Once upon a time of a very large empire used
to be a very powerful king of the empire but that king had a very bad thing. The bad thing was that if there was any mistake
by any person in the rule of that king then the only punishment was that the king had
10 wild dogs and he was whoever made the mistake They were put in front of those wild dogs
and they used to give that dog a very bad death to that person He used to torture and
torture a person in this way His flesh was uprooted that that man would get a very painful
death Now no matter whoever have done mistakes they would have done the same punishment for
all of them Now lived in that state with great dearness.

Now what happens once a mistake is made by
the General Secretary of that state A mistake is made in the accounts When there is talk
of Rajkot then there is a mistake in the account, then the General Secretary who is the General
Secretary, apologizes to the king that I have been working for so many years I made a mistake
in accounts Forgive me and the king says that you know. We have only one punishment for a mistake
and it is a punishment You will also get You are nothing different If I leave you then
a very wrong message will be sent to the people I can not leave you Now when the General Minister
realizes that he too is going to be punished there that he will also be put in front of
10 wild dogs, then he speaks to the king that Lord my last wish Now the king speaks the
last wish tell me what is the wish That your General Minister speaks to the states that
you will surely punish me for putting me in front of the dogs but give me 15 days of deferment
You punish me after 15 days I will not even go out of state I will remain inside the state
You only give me 15 days of deferment I want to stay alive for 15 more days Okay, I can
accept this thing from you After 15 days you will be punished Now after 15 days that General
Secretary is brought Now the king himself walks along that the General Secretary will
be left in front of those dogs Now the ground , in which the General Secretary will be put
in front of that dogs Leaving the General Minister inside but what does the King see,
from above, that the dogs is not biting general minister Dogs are not barking at the general

Licking him, loving him. The king does not understand that his wild
dogs do not do this to anyone. Why is he so attached to the General Secretary
king is surprised and the General Minister smiles down Lord, I know what is going on
in your mind. If you called me up then let me tell you what
has happened Now the king says that you come up to me, now he calls him again in the meeting
and the general minister comes in front of the king and stands up and says, Lord, I would
like to tell you that what you gave me for 15 days and in 15 days I many services to
these dogs that formed a relationship with them i fed him a bath.

Stayed with them. I feed them and I became friends while playing
with them. Now these dogs will not harm me. They love me.Love me The king says, but what
will happen to my word. The General Minister says that was your word. Will you put me in front of the dogs but you
put me in front of the dogs. They did not
do anything. That is different thing the king speaks with
a smile. Okay, leave you now The General Minister says
that today I want to tell you one thing I have served only 15 days of those dogs and
they have a change of heart and you have completely ignored the years that I have served for your
empire I felt very bad about it well this also occur very often in our lives.

We do a lot for people throughout our lives. But when it comes time to appreciate people
do not appreciate and someday if you do something for someone then you become a god weep for
him. If something has happened to you too then
your incident. Can tell me in the comment box. People also get a lot of inspiration by reading
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