and/or sponsor make a video about cetera et cetera so we're
gonna let this load load up his capture here should be almost done maybe it is
not yet I so stick with me here I promise we're almost done through the
video this guy finish this last part of it and
you'll be good to go with like I said again video how you can make a thousand
dollars a week promote and Clickbank affiliate offers or warrior plus or JV
zoo or whatever affiliate platform that you choose CJ affiliate max bounty all
that good stuff right slow well let me try and refresh I really
want to show y'all how to do this if not then we'll see but we're gonna try and
get this to work so let me refresh it it to show how to load up the business
inquiry email address so that's the one you want any minute as you seen when we
first got yes yeah the email already list it down below but again like I said
one for Instagram it's probably the last place that you want to go about trying
to contact one a contact with the business inquiry email that would be a
best bet to get a response so long ago – about – got 15 million views you've been
doing this for a while so this looks like definitely a good person that I
would want to endorse my affiliate offer I want to say endorse what I mean is
what I want her to do one of her videos specifically the video that showed you
when we came across the channel with the million views at four months all we need
her to do this place my affiliate offer with the bitly link that we copied and
pulse into the description and from there depending like I said I'm not
signed in to my chroma Council we can't see how many views and she can probably
push again a million views and four months we break them numbers down that's
like 250,000 views a month if we're just going based off the numbers
so they'd work we had submitted in the search for business inquiries will email
her and buddy you know this is the same email mary jane barn a gmail aha may
know this is may by armed at so there is a difference here so this is
me the he-man that will write if you want to see the type of email that
you're on the right to send them to get an offer for them to post your affiliate
offer in the YouTube description I can definitely make a video for that but
that's going to be all for this video I appreciate you and thank you for your
time for watching this vlog like I said check out this playlist over here I have
more videos on affiliate marketing and I help you make a different type of
another source of income for you over here I have a recommended video for you
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you're gonna try out the strategy if you like to see a if you would like to see a
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DaVinci signing off thanks for watching talk to you soon

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