Let's get into this … Hi there I'm Tracey
Rose and in today's video I'm going to share with you how to start an affiliate
marketing business especially if you're in lockdown in quarantine or maybe
you've realised that since quarantine you don't want to go back to your normal
job you want to start a side hustle well I'm gonna share some things about
affiliate marketing that some people might not tell you and the reason is
because I've done it and it made some mistakes but also learnt that sometimes
part of the things that people were telling you are actually not as simple
or as easy or as profitable as what you might think so a lot of people would
like to make you believe that all you need to do is sign up to an affiliate
program and then you tell people about that or you make a video about something
and then you're giving them a link and then when they buy it you get a
percentage of it and you become a millionaire but I'm here to bring you
back down to earth because a lot of those things, say Amazon affiliates or other
affiliate programs are not as simple as you might think
because you need to have a huge audience and if you're someone that is new to
affiliate marketing or new to online marketing or building your very first
online business or just getting started again you probably don't have a huge
audience maybe you're not a celebrity so let me share with you what does work in
affiliate marketing and what should be looking for in an affiliate marketing
program and which ones that I recommend so I actually got into affiliate
marketing when I was pregnant with my first child and I just thought you just
pick a niche and you just throw some links out there and you maybe do a blog
post about I don't know dog training and then link it to some cat product and you
make lots of money from it right well it doesn't really work like that and those
commissions are usually quite small especially say Amazon affiliates now
don't get me wrong I put links in my youtube video descriptions where people
can go get products and things like that and people buy stuff and I get a very
small commission from each of those products I'm not saying don't do that
but that's kind of more like icing on the cake
not your main income not what I would say you could build a huge income out of
especially if you don't have a big audience so if you have a big audience
or you're a celebrity or if you're a big influencer yeah sure do that that's fine
but most of us finding something that has a much higher commission and a
recurring commission income is what you really
want to look for if you're gonna build an affiliate marketing business so I
love selling things like online marketing courses and education and the
best thing about doing that is it means that I actually don't have to create the
course myself and I don't have to create things like sales funnels and forelock
systems and then really do the sales myself now the only thing is though I've
got to promote things before and their sales funnels or the marketing of that
company who's trying to sell the stuff that I'm an affiliate for they're actually
not great at marketing themselves so you kind of gotta look for different things
and that's why a lot of people go with what I recommend because I'm kind of
scroll through and tried to find things where the company is actually really
good at marketing they're really good at their follow up process their funnels
are really high converting and there's a decent commission so I'm happy to show
what I'm into which I'll put a link around this video but what I want to
share with you is that like I said before it's kind of a lot of effort to
go get one customer and so when I've gone to sell an education program or
something small even that I've recommended when you go get that
customer and then they've bought then that lead and that customer is only
buying that and then that's it and you have to go find more customers now if
you're smart you've got that customers details and they're on your email list
so you may be building your own lists and things like that then you can follow
up and you can sell them other stuff which is cool that's kind of getting
ahead of myself and knowing going that far yet what I'm talking about is
finding a company to partner with so you become an affiliate for them that has a
high converting offer but often is that a recurring income offer
so usually membership programs are quite good to be an affiliate program of
because then you can kind of almost guarantee some amount of income they're
going to recur each month so if I got someone to sign up to a year long
marketing program and I've got a recurring Commission each month from
that program then I can plan out how much income I'm going to earn much
easier than if I had to figure out how to go get new customers every single
month I've actually won awards for sales that I've accumulated through affiliate
programs and good affiliate programs will recognize you for those sales and
incentivize you to keep going now I actually market some programs that
teach you how to do this kind of stuff the program that I share is very
up-to-date very simple to follow through very easy for people to start their own
affiliate marketing business and even go on to sell other stuff if you want to
happy to show you how to do that maybe you have a network marketing company
that you also want to share with people maybe have as high ticket sales often
I've done really well in sharing and selling high ticket sales offers before
it's a really good way to make income around a family especially if you're
wanting to work from home I know that I've done this kind of stuff even when I
was at hospital with my daughter when she was really little I had to learn how
to work from anywhere my phone at the hospital my bedroom office I mean that's
the beauty of online business having your own affiliate marketing business
means you get to take care of business and take care of your family from
anywhere in the world now some programs are really easy to sign up to and
they're just something that you will easily go put your name and email and
phone number and your address maybe your paypal details so that they can pay and
then what they'll do is they'll give you a link that you get to share and that
link will be coded to you so that save someone buys the product which may be a
hundred dollars and you get as $25 commission that link is linked to you so
that customer has a cold link to them so the company then knows what Tracy
brought in that customer we're going to give her the $25 and they might not give
you the $25 right away what they might do is accumulate that and so they might
have a minimum payout of $100 so you have to wait till you get $100 to get
paid out some programs pay up daily some programs might not pay up for a month
some programs pay out what you earn that month and then learn it paid till the
next month that's not programs don't reply you
should buy their own products before you sell them and then some affiliate
programs do require you already be a customer one program that I promote is
an education and business platform so you'll want to watch a little video on
how that works before joining the program maybe
there's another affiliate program that sells fluffy top pins so you probably
don't need to watch a video to get a link to sell a pet but then again you're
probably not gonna earn very much money with a pen and the company's not gonna
have to do too much work to sell a pair basically I'm probably not gonna waste
my money being an affiliate marketer for a pen even though you can be what I have
found to be most profitable the best use of my time is being an affiliate for
education programs and business resources so that's personally what I
recommend so if you want to learn how to build a business from home as an
affiliate marketer and maybe learn to be an influencer in your niche and
recommend other things then I'll put a link around this video that you can go
watch on how to build your own business from home so I hope this helped you
understand a little bit more about how to build an affiliate marketing business
during quarantine or after all this drama is over if you'd like to know more
about a high converting recurring offer that you can do from home then have a
look for our link around this video or put link in the comments below and I'll
get that straight to you and as always I'm here to answer any of
your questions that you have and help you along the way

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