hi people my name is Victor Godfrey and
in today's video I wanna show you guys why you should become a builder all
athletes today Darrell is actually a viable tow that people are actually
using to build their businesses and the reason is this it has all the tools that
you actually need to achieve massive success online with buta or you also
have the ability to build your own websites also build our phones for the
businesses you can also design incredible images and videos while using
the computer or software tool and you can also create professional business
presentations apart from that you can also create beautiful logos and social
media graphics and you can also run a smart email marketing automation as well
with the inbuilt SMS messaging app right inside below you can also send both text
messages to many recipients and simultaneously we build or you can also
make unlimited and immediate videos and sales videos as well and it also has an
SEO report app built inside me that actually helps to rank your page on such
engines by analyzing your page and buta all also has an inbuilt heat mapping
tool they actually allows you to see the piggies clicked by your visitors and
also goes to show you how visitors are actually navigating through your page
when they visit and buta also has an inbuilt crm tool that enables you to
manage your customer pipeline lot sales activities and stop contact details
contact data all in one particular place and you can also see that this is a real
deal and truly it has all the tools you will ever need to actually achieve
success online so guys let me show you guys the inside of this incredible
business tool and I also share with you the benefits of promoting vida or
as a software tool so right now I'm right inside the back end of my builder
our software app just like I'd say to you guys earlier on this business tool
that has different apps are different tools for different business purposes
which is Mary's and why lots of businesses actually using it because it
solves a lot of business problem and again it's an only one marketing tool
with different apps whereby you no longer need to have to subscribe to
various service providers up for business tools for different business
purposes I take for instance right inside this app here you can actually do
your email marketing automation because it has an inbuilt million bucks platform
that actually allows you to you know set up your emails and do your email
marketing without the need for you not to start subscribing to platforms like
get response or Aweber or MailChimp for this same particular purpose and again
it also saves your cost then it also has the particular platform here just like
I'm scrolling the piece of perfect site builder this also another app actually
enables you to build websites and it has pre-built website templates for
different nations it could be full of paintings chiropractors or different of
businesses you can actually think of it has pre-built website templates and all
you basically just need to do here would be to plug in your information because
you don't actually need to build a website they're already pre-built or you
just have to plug in your own personal informations or the informations of that
of your client if you decide to start building a website for business owners
then if you scroll down here so it has a mock-up studio where you can actually
design incredible images videos and Facebook posts the actually grab viewers
attention but also has a presentation studio that really allows you to create
professional business presentations without a need for any programming or
design skills let me scroll down a bit here so you can also see other tools
like here again you can see doctor body SEO page it has a report app building
for SEO that actually you know helps me write ranking your page and also analyze
your page content and it also looks looks at for your tags and images and
apart from that so let me show you some other stuff that is not captured here
okay I talked about the SMS messaging app here we can actually send out
lightning above messages through different recipients and at the same
time then it also has a CRM that I talked about here where you can actually
manage your customers lost sales and be a debtor as well then I want to quickly
show you guys something that is not here if I should go up the beat if I should
come to this app section I'm going here you can also see right here it has an
e-commerce section where you can actually you know create a store for
yourself and sell physical products or digital products and also put in place
your payment gateway in ability through PayPal or stripe account or whatever I
get web plan you actually have have the ability to create an e-commerce store
here without you having the need to also pay for external platforms like Shopify
and other stuff everything is right in built right inside of you that day you
can also decide to create courses and you wouldn't be needing to you know host
your costs on platforms like tea table or cake Sarah but here you can actually
do that here beauty of causes host your cost is right
inside the same platform you know for the simple process of e-learning and all
this stuff you can also build different kinds of app what you abusing this tool
so there's a whole lot to talk about buta all as a software and as a business
tool and why actually need to start promoting this so because buta all is a
problem solver tool for businesses and again like i rightfully say you don't
need to you know subscribe to different platforms and start paying different
subscription payments for different services
where you can actually you know do everything you need to do all in one
particular platform so having said this then I also want to share with you guys
the reason why I actually promotes this product why I became an athlete and why
you also need to become an athlete and start promoting this particular software
product so I'm sure you want to know why I promoted this all-in-one product
business product or am i promoting buta oh one of the reasons is this Buddha our
affiliate program is a proven solution for you to paint a solid and recurring
income in a proven and growing niche that's number one then secondly I
promote good at all because it is a high demand product with an irresistible
price just like I said early on you don't need to subscribe to the frame
platform for different business purposes like to do your email marketing also
host your courses also you know saw physical or digital products online and
for you to do all that you actually have to subscribe to different platform for
that purposes but right now with buta all as a as a software tool business
tool you don't need to subscribe to others places you can actually do
everything all-in-one inside view that all so that also saves you lots of cost
by the time it's like calculating the amount you pay for your email automation
you pay for hosting your courses from different platform or the amount you pay
you know for beautiness stall or hosting your products in the particular store if
you aggregate all those I want to say that it's really really costing you so
much actually effectively run or not to make your business online but that is
one of the problems we all have actually come to solve for me it's actually saved
me cost of running my business because right now I do everything right inside
this platform and that's a very very ready plus a month that is why I say
that the product is in high demand and it has an irresistible price offer then
again Billa is also a massive internet marketing toolkit with thousands of
users all over the world actually using this particular product and no matter
what in each every business owner and entrepreneur
are potential customers of Buda all then the best way to build a long-term
sustainable business is to promote products and services that people need
in order to survive so that's an Iraq reason why I'm promoting this product
because it is a business problem solver a lot of businesses actually need to use
this product love business is actually running different kinds of automations
for their businesses so with this it solves a problem
it provides you as a need for it you know then again
Pyarelal is a business software products with a monthly subscription and by
promoting it a subscription software like this you're actually getting a lot
more than the ability to end your Quickbook you're actually getting the
ability to start a real business which is what you da are affiliates
opportunity allows you to do it enables you to actually start building a real
business for yourself and you're also getting the power to sell your business
back to the company when you feel like retiring someday so by time you have
built your business with Buda or you know as an athlete on some day you feel
like okay you're tired you just want to retire you have the ability to start
back this business is built for years back to the company you know
are you also securing the ability to earn financial freedom for your family
each month remember I say it is a subscription-based product so how do you
make money well secure get income on the monthly basis with your family you're
doing that because are the recurring commissions you'll be getting from the
subscriptions of those that actually subscribe through this product using
your affiliate link or you as an athlete the people you actually brought in the
companies are actually using this service is true.you you know will be
paying your subscription on a monthly basis and by so doing you also any
recurring commissions for each time the actually previous subscription so that
is how it creates a financial freedom for you for you to have the ability to
actually an income for yourself or for your family and it
and by promoting Buddha or you can also begin to you know build monthly
recurring income for months and yes to concert imagine the numbers of people
that actually subscribes through you you know start using this product and then
imagine the number of monthly Commission's you have try to record
monthly commission see I probably be getting for that single purpose of
having a lot of people subscribe through you and I using this product especially
business owners so it's something you really have to start thinking about
right away and the other front side of you all it stays it has to affiliate
system where you are able to leverage the work of others to build a business
that doesn't require your constant attention
so what does this to tell athlete system implies simply means you you have
subscribers as an athlete being able to you know get up athletes that subscribe
through Duda or true you and also doing the business so you actually aim
directly from them and you also gain from the first you also earn from those
that are actually you know that subscribe to those that subscribe to you
but it only does goes a step further after the first step it doesn't go
beyond eight then some athletes every time you make it so India or you add a
hundred percent commission of your customers first payment so each time
someone subscribes to use the product or your link you're actually any 100% of
their subscription fees billion are actually pays you that 100% of it then
and every time your customer pay their bill or monthly fees you end excessive
percent recurring Commission remainder remember it is a subscription-based
product so one superior ones they subscribe the first time and pay for the
subscription you get a hundred percent then every month they pay for the Amole
subscription you actually end in thirty percent of it and that becomes a
recurring commission for you and every time the second-tier customers pay the
area or monthly fees you also add another 30 percent recurring income or
current commissioner so I just want to let you know that this
is not an MLM or a programming skill but it is a real business it's real actually
attached to that so let me quickly show you guys what via our athlete page looks
like so this is what the back page Vida or affiliate page looks like if you
joined the network or Buddha all affiliates if you want CJ this is what
the page looks like this they are Fiat page then I'm trying to scroll down so
you can see here it says our liver affiliate program is more than a
business in the box it is a proven solution for you to earn a solid a
recurring income in a proven and great niche by promoting a high demand
products at an irresistible price so remember I told you that that this is a
product that has a high demand and the price is highly irresistible then it's
also a best-selling product in the market at the moment
and you also ain't a stable monthly recurring income it also has a high
customer retention rate I have lots of customers that have signed up for over a
year now that has talked with buta I'll you know still paying a subscription fee
still making me money and why is it so simply because there's so much value
derived from the product and it actually enables them to run their businesses
effectively and apart from that it also saves them cost so you can see these are
real people that are already you know building their businesses right inside
buta all these are real real people that re making a lot of money through this
program then this place that's about what's the leverage affiliate program is
all about and how it works so by time you actually you know become
a Buddha all affiliates you have access to this page you able to go through all
these I'm just trying to show you guys how it looks like what the back plate so
remember I also told you guys this Ison fighter extract some key points about
what the product is all about remember I told you it is a perfect
product it has a recurring monthly income then the demand is also high the
offer is perfectly irresistible the lineage is an eternal one because
everybody actually you know to run your business online and
you need tools that actually enables you to you know effectively do so and do
that I'll fix all that then you're also able to build sales funnels for your
businesses so there's so much much more you know it's so much benefit derived
from promoting this particular product then this is the commission aspect I
talked about where it says that from you actually earn hundred percent commission
from your own personal sales they also earn 30 percent recurring commissions
from your personal sales and also gain another 30% from your second tech
recurring commissions so this is actually something you really have to
look into and jump in right away and you know start any from the comfort of your
home just like I'm doing right away and apart from that I also want to show
something here no ok this what I really want to show you guys it says it's not
just about becoming an athlete it's about building a solid and lasting
business so you have really have to start saying this as a solid business
that you really have to grow upon grow nurture and actually it lasts forever
it's something you can actually transfer it's something that you can actually
sell you know back to the organization at the little point in time if you so
decide to do so so guys I just want you guys to know that it is actually on my
own best interest to show you all the things you need to know in order to
succeed because not only do make money but it also makes me money if using the
leverage program that I do that I'll actually offers and again through the
second tear affiliate program so once I'm able to show you guys what to do to
start making money I you start making money then I to also be making money so
basically these are my own interest to show you everything I know and how
actually able to make generate income from this so that you can also replicate
the same thing and also start making money as well then once you sign up
through the link below and become a better athlete you would actually get
some follow up trainings from me that will show you how to promote this
product effectively and also actually start
making money just like I am as well and also if you upgrade to a paid account
then you actually have access to an exclusive private area where you have
tons of invaluable resources that will enable you to build or to achieve
results faster does if you actually upgrade to a paid account and you also
have access to a community of burea or athletes that are ever ready to assist
you any time of the day so once again there'll be a link below this video you
know for you to sign up and become an athlete and it is free to become a
beauty or athlete just has to let you know it is free you don't pay anything
to become an athlete and once you sign up be rest assured that you actually get
tons of trainings coming your way on how to make money with buta or and that will
be from me and again once you become or once you upgrade to a paid account then
you will have the access to an exclusive private area where you have tons of
invaluable resources at your fingertips to achieve result 5 so guys thank you so
much for actually watching and with this will come to the end of the video and if
you've learned something new from this video I've got some value a trophy
please kindly you know like it and make sure to subscribe and once again thank
you so much for your attention and for your time as well and hopefully
see you on the next video as well

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