at its peak war strategy game rise of kingdoms 
made 70 million dollars in a single month and   today we're gonna be discussing their 
unbelievable total revenue but first   how did they pull this off with mobile games 
having in-app purchases as low as 99 cents   it's easy to forget just how profitable this game 
can be especially when you consider the top three   most purchased items in rise of kingdoms cost 
less than three dollars so i thought it'd be   interesting to pull back the curtain and take a 
closer look at lilith games the developer behind   rise of kingdoms but first if this video hits 5 
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familiar rise of kingdoms is a real-time strategy   game that was initially released in september 
of 2018.

But where did those games even come   from and how did they see such massive success so 
quickly well as it turns out their founder wang   xin wen was already super experienced in the 
realm of mobile game development wang founded   lilith games in 2013 shortly after leaving a tiny 
company that you may have heard of called tencent   and given their success with afk arena and rise 
of kingdoms it didn't take long before lilith   games was competing with 10 cent for mobile game 
downloads and monthly revenue now of course 10   cent has since exploded in the last couple of 
years but live games has proven that they are a   dominant force in the mobile gaming market so with 
all that experience rise of kingdom's late 2018   launch quickly saw 2 million downloads it 
was an impressive start but it came with   a catch you see rise of kingdoms was actually 
called the rise of civilizations back when it   first launched in fact some people saw the global 
release of rise of civilizations and thought that   it was somehow related to the popular pc game 
civilization the similarities between these two   games are obvious and abundant not only in 
their gameplay and their genre but also the   characters that they choose to promote so as you 
can imagine when lilith games went to trademark   rise of civilizations across the world they were 
facing some legal pushback due to their trademark   requests being declined in a couple of countries 
they were forced to make an important decision do   we release the game in multiple countries under 
different names or do we unify the entire game   under a single brand luckily this drama happened 
around the same time that the highly anticipated   kingdom versus kingdom event was first being 
implemented into the game it was only fitting   that the game changed to rise of kingdoms 
pushing forward into 2019 rise of kingdom   saw steady growth with an aggressive advertising 
campaign when asked about the marketing campaigns   for rise of kingdoms head of user acquisition at 
lilith games yi ming chao had this to say our user   acquisition strategy at live with games has always 
prioritized a return on investment focusing on   long-term sustainability instead of aggressive 
scale it's been difficult for us to strike a   perfect balance between the two sides and acquire 
a large number of quality users with promising roi   now despite that being their ideal goal when you 
actually analyze the advertisements for rise of   kingdoms you'll see a much different picture now 
obviously to have the massive growth that rise   of kingdoms did these ads needed to be catchy and 
out of the ordinary in just the first few seconds   rise of kingdom's ads accomplished this by 
having a dramatic story and a unique art style   the problem with this strategy is that most of 
their ads have cinematics and not gameplay now   having cinematics that look way cooler than 
the gameplay will inevitably result in more   users downloading your game but the problem is 
that these cinematics misrepresent the game so   when you have a lot of players download they're 
actually disappointed once they open it up for   the first time now eventually this strategy led to 
a really controversial ad going out to the public   which we'll talk about later but at its peak this 
advertising strategy led to there being almost 5   million daily active users during 2020 and if you 
take a look at the monthly active users for this   same peak time period you'll discover that there 
were more than 20 million active rise of kingdom   players during that time the key to not only 
their massive amount of players but also their   massive amount of revenue is player retention 
data suggests that 41 percent of players will   continue to play rise of kingdoms past day one 
now that sounds like a really good number and it   is but typically the top performing games in the 
same genre hold about 50 percent of their players   if you zoom out and take a look at the 30-day 
average you'll find that 8 of players continue   to play rise of kingdoms for a full month again 
other top performers in this category have around   14 and 22 of 30 day retention on its players 
and this just goes to show that their aggressive   marketing strategy with beautiful cinematics leads 
to players realizing that they're not actually   interested in the game but the ones that are 
interested tend to play the game a ton data shows   that 12 percent of players will launch and play 
the game between 9 and 14 times per day if you're   a rise of kingdoms fan that might be you but you 
don't generate 70 million dollars in a single   month if players are only playing for a couple of 
minutes referencing the same data it shows that 57   of players spend more than 10 minutes playing 
rise of kingdoms every single day but what's even   more impressive is the core audience of rise of 
kingdoms 21 of them play between 1 in 10 hours a   day so who are these players are these players 
just a bunch of kids who have nothing to do   after school well it might surprise you to find 
that the average rise of kingdoms player is 31   years old the age range distribution for rise of 
kingdoms is actually pretty even but the important   part is all of those people are old enough to 
have full-time jobs and thus a salary they can   use to spend in the game if the average rise of 
kingdoms player was 14 years old you might find   that the revenue per month would be a lot lower 
now this advertising strategy was highly effective   with a couple of flaws but the biggest controversy 
is when one of the ads featured a cinematic of a   woman clearly getting sexually assaulted and 
then the cinematic gave the player the choice   of revenge or suicide needless to say a lot of 
people found this ad highly disturbing and it   ended up getting a little bit of traction over 
on reddit eventually lilith realized that they   made a huge mistake and approved an ad that was 
highly controversial obviously they removed the ad   immediately and apologized to those who brought 
it to their attention and you would think that   something like this would cause damage to rise 
of kingdom's reputation but rise of kingdoms   didn't reach its peak until 2020 when covid shut 
down the world honestly this should come as no   surprise because there were tons of games and 
online content that surged in popularity and   rise of kingdoms was in the perfect position to 
capitalize on this this is when they had their   most successful month ever at the end of 2020 they 
made 70 million dollars in a single month and in   less than three years rise of kingdoms was able 
to pull in 1.15 billion dollars in revenue as of   april of 2021.

To put that number in perspective 
the united states space force paid spacex 316   million dollars in november of 2020 for a single 
rocket launch that means lilith games could have   sent almost four rockets to space with just 
the revenue that they've generated from rise   of kingdoms alone to put it another way if lilith 
games decided to spend all of their revenue from   rise of kingdoms at mcdonald's they could purchase 
287 million five hundred big macs that means   they could almost afford to buy a big mac for 
every single person in the entire united states   what's interesting is that 262 million dollars 
of that revenue came from the united states   alone which is typically a market that chinese 
game developers have a tough time to break into   other markets where rise of kingdoms continues 
to be highly successful are south korea china   japan hong kong taiwan and singapore and because 
of its international appeal rise of kingdoms has   been downloaded 67 million times this means that 
if there are 7.9 billion people on planet earth   one in every 118 people has downloaded rise 
of kingdoms of course that number shrinks in   countries like the usa where there tend to be more 
downloads than average so the next time you find   yourself in a crowded target or shopping mall just 
remember that somebody else in that building has   probably played rise of kingdoms to put that in 
perspective the best-selling call of duty title of   all time is call of duty black ops with 31 million 
sales so for every one person that's purchased the   most popular call of duty there are two players 
who have played rise of kingdoms but this pales   in comparison to the success of arguably the most 
popular free-to-play game ever league of legends   league of legends has 115 million active users 
so lilith if you're watching you should probably   start working on a moba especially considering 
the decline that rise of kingdoms has had in 2021.   remember when i said they had 20 million active 
users at their peak in 2020 that's been cut in   half as of the beginning of 2021 with about 10 
million on average the daily active users has   suffered even worse because at its peak it was 5 
million and as of the beginning of 2021 it's about   1.5 or 2 million however the summer of 2021 is 
finally here and lilith has been aggressively   marketing their brand new vikings campaign 
lilith has paid a ton of money for this   advertising campaign going as far as to include 
celebrities in their ads such as alexander ludwig   and paying high-profile content creators such as 
jlat to promote rise of kingdoms will this massive   marketing push be enough for them to capture a new 
audience or recapture their old fans or are the   glory days over and rise of kingdoms is left to 
demise slowly over time i would love to hear your   thoughts and opinions in the comment section below 
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