simple step-by-step clickbank success
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you're gonna love this I'm also going to show you the top three ways that you can
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importantly be successful at it don't forget at the very end I'm gonna give
you free access to my e-commerce course which teaches you the things we do to
earn millions of dollars a year online now let's jump right to it and let's get
into Clickbank okay so here we are at Clickbank and I want to show you around
a little bit first but the very first thing you want to do is go up here to
where it says create account and click on that button and you're gonna want to
fill this form out here it only takes you a minute or two you're gonna put
your personal information in here and then you're gonna put your banking
obviously Clickbank is gonna pay you so you have to have a bank in there so they
know where to pay you okay and then you're gonna have your
account information in here as soon as you do that I mean instantly you can
just go out and promote it now there's a couple countries that are blocked
I know Nigeria and I think one or two other countries but unless you're in one
of those countries you'd know it so it's not a big deal once you do that you want
to come back to the main screen you want to go ahead and login once you logged in
you want to go to the marketplace which is right up here you'll also see the
marketplace on the home page and this is gonna look a little bit confusing to you
in the beginning but stick with me okay because it's really simple and once you
get working through this you're gonna love it and it's gonna make you a lot of
money so you want to make sure you do that now here's the cool thing this
process that I'm going to show you right now there is no investment okay it
doesn't cost you anything to get started and all the ways we're gonna go out and
promote also don't cost us any money so that's super cool now if you notice off
to the left here you have all these different categories arts and
entertainment as seen on TV the ones I like are business and investing okay and
the ones particularly a lot I like in here are small business entrepreneurship
that's a really good one there general cannot be bad too but you know those are
good categories so then what we're gonna do let's go ahead and pick one of these
categories first off we'll go with this one right here and I'm just gonna kind
of show you how to work your way around in here
alright so let's check this out first off okay they've got all these different
courses what course do you promote I mean what do you do I mean you know
there's so much in here it's kind of difficult to really figure out what's
going on but I'm gonna explain it all to you and you're gonna understand this
it's not gonna be a problem now you have a couple choices up here on how you're
gonna sort popularity average sale initial sale average percentage total
rebuild and when it says rebuild what that means is somebody's gonna pay a fee
to one of these companies and then they're gonna build them again and
again every month and which is good for you because every time they bill them as
long as they have it set up that way you're gonna get a percentage of what
these people are paying which is cool as act now it you would think you know
popularity would be the best but that's not necessarily the case what we want is
something with a high gravity what gravity is is the total number of
affiliates that sell that product per month okay so let's take a look at one
of them here this has a gravity of 30 point 4 so that means 30 affiliates a
month are selling this product now that doesn't mean there's 30 product sold so
one affiliate could be responsible for a hundred or five hundred or thousand
sales so the higher this gravity number the better off you are so that being
said let's go up here and we will sort it by gravity which I don't know why
they have there's a last choice on there it should be the first choice so this
one here let's look at this one gravity that happens to be popularity to it
gravity's 30.7 force that's pretty good life coach here gravity is 11 and you
can just go through all these and look at them and we can pick you know
different things on the side here to do sorting and get real picky about it I'm
not going to worry about any of that right now but let's this look through
here you know some of the best things to offer are always going to be financial
stuff those are always always always good and down here computers and
internet this has become a really good area now to networking operating system
software's another really good areas ebusiness and emarketing okay so this is
a really cool area to be in here social media marketing SEM and SEO there's just
a lot of really cool stuff in here so let's just pick one of these I'm gonna
go with SEM and SEO SEM is search engine marketing and search engine optimization
now if you look at some of these I mean look at this one here at average sales
947 dollars which is crazy right now they'll give you 25% of that sales so if
you get a few of those sales you're too good now if you don't want to pick a
category here's kind of a cool trick that you can do you can go up here to
find products and you can type in one of these things or you can just put in
nothing and if you put it nothing and hit enter these are the ones with the
highest gravity so if you look at this one here the Cinderella solution look at
this gravity's 426 that means there's 426 affiliates every single month that
is selling this that is insane because each one can be selling a hundred or a
thousand or ten thousand of these and we look down here now your first I guess
inclination is gonna be to say well I want to get the ones that has the
highest gravity and the highest amount of money and all that the problem is
everybody goes after that so you may want to drop down a little bit I know
the people that run this numerologist the one it's been around for years I'm
thinking like 20 years it still has a gravity of 223 so that's pretty cool
keto resources he does a big thing nowadays so once you've found one that
you think is gonna be good you want to kind of check into it and see what they
have available to you so what we do here is you you have the actual sales page so
let's look at that real quick this is the sales page for keto resource what's
the difference between success and failure or the keto diet this looks very
scientific this the second woman was also strict at first so what makes a
difference and this is kind of their sales page right here and then they go
through all the different things they have available so this is actually the
page that you would be sending somebody to if they bought it and you can see
here it's it's on sale for thirty seven dollars it's discounted price which will
be helpful to you later on when you're marketing this because you can say hey I
can give you a discounted price now if we go back to it right here they're most
any good offering on Clickbank is gonna have what they call an affiliate page so
these are your resources for selling this so we can click right here and it
tells you right here that you get seventy five percent commissions which
is pretty darn good okay and then if we scroll through here it's got all your
terms and conditions and facts and all that new VSL let's take
look at that one and see what that is a vesl is a video sales letter so when it
says VSL what they're basically saying is when the people land on this page
there's going to be a video that will sell it to them and we can click on it
and play it is raising the minimum wage it's $15 an hour so they've taken a
little news clip and put it in here and then I'm sure they're gonna get into the
program changing five years of what so yeah that's what they've got they've got
this little video sales letter now what they also are gonna have is gonna have
this affiliate page right here so let's check that out and on the affiliate page
that even have a vesl for you but here's the cool thing I want to show you they
have YouTube video ads they have free lead magnets they have keywords and
banners JV email swipes so you don't have to come up with all of this that's
the cool thing about it you don't have to do that they're also telling you you
can earn up to a hundred ninety seven dollars per sale and they go through all
their facts and you get your email swipes and all this good stuff here so
to participate in one of these things all you got to do is generate your
affiliate link and then what happens when you when you actually generate an
affiliate link what happens is that you actually have a link that looks
something like this here alright and this link here will give you credit
every time you put that link somewhere and somebody clicks on it and buys it's
gonna give you credit so that's pretty cool so that's this is the email swipes
right here is the the banners it's showing you where the banners are right
there they also tell you the keywords if you're trying to put keywords in for
anything you're doing they give you that so you could use one of these video ads
right here and you could make money off that so they've got this all set up for
you so it's really super cool how you could do this now the top areas that you
want to stick around I would say our business health and fitness are very
very good crypto and stock trading is good software like maybe you were in
affiliate for clickfunnels that's not on here but there's so many things you can
do out there and market these things and make money
and that's what we want to do we've gone through what Clickbank is and I've
explained these affiliate links to you and the next thing I want to talk about
is traffic okay because yeah it's good to have a product
and it is good to be able to market the product but where are you gonna get
customers from okay that's that's the tough thing we already get your
customers from so what we're going to do is I'm gonna look at a few things here
the first thing I'm gonna do is I'm gonna look at Pinterest okay okay so I'm
now at Pinterest and if I were to pick you know if I were to search let's say
here weight loss that's a huge area it always will be
okay and I look at this you're gonna find that people are posting a lot of
stuff in here that are affiliate links so let's just pick one of these lose 50
pounds quickly so when you click on that you see the picture of this woman here
and there's a link right here now you can do the same thing by using an
affiliate link from Clickbank and you're about to find out how to lose 50 pounds
and if you go through here it's gonna give you a bunch of information like my
own flat belly plan now I bet you if I click on this this is gonna go to some
type of offer it certainly does and I would be interested to know if this is a
Clickbank offer all you gonna do is scroll to the bottom it's owned by this one person here but
that's okay doesn't matter you can do your affiliate
offer and this is exactly what this is this is exactly what they're doing so
you can go to Pinterest and you can put these same links in yourself right let's
go back and look at some of the other weight-loss ones that are in here boy
there's a bunch of them isn't there oh my goodness let's look at this one here
this is foodie whale they call it and if you want to go here and check it out
this is what they got and what they've done here is kind of it looks like a
blog type thing ten reasons why you're not losing weight and if you scroll
through here they wrote this big long blog which you can write a blog on your
site right easy to do and as you scroll through here it gives you all these
helpful things and I would bet at the end somewhere there's gonna be a link
let's just check this out okay and they've got they've got a lot of
different posters and banners in here so at the end they offer this free guide
and what was put in any email out of here so I've just gotten on their list and
what's happened now is they sent me to an offer to lose weight what do you know
and if you scroll through here I can buy this for forty seven dollars so this is
exactly what I'm talking about what they've done is they put something
on Pinterest when you go to it they've got a little article which you know you
can put a cut article on your website or you can you know just make a website
real quick through WordPress comm and then is free
you're gonna have to get hosting and all that if you don't really own anything on
the WordPress com but you can do that so it's you get all these different things
here for 47 bucks and I'm curious this is click on one of these buttons here
then we click here yes I want this and there's your check out right there so
all of this will be built in Clickbank all you have to do is make an affiliate
link post it on Pinterest and then send them to a page with a little article so
they can click and get more information and then they're gonna end up going to a
sales page which is really your affiliate link so you don't have to
worry about build a sales page or anything like that another great site to
go to is quorum now what is for Quora is a question kind of like blog thing but
it's on everything you can imagine so if I were to go to the top here and type in
weight loss it's gonna pull up all kinds of questions about weight loss now look
at this one here it's got seven hundred and fifty five people on this one right
here and what's the best weight loss diet okay so if I click in here what you
do is you can go in here and answer some of these people's questions you can say
hey you know hey I had trouble losing weight and I wanted to lose some weight
and I never really could do it until I found this one thing and it really
helped me out log you may want to check it out and then you put your affiliate
link and if you look through here you're gonna see a lot of it he's like this guy
here's got a picture of himself sure enough here it is he's saying that this
is the place to do it now what he's done is he's put an Amazon link in here okay
so he talked all about how healthy he got and he put it
so this guy here is talking about how he teaches people to lose weight and you
know he's given these recipes and all this which I'm obviously he's copied and
pasted those he's not writing this every time but he does have a link here so
let's check out the link and here he is he's got his page but he's selling all
kinds of stuff okay so there's a little bit confusing but the bottom line is you
can use any one of these links for a affiliate product on Clickbank and just
post on Pinterest simple and easy now let's go to another place let's go to
YouTube which would be your third place we've talked about blogs and articles
we've talked about Pinterest and we've talked about Cora let's go to YouTube
now until we got there so YouTube there's an interesting one here 264
thousand views and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go down in here and if you
notice he talks about losing all this weight or she talks about losing all
this weight and then she's got a link right here so let's click this link and
this is where you would put your Clickbank link so you would do a little
video right here or whatever you want to talk about weight loss if that's your
thing and this link here let's see if they're trying to sell anything
they sure are he's trying to sell home chef so you can also use YouTube so it
gives you Pinterest it gives you core it gives you YouTube you can also put these
in vlogs you can also put these in articles and you don't want to spam you
know that's one thing that a lot of people get into when they first start
doing affiliate marketing is they tend to spam you know they want to just post
the link everywhere and say go buy my stuff and it doesn't work so don't do it
it doesn't work okay so I found this one blog right here and it's about a salad
let's go down to the bottom and check it out see what we got going on
Super's in comics yes there's 12 comics now this is brand-new so since this is
brand new you know there's not gonna be that many comments yet and that's when
you want to get in there that's why you want to sort it at Google maybe in the
past set of days and as you can see there's already some comments in here
and if you notice it looks like some other people are doing the same thing
great recipe I never managed to lose weight easily until I found this plan
now I promise you this person has put a link for some affiliate product let's
check it out there it is so what they've done is they
put a link to a product and it's a vesl and let's see here eat sleep burn okay
so let's just get out of this for a second let's see who else is doing this
now this tells you it works right here but they wouldn't beat winging it
this sound is amazing thank you for sharing this article so when you write
this you cannot write it in a spammy way like check out this diet it works you
have to actually write something in here that makes sense um it takes five
minutes okay but I mean you're gonna spend hours putting spammy stuff and
getting zero results so spend five minutes and write something decent
there's also there's also I want to share our faces it's not it's not
written correctly how I lose weight effectively I hope it helps others to
stroke to struggle to lose weight I think they mean who struggles to lose
weight this is written very poorly melissa's click on the link and see what
they're doing what do you know it's a vesl and they're selling something else
and by the way I just noticed at the bottom of this this is a Clickbank one
right here so other people are doing this this works okay so you can go to
cord you can go to Pinterest you can go to youtube you can do these blogs
there's a lot of different ways where you can actually post these links and
make money so it's not that hard to do cost you zero to do it just gonna take
you some time take away two TV shows right take away two hours of your
evening and do this every night and I think you're gonna be pretty happy with
the results so there you have it you've got a guide now to where you can make
money online with clickbank without investing any of your money now don't
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