[Music] [Music] great [Music] hello and welcome thank you for checking out this video in this video i'm going to be showing you how to use the marketing video maker along with using canva and the you tags so stay tuned i give you just the facts let's get into the video find the link in the description click into it if you are on your cell phone just go to play store type in marketing video you will see this icon come up marketing video maker promo video slideshows install and click open you will notice an ad first wait until it skips you will notice that you have an ad showing on the top slide your screen up here you have your templates many different types of templates education real estate food fashion travel fitness stores ads handyman services sports digital marketing events business and finance automotive motivational and many more there are many that you will see that will have this pro if it has pro this means that it is not part of the free version when you see your templates that don't have the pro on them this is part of your free version you can create facebook and here you can see the different canvas sizes here a vertical facebook four by five a two by three a one by one the portrait facebook or the horizontal facebook instagram you have the three sizes here the nine by sixteen the one by one and the four by five twitter 16.9 and 1.1 the youtube 16×9 the linkedin vertical 4×5 vertical 2 by 3 square one by one portrait 9 by 16 and horizontal horizontal 16.9 by nine and also you're generic so you have your generic four by five two by three one by one nine by 16 and 16.9 by nine if you click into the search you can then look at all your different categories education real estate food fashion travel fitness stories is finance automotive motivational hiring invitation spa salon beauty music and also search in your templates if you click into your tools here you will see audio tools video tools and output folders and this is where you will find your videos that you've already created today we are creating a youtube select a photo you can select up to 10 photos choose next you will see another ad close the ad and now you can move your photos around now just by clicking into this double headed arrow and moving your photo to where you would like to see it simply wherever you place your photo the other one will be replaced in the same way so if i move this up here this one will come down here when you click on these three dots you will notice you have edit duplicate view or delete if you choose edit you will then see your photo and here you can add more text here at the bottom you will see templates create search tools and my videos enter these three dots here and you click edit and you choose add your text you can also add any emoji your text will appear here and you can make it bigger or smaller you can rotate it put it anywhere move it anywhere on the screen put it anywhere you want on your picture you can use these options down here for rotation size color font shadow style opacity letter spacing if you wanted to put more space between your letters vertical spacing if you wanted to put more space between the lines and anytime you can use your undo arrow to undo as far back as you would like and then when you're done you would click save and you would select original or high definition powerful for easy how about both how about crm that sales reps and sales leaders love and has all the tools and then when you're done you would click save and you would select original or high definition powerful or easy how about both how about crm the sales reps and sales leaders love and has all the tools once you choose your image you can then see the original see it in a different size you can flip your image so that it turns in different directions and then when you are done with what you would like to see for your image you would then click this check mark the image will now appear on your picture wherever you like to put it at any time you can click on the undo and you can take your image out now i'm going to add i'm going to add two images here this is an actual capture sorry so to add an image choose an image and i'm going to choose two images here um i'm going to choose this image and i'm just going to use it as the original and then i'm going to choose another image and then just use it as the original so now i have these two images here now as you can see this image is on top of this image here okay so this is on top this is where you can use your layers and you can see the different elements that you have on your canvas you can then move your layers that one's on top we're going to make this one on top now when we move this one this one is now on top if we choose to use this one this one will be on top and it will show you all your different layers here and if you want to add say you wanted to add some text on top of that just images you can change where your images are on your actual canvas and here you can copy your image so you can create more than one of the same and if you don't want it you can use your x you can also use your undo button and your redo button and then when you are done you will click save and i'm just choosing you are gonna see an ad unfortunately sorry about that but when you have a free version you will see the ad okay so going back into your edit you can now put a background on and here you can change you can choose a color or you can choose your own color and this is your background so you could make your background and then if you don't like that you can always click the undo this will undo any of your edits that you've already made this will redo your edit and you can also look at your layers and you only have one layer on you can also if you decide that you would like to keep this edit you can also click on lock instead of save you can use the you will have to unlock your position you can use the rotate you can use the size and you can use the crop the difference between the crop and the size is is if you want to crop it you can use the aspect ratio which means it will stay the ex the same just get smaller or you can crop to shape these are the different shapes that you can use for the free version you can use any one of these shapes that you see and when you see pro here that means this is the paid version and it's up to you whether you want to pay if you feel that this is going to be useful to you then get the paid version i use the free version at any time you can change your background you can make it transparent you can change the color you can change anything in your background graphics you can pick your own and this is where you would add your own graphics and at any time you can take anything off your scene when you go into graphics you can look at offers and sales and all you do is simply click on it and it'll load it and you probably will see an ad but that is the price of using a free program just wait for the ad to be over and load your graphics so you have offers and sales you have likes you have share you have subscribe you have social media you have email money and it looks like you can't use money unless you have pro food and drinks another one that's pro shopping is pro creative ideas is pro so in that case here we're looking at this is all pro so what i would do is i would go to my canva create an account at canva and here you can make your own designs and you don't have to worry about paying for the pro account because you can make your own designs and canva has many different social media templates that you can use that are free you could see all their free ones here that you can use designs oh sorry these are my designs these are designs that i've created through canva so in order for you to use this here use your own designs that you create at canva all of these designs are created at canva and shapes these shapes you can use and basically you would you would use a shape if you want to put some text in that will go on top of your picture so if i use the square shape and i use text and say i i say i would say something like try now this would then go on top of this shape right here i want this to be a little bit more of a thicker kind of text here that's how you would use your shapes and i'm doing the undo now and going back into shape so you have your basic your circle your paper your line separator your mobile your triangle your square and here again you see these things here in pro very easy to create in canva so don't worry about buying the free account you can create all of these things and more in canva yes i realize that that it does have a lot of ads and it does have a lot that you can use with pro but if you can create your own designs in canva then you can save yourself money and still have a good program cardboard golden concrete chalkboard wood fabric pastel colors business nature services and you get into your pros and anything can be recreated choose next choose a default editor choose your theme and where you don't see the pro you can use it once you choose your theme choose your music listen to the music see if it's what you want [Music] it's gonna go for 20 seconds but my whole theme goes for 33 seconds so i want to change this so that it goes for the time that i project goes for [Music] okay and then add the music [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay and then save it will ask you do you want to remove the watermark or not if you choose yet then it will tell you do you want to unlock all the features uh you can go for the six months the 12 months or you could go by the month it's up to you you don't have to [Music] save full hd and it will then be creating your project i would definitely get the paid version if this was the only pro program that i was using but i use different programs so i don't need to get the paid version right now just get the paid version if it's something that is going to be helpful to you okay so now it tells me here is my finished product and i can turn it into a gif i can trim it compress it or share it if i turn it into a gif which is a gif and it will load another ad you will see this up here in the top right click on the x when it's done and here you can turn this into a gif by just using a certain amount and then you would then click save just not doing that right now you can also trim it compress it and click share you can share to any of the places that you have on your phone whatever you have installed you can share to your drive you can share to youtube you can share to your in shot program you can share to whatever other programs you can share to canva to your facebook this is facebook pages i'm just going to click in here to show you okay so you're going to click that twice these are all my facebook pages and i would just click one see and then next and publish and i can do that again i just click share go back into my go into another page since i've saved this information click paste next and publish do this again and i can go to facebook or instagram stories [Music] but i don't want to do that right now because this is in the wrong format so i would change this into another format before i did that or i could also go to my wordpress whoops these are all the wordpresses that i have and i can share to any one of my wordpresses here add a title and then click publish it will also ask me if i want to add and i can add as many tags as i want or what i can do and this is another thing that you can do is you can go over to your go to just the youtube search engine and type in okay so there's my video so i need to just click into here and [Music] copy the link and then go into my back to my program and you can find this program in your play store it's called you tags click on the and paste your url in here click search copy the tags select all copy the tags and then go back over to your share back into your wordpress so these are all the things that you can do while using yourself and then just click paste and you have all of your tags in here choose publish and you can publish to any of your wordpress sites if you have buffer you can use your buffer and you can share to your twitter your linkedin or your tumblr or any other place that you have buffer you can share to tiktok to vimeo to reddit to twitter any place that you have on your phone you can share too now this is [Music] another thing that i'm going to show you so when you are creating for instagram you would choose the instagram select your photos and i'm just going to go fairly fast with this choose next [Applause] you will see an ad [Applause] wait until you can have that removed and then move your pages around you could after you do this for a while you will see how fast this is to do click next default editor this is the theme that i'm using and you see now it's now in your instagram form put your music on tap to add music smile change to 33 and add music now it's now in your instagram form so [Music] share choose your instagram stories [Music] you see now it's in the instagram [Music] so whoop so there it is [Music] okay so one thing one thing that you may have noticed is because i originally did it in youtube form so i'm just going to go over here to canva to my designs this is my design here so now i'm just going to change this format okay so just a bit of a recap the three programs that i mentioned here in this video are you tags pro which is the one that i have this is what it looks like utex pro the second program i mentioned is canva and this is where you can create your own images and pictures that you can use with the marketing video the promo marketing video and the marketing video maker promo video slideshows when you already have created a short video and here's one that i created from a template that is eight seconds you can always click into the video choose edit and you can edit anything here just by clicking on these three dots and edit here you can edit the text you can edit your images you can add more images you can take anything away just by clicking on the x and then when you are done you will then click save now that took less than a minute and of course you'll see an ad until you get the x oops then we'll go to the default editor and it already has its music on and then click save it'll say would you like to remove the watermark i'm going to say no you can actually watch a short ad to remove the watermark if you choose or you can watch one video a day so you can actually make one video a day without a watermark okay and done also if you are interested in also if you are interested in starting an affiliate marketing business and you only have a shoestring budget to work with then download my free ebook which has over 30 videos that shows you how to create an affiliate marketing business and how to join the share a sale affiliate network and also you don't have to join the the share sale affiliate network you can be an amazon affiliate or a clickbank affiliate this book will still help you out so i hope this has been helpful to you if you have found this video helpful please give this video a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to my channel so you'll be notified of the next video that i post stay safe and have a wonderful evening

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