Hello and Welcome this is Rochelle the
DIY Affiliate and today I am bringing you some very Important Information🤔📋
is the first thing that you do when you are starting To Create Your Organic Traffic type in vidiq.com 🏃🏃‍♀️Go To vidiq.com you put your name here now I'm not sure if I can actually
create another account but this is how you do it put a password in agree to the terms and sign up for free okay here you're going to see help us
customize vidIQ for you what account type best describes you a Creator🧗‍♀️🎨 a
Brand MCN or an Agency so you are a Creator 🎨next what is your subscriber
size 0 to 1000 next what best describes your content all these categories are
the categories you will find in YouTube they usually go under education complete authenticate with YouTube now this is where you use vvidIQ with YouTube and
I'm not sure if I've already done that with my new channel⌨💻📱 if okay so we sent you an email
confirmation link so I need to go to my gmail📩 and confirm this confirmation link okay so here is the email confirmation
just going to click into there click this link to confirm your account
clicking the link loading so now it's going to take me to
bid IQ that is how you sign up it's very easy successfully confirmed your email okay
so now it says here authenticate with YouTube so we're going to click into
there and it's going to look for my YouTube channel to authorize vid IQ to
integrate with my YouTube then there it is right there oops oops oops
oops oops that was the wrong one oh okay there we go okay so here we go the new
DIY affiliate channel now this is being done real time
depending on how fast your computer is is how fast you will be able to sign up
and you can also sign up on your cell phone too okay so I am going to allow
this because I you can check it out for
yourself I'm just gonna flick up this is the very first thing you do when
you want to start creating your own organic traffic without having to pay
for paid traffic or people get a new traffic or people selling you backlinks
or any other type of search engine optimization that you can do for
yourself if you're just starting your if you're
just starting your business and you want to be able to save money and put the
money back into your business to help it to grow well then start with a free
account add vid IQ okay so you will then see okay
subscribe to video for tips on getting more views on YouTube and watch this
video so we're going to continue and you can watch the video on getting started
because vidIQ gives you all kinds of videos for you to be able to look at
your information okay first this is a new channel and I've had eleven YouTube
views and two in the youtube search and no suggested views yet this will show me
my views in my youtube search views it will also show me the an overview and
how much time has been watched on my channel the number of YouTube likes and
the subscribers that were lost subscribers that were gained and the
YouTube comments okay so now this these colors correspond with what this graft📈📉
is showing you and again you see the blue goes with the YouTube views and the
sort of light green goes with the minute it's very easy to follow it's all
color-coded and very easy to follow it will show you your top video and you
know you might not want to have a look at this right now because you might
think well my channel is really not in that great and you know but you need
to you need to stay on top of what's going on in your channel so you want to
see your top video your views your watch time you want to see what is happening
here okay you need this information alright you can upgrade to pro if you
want or you can just stay with the the free and this is still the information
that you're going to get because I just joined a free account okay so that is
the first thing that you need to do here is the second you need to go into the
three dots up in the corner and down to where it says more tools over to your
extensions click on the extensions on these three lines right here open the
Chrome Web Store search in the Chrome Web Store for
socialblade because it is an extension and also you you will be able to get a
lot of information or you could just go to socialblade.com
but this is just an easier way okay since I already have it added you
would then install it and set it up and then it will then appear on your browser
right there okay
so when the SIL now bringing me up to my socialblade so it says hello DIY
affiliate and then here you can enter a username for YouTube twitch Twitter
dailymotion or this is normal it says checking your
browser before assessing socialblade.com okay so this is my new channel here and
you can just check your channel out you can check other people's channels out
you can also set up accounts not just with YouTube but I believe with I believe it's Facebook yeah okay so now
to get to the reason why you have set up an account with vidIQ and I hope that
you have paused the video so that you have set your account up here you will
see the information not only from vidIQ from socialblade now right now you can't
see hardly any information because the the channel has just started but here
this is vidIQ right here you can see your YouTube likes your YouTube dislikes
your Facebook likes your Reddit upvotes and your Reddit comments now I
am doing a tutorial in which I am showing you about Reddit but we're just
going to go into Reddit to show you what an upvote is this is Reddit and I'm just going to go
to my profile here my profile these here arrows are upvotes⏫ if
somebody likes something that you do they will click on the arrow and it will
help you to be able to gain a greater⏫ online presence especially with a Reddit Leave A Comment Helps to Improve Social Engagement Grammarly.com okay so that reminds me there is another
program that you need to get as well and that's Grammarly.com and I will
show you why when you type something in and say you want to type a little faster or you want to use a little bit of a
grammar that you that you didn't know that you needed like it for instance a
comma right you'll see this red line underneath there that means that there
is a mistake just to go on okay are you frustrated you want to start with fresh
and you channel a new start then check out my twenty-minute information-packed video on Starting A YouTube Channel for Beginners Grammarly.com Grammarly.com Grammarly.com there you go information-packed video on
starting your channel right the first time okay so I am now going to leave
this comment now remember Reddit also post to Twitter
so those two are integrated as well so now getting back to here is where you will find you Video Optimization Checklist you what it what is checked is good so
the title is good shared on Facebook shared Twitter description has
cards have end screens has a custom thumbnail closed captions are not done
so you need to get the closed captions done on this video and also replied to a
recent comment and of course monetization is not enabled ok so these
are my video tags and these are my channel takes now here you can see
recommend this is recommended next for you to watch and if you start doing your
search engine optimization and you start ranking your videos all of your videos
will start coming up down here if you click autoplay you don't have to click
autoplay but if you do click autoplay there is something that I do need to to
fix in one second okay so now getting into edit video now there are many videos that you can
watch at vidiq.com and they have their own channel and they are
constantly giving out information so it is a good idea to go to vidiq.com and to
subscribe to get out you and to start following them and getting the
information that you need we are going inside a YouTube Studio
Beta now the reason that I am doing this first before I'm even starting to show
you how to create organic traffic is because you really need to get these
programs set up for yourself okay so you've got the vidiq.com set up now now
you can see what your tags are is what your tag volume is your keywords in the
title I got 5 out of 5 which is good keywords in the description five out of
five triple team words five out of now it also shows me I've added the
recommended tags which is good now with vid IQ there is another thing
that it shows you it videos to gain views from how to start and grow a
YouTube channel in 2019 okay so this person has twenty seven thousand twenty
seven thousand and five hundred views Check Out the Recommended Videos for getting views also search by your keyword for instance
if I wanted to find vidIQ so
I type in vid IQ and this is what I get is PewDiePie and he does have a lot of
views and a lot of people put him on their videos in order to to get their
points and to get their views let's try another one social blade you can pretty much see what's popular
here PewDiePie again this guy is doing really
well you can also type in your own videos or something that you would like
to see let's say I add PewDiePie ok just as an example let's add PewDiePie so
what we get you're going to do is you're going to open up a notebook and this is
important that you do this you can either open a notebook or you can open a
sticky notes or a Google Docs and but you have to make sure that you get the
information so you need the Exact Title The Link Address okay and then you need these keywords
right here that's oops oh it's coming up in another language here good Google
Translate maybe that's the universe trying to tell me something okay let's
just type these keywords in to start when you have this information
those are your keywords you're going to go into your own cards Add a New Card with the information in Your Notebook This is information you will get with vidIQ.com stay with me (I will tie it all together)
so that I can be able to show you this is stuff that I have already done in
the next tutorial so I'm just adding to it Actual Video Link copy the link address go back in okay so
all of this concerns vidIQ so keep this in mind Create the New Card for views Choose the timing can decide on where you want it right now it's set for 23:48 that we
really don't want that we want to maybe change it a little but swap it with the
second one now these are cards that I did before and I did a tutorial so
you'll you will see it but what I'm doing is I'm showing you the Power of VidIQ Save the information (template)so that I can use it on
another video okay so that being done quickly go back into your video and now
this is where you add your keywords see You now have the video linked to video You can add the keywords Do not Add Keywords that have nothing to do with your video This is not allowed by YouTube do with your video now see how the score
has gone from 43 to 45 but now I'm over in my keywords so I need to take a
keyword out okay so you can only have 500 as your your score okay so and now I
have this one Save All Your Changes all right and now we're just going to go back out
into the youtube search engine you will notice it does have the closed
captions but it's not turned on I'm just going to turn that on so there are the
closed captions now coming up Video Optimization Checklist checked everything on my checklist now
now this video is ready to be shared and I have done a tutorial on sharing I'm
just going to go in very briefly right now just to show you a couple of things
but I have done a tutorial on using the sharing buttons you could see LinkedIn
I call it VK but it says BK Pinterest Tumblr Reddit Blogger Twitter Facebook
and if you click into your email let's 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️🧐🥴 email and I don't like it say I want to
share it to Blogger publish this post and then show you what
logger looks like okay so I'm sharing it to Blogger just as an example of one of the places
to share it you okay and then and this is one of the more important ones is
your Blogger it's like having a WordPress and I also go into that in my
next tutorial on creating the organic traffic I talked about WordPress and how
to create a free WordPress so this is just the beginning so I have my own
address here and I started this blog I guess in 2018 because I was then
interactive 218 and that is the name it is right now but this is me right here
and the information and you could see how it will show your videos and it
looks like I did that twice which is I can fix it okay so anyways
that being done this video was specifically to show you the different
programs that you needed to have setup and the the last program is this one
it's called grammarly I'm just going to click into here
grammarly.com for chrome set this program up you can sign up for free I use a free
account and it helps me tremendously and also make sure that you also have your
Google Translate and here I will show you why let's say do Google Translate
and you want to translate your page translate this page these are programs that you need you
need to have these extensions you need to have the vidiq.com you need to have the
grammerly.com you need to have Google translate is one that you need to have especially
if you are using other languages and you are talking with other languages see
where it says translation in progress I'm not sure what it's being translated
to it's translated to English so let's change that let's translate this to
let's say Filipino I did speak with somebody who is Filipino the other day
and we were able to communicate okay so as you can see the page it's now
changing and let it come completely in you see
how it's changed there it's changed there it hasn't changed here yet or it
hasn't changed here yet so you have to wait till it is completely in so once it is fully translated then this
will be able to help you and especially if you are trying to understand another
language so this is just an example of how you can be able to communicate with
other languages and you need to have the program Google Translate so I'm going to
leave a list at the bottom of this video of the programs that you need to have
even before you start setting up for your organic traffic so I hope this has
been helpful and I am I guess I am finished doing the organic traffic has
not been easy because there is so much less involved and where do you start
from you know so I just decided to start from making sure that you have all of
these different extensions and online tools that are available to you for you
to be able to start to even think about creating your online presence before I
leave there is one more thing your you to your Gmail you have to make sure that
your Gmail is in the name of your channel and that is how you are going to
brand the rest of your social media sites so I think that's a lot of
information for now and wishing everybody a good evening and bye for now

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