welcome to this video series and i'm 
excited to talk to you today about   fiverr and i'm gonna provide you with tips so 
that hopefully you can earn a full-time living by   selling services on fiverr there are people that 
are making six figures on fiverr of course i'm   not gonna guarantee any results i don't know 
what your skills are and i don't know what your   work ethic is so i cannot guarantee anything 
here and just like anything just like in life   in business this requires some hard work in the 
following videos i want to talk about what is   fiber for those of you who are not familiar with 
fiverr how you can use fiverr for lead generation   how to get more exposure to your gigs uh 
the importance of becoming a level one   two and top rated seller and why you wanna become 
a pro rated seller on fiverr i'm also going to   touch on arbitrage i'm going to tell you what 
the top gigs are and finally in my conclusion   i'm going to tell you what i think are the keys to 
success on fiverr so come join me and i'll see you   in the next what is fiverr well it's a site where 
you can go to outsource a lot of things but what   makes fiverr different from other freelance 
websites is that you can offer all types of   services on here if you're looking to make 
money on fiverr for example aside from just   offering technical services such as programming 
and website building you could also offer services   such as impersonating celebrities and doing 
pranks to just drawing cartoons here let's   take a look at some of the categories on here so 
you have graphics and design digital marketing   writing and translation video and animation music 
and audios programming in tech business lifestyle   let's take a look at music and audio so just 
taking a look here there's voice overs mixing   and mastering jingles and drops now if you're 
not talented musically let's just go back here   let's go to the lifestyles category just to show 
you that you don't really need any talent or   skills i mean there's something here for everybody 
if you're looking to make money you can provide a   service on here that doesn't really require much 
skill so there's relationship relationship advice   arts and crafts astrology and reading spiritual 
and healing reading cards collectibles   family celebrity impersonators gaming okay 
so let's say you're into gaming so let's just   click on this okay so there's people offering 
coaching services help you out with your gaming   let's go to family okay so there's people offering 
to uh research your genealogy and your family tree   someone here is offering to guest post in 
their baby and mom blog i will and someone   here is offering 187 english worksheets for 
three to five year old kids and now what's   interesting about this is that they probably 
already have these prepared and it's just being   automatically delivered to their customers so 
not much work is required for this one they're   just basically selling uh a product and here's 
someone offering to transcribe your historical   documents okay let's go back um there's someone 
offering online lessons such as guitar lessons   uh let's go here last one your message on so you 
could just write a message let's take a look here   i will be your female model for your product 
or brand and here's someone's offering to write   your name or logo on four coffee cups and someone 
offering to hold a sign with your message or logo and here's someone offering to deliver a message 
as bolt man okay so you probably get the idea   there is a wide variety of services 
that you can offer on fiverr   another interesting thing about fiverr is 
that when it first opened to the public   the services on here were five dollars 
basically you're offering five dollar   services and now you could charge more than 
five dollars even the hundreds and i think even   thousands of dollars and what's great about fiber 
is that there are now people earning six figures   a year selling on people who are selling 
services on fiverr look at fiverr as a way   to make money okay but there are very few people 
who are using fiverr for lead generation purposes   you may have heard of the phrase the monies in the 
list so basically if you build a list of customers   you'll be able to market to them time and time 
again repeatedly and also build a relationship   with them in the process so one way you can look 
at fiber is like a tripwire you basically sell   a small service or product for five dollars six 
or seven dollars and then you could always offer   bigger services or even higher priced products 
later on but get them to opt in to your list   after they buy your product offer them a bonus 
it could be anything such as a free report or   you could just direct them to a page where they 
could fill in their email address so that they   could be notified of any new services by you 
in the future one of the keys to getting more   exposure to your gigs is by optimizing them the 
more specific you can make your gigs the better   make sure to include relevant keywords in your 
profile title and tags you can also check your   competitor's gigs to get ideas now as for your 
cover photo the picture that's displayed on your   gig you got to look at it as a thumbnail that's 
used on youtube videos i'm sure you've if you've   ever been on youtube you've seen thumbnails 
on there that just makes you want to click   so that's how powerful cover photos are 
for your gigs they're just as powerful   as a youtube thumbnail it'll have a major 
influence on whether or not people will   click on your gig your cover photo could showcase 
your expertise you could also again take a look   at the top sellers cover photos so you can get 
ideas now one thing you want to make consider   instead of just including a cover photo is to 
add a video gigs with videos actually rank better   than gigs without videos and adding a video 
presentation will also persuade people better   than a photo and don't worry you don't have to 
be in the video or you don't even have to make   the video you can just hire someone on fiverr to 
speak on your behalf or to create a whiteboard   video for you one of the things you want to strive 
for is to become a top rated seller on fiverr and   the reason for this is because your gigs will get 
pushed up to the top of the search engine rankings   when you're a top rated seller your gigs will 
just get found by more people on fiverr so   when you first start out you're considered 
a regular seller you can go to   levels and you can see the overview and the 
benefits and also the requirements for each   level so you start out as a seller and 
after 60 days if you meet requirements   you can become a level one seller and you'll get 
more benefits one of the benefits of becoming a   level one seller is that you'll be eligible to be 
featured on promotional listings now after another   60 days if you qualify you can become a level 2 
seller and the key benefit i like about becoming a   level 2 seller is that you'll be able to 
send custom offers up to ten thousand dollars   as a level one seller you can only send custom 
offers up to five thousand dollars and same with   being a regular seller and then finally you 
can become a top-rated seller after another   60 days and you'll get more benefits and the 
key benefit is that you're like i said earlier   your gigs will show up higher in the search engine 
rankings on the previous video i talked about the   importance of upgrading your seller status from 
just a regular seller to a level one a level two   and then a top rated seller but i didn't mention 
another level that you could become and basically   this is a relatively new area of fiber and what 
i'm talking about is fiverr pro so here i am on   the home page of fiverr and there's a link up 
here where it says fiverr pro you click on that   and basically when you click on this you'll be 
brought to a page where you can find gigs by top   sellers but these are not just top sellers these 
are fiber pro verified sellers this is basically   the the top one percent of sellers on fiverr and 
if you're a pro verify seller the benefits of that   are for one thing you're going to get a lot of 
work coming your way because a lot of companies   are looking for high quality services and your 
gigs aren't just going to be found on this   page your gigs will also be found on the regular 
listings and basically your gigs are more likely   to be found than by other sellers who are not pro 
verified another benefit of becoming a pro seller   is the credibility you'll also be able to charge 
a lot more money you're going to be attracting   clients who aren't so price sensitive they're 
more worried about the quality of the work than   the price and are willing to spend thousands of 
dollars on your services i mean just take a look   at some of the services here just 
look at the prices of some of them   uh eleven hundred ninety seven dollars for 
a logo six thousand dollars and this is for   a brand identity for your business okay eight 
hundred dollars uh let's keep scrolling down here okay someone's offering to write a travel article 
and this one's for 493 dollars so long gone are   the days where fiverr was just about finding 
services for five dollars or five dollar gigs   now they're a thousand dollar here's one for six 
thousand dollars i will produce an overhead video   for your product another benefit of becoming a 
pro seller is that you'll be assigned your own   personal success manager to help grow your 
business but yeah the people who are trying to   be hiring you for your services they're not really 
going to be worried about the price so you don't   have to worry about trying to offer a discount 
or trying to offer a low price to track customers   you can focus more on quality and that's what the 
customers here want they want quality over price   so how do you become a fiverr pro seller well it 
doesn't happen automatically unlike becoming a   level one or level two seller you actually have 
to apply to become a pro seller and you have to   go through a vetting process so unfortunately 
there's only a small percentage of people   that become a pro seller but it's definitely 
something you want to strive for if you want   to grow your business and have work coming your 
now this is going to be a very quick video i'm   just going to quickly mention a business model 
that you may be interested in and it's basically   a quick way to make money on fiverr this may 
give you some ideas some people are doing this   and what i'm talking about is arbitrage so when it 
comes to fiber you could sell services to clients   and instead of you doing the work you're gonna 
pay someone else from a different freelance   site or possibly maybe even in fiverr to 
do that service for you so for example   you could go to another freelance site 
find somebody to do logo designs for   one dollar and then you can offer gigs on 
fiverr for logo creation for five dollars   so basically you're making a profit of four 
dollars less fees another example is seo you   could provide an seo service you could go to 
an seo freelance site such as   and they have a lot of cheap services here related 
to seo and you could provide similar services on   fiverr for a much higher price so for example 
the first thing i see here is rank first on   google with massive authority edgy backlinks and 
this is 15 you could offer a similar service for   20 or 25 on fiverr and when you get orders you 
would just go ahead and place an order from this   freelancer so this is something for you to think 
about i imagine the type of person that would   be interested in this business model is someone 
that doesn't have the time to provide services on   fiverr and would like a quick way to provide 
services to clients what you could also do is   ask some of these freelancers if they could give 
you a discount because some of them are willing   to give a two-for-one deal and if you work with 
them over a long period of time you're gonna get   better here are some of the top gigs on fiverr seo 
services mobile app development website building   video marketing logo designs and for local 
designs you don't really need special   skills to do this you just need the right 
software there's also flyers and brochures   you can create that just using adobe illustrator 
business cards and stationery photoshop editing   infographics design for this you can use 
free tools such as canva just go to   you could also provide services in which you offer 
to do vector tracing and this only requires a few   minutes of your time and you just need adobe 
illustrator for this another top gig is domain   research resumes and cover letters i know of 
somebody who's actually making a good living   just writing resumes and cover letters on fiverr 
and to start off with you could just use templates   another top gig is proofreading and editing 
articles and blog posts voiceovers singers   and songwriters converting files this is easy 
to do there are a lot of free tools available   for you to convert files such as word into 
pdf whiteboard and animated explainer videos   and there's a lot of tools in the market such 
as explaindio to create whiteboard videos   intros and outros for videos logo animation 
and for this you just need adobe after effects   there's lyric and music videos maybe you could 
offer to become a virtual assistant for somebody   or you could do data entry and last but not 
least you could offer to put someone's message   or a company's message on anywhere they would 
like such as your body your car a sign a t-shirt   i hope you've enjoyed the training and i also 
hope that you're ready to put in some hard work   because when you first start out on fiverr it's 
not going gonna be easy you're gonna have to be   persistent i believe persistence is the key on 
fiverr because when you first start out on fiverr   you're basically starting out from the 
bottom and you can't just start charging   100 or more for your services you first have to 
build a reputation and a great feedback score   and also build yourself up as a seller 
so you're gonna have to start with low   price gigs from five to ten dollars or more and 
expect to work long hours there's gonna be days   where you're gonna be working more than 15 hours 
to build your reputation and your feedback score   strive for great customer service and even 
though you're starting out with low price gigs   you can still make good money with the upsell 
so try to provide as many upsells as you can

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