super affiliates are revealing secrets [Applause] [Applause] [Music] hey what's up what's up this is Sherisse I'm the afropunk entrepreneur welcome to my channel if you're brand new if you're not brand new good to see you again so today I'm going to be doing a review of the course called the lost code that launches today so I'm actually really excited about this course because it's by two guys who I consider friends Brendon mace and Jonah Armstrong these guys are the two pretty much top dogs in my niche of internet marketing so I've gone through the course so I'm gonna be talking to you about what it covers I got some really cool bonuses if you decide to get it through through my link which is going to be in the description if you're brand new to my channel my name is Cherise I am an affiliate marketer and SEO and also a electric basses I play on Broadway so please subscribe to my channel if if you haven't already dropped me a comment to let me know that you've subbed and I'll write you back so let's just hop right into this so turn $13 into four hundred into this so turn $13 into four hundred and four thousand seven hundred seven hundred and sixty two thousand seventy three cents per week I'm really not good with reading anything but with the loss code first of all these guys these guys are really hilarious I'm just gonna play a clip I'm gonna play like a few seconds of it basically what Jono and what Jono and Brendon mace did we created this kind of movie style movie style sales video and I think Brendan went to Morocco or something like basically both of those guys got on a plane and to film this this little sales video it's really really cool you should definitely just check it out you know even if you you know that's as far as you go they put a lot of work into it Joan Owen has been creating these kind of film style sales videos for a while and it's just it's kind of fun you know it's kind of silly but it's kind of fun so anyway just watch the video I think we'll get a kick out of it so it is newbie friendly I am going to share with you that the the the techniques that they are going to be teaching you are more advanced affiliate marketing techniques but if you're new it's still something that you can start applying right away because it'll help you I think scale and grow your business faster to know these advanced methods as these guys are using I would say their original strategies but I'm sure they're not the only people that are doing them definitely takes more than 15-20 minutes it it's easy to do if you if you put into work all this other stuff like I I'm trying to get up way less and less from kind of I just want to be honest you know this is this is a bit high P this is this is pretty high P these guys are making I mean I think Brendan mace I would say probably makes roughly if 50k a month maybe more maybe less it's some months and Jonah is probably catching up to him and Jonah has only been doing this for a year so you're gonna be learning from the best in this course if sales page is really awesome again so just go through and take a look take a look for yourself these guys travel around the world this is Brendan and his uh his girlfriend this is Jonah and his wife they live in Indonesia so take a look through it for yourself so let's just hop right into the membership area so the course is basically Brendan and Joe no splitting responsibilities teaching you guys these different these different techniques and this is actually Brendan his first course I think that he's recorded probably and I would say a year maybe a little bit less it's a really a great guy he's in his early thirties he's called the lifestyle King if you don't know who he is he travels around the world but you know him and his his girlfriend he seems to be you know we're front friends on Facebook he seems to be in a different place in the world like just about every week so the guy knows what he's saying what he's saying and so anyway so he's gonna give you a welcome video and overview and he's gonna give you they're gonna have a case study and proof video here so let's go into the basically I really liked I really really liked this course in fact some of the things that he's teaching in this course I'm gonna be I'm doing starting with this review itself so my favorite section was this audition money method well as affiliate marketers we worry sometimes all right there's a way that you can kind of come off desperate and really sales and it makes a lot of people uncomfortable what makes it makes me feel uncomfortable to come off as desperate so the way these are going to teach you with this audition money method is actually brilliant brilliant I don't really give it away I don't even want to you know play the video because it'll be kind of giving away their there so you could but basically it's a way to have people coming to you as opposed to you going towards them and feeling like you're salesy especially if you're in a little bit more shy this is a way to get people kind of coming to you and also which filter out people who fill filter people out who may are you know may not take action or may not be serious so that's a really good section silly little promos believe this is Johto session this is like an hour long or something I think it's an hour long yeah it's almost almost an hour long it's really it's basically Joanna's business as far as like creating reviews and creating bonus pages so he's going to show you his whole his whole setup the know the stuff that he uses to create his videos his microphone he's gonna show you how to build bonus pages with Commission gorilla which is what I also use so if you get commissioning grulla obviously through through these guys you can grab his import code here and it'll allow you to create pages that looks very professional he's very graphically designed or he's very graphically oriented so his pages always really stellar so you'd have a great jumping-off point if you grabbed if you grab his import code one of my bonus is I will also give you one of my own import codes if you'd like to use it as well but basically he's he's really laying out what allowed him to grow his business I mean he's really he's really changed the game as far as like he offers a lot of custom bonuses he's gonna be talking to you about that so basically this is like this is this this video is kind of a mini course in itself so your very own webinar basically this course the the I can't really speak right now basically this is course just showing you how these guys have scaled their their income and their numbers and it's basically by promoting high ticket affiliate often it offers so our high ticket means something like generally like closer to $1,000 plus so in this like closer to $1,000 plus so in this video he's basically going to show you how you can promote a high ticket webinar without doing any work so basically like he's gonna offer you a chance to promote his high ticket stuff and a chance to get a $1,000 Commission and a chance to get a $1,000 Commission I believe his high ticket stuff is too sells for 2k $2,000 American and excuse sells for 2k $2,000 American and excuse me and then if you sell that for him then you get a thousand dollar commissions so he's basically going to show you how to get it started with making these higher ticket commissions and not having to do a webinar itself because webinars can be very mean they're very very lucrative but it takes a while to learn the proper formula and get it down so he's basically offering the lap lets you promote his stuff with my office he's gonna make money but he's you know opening it up so this you gonna be an affiliate for his his high ticket products to get you started traffic method number one is this is where Jono takes over from the course and he's always he's a he's a he's a sneaky little SEO that's my he's my he's a good friend he's a really good at SEO he's really good at YouTube ranking he's always at the top of the results if you search for any review for these products that come out he's always at the top he knows what he's doing he knows how to rank video so he's gonna be telling you basically what he what he some of the things that he's doing to help get him to the top of course that's not all but he's doing because he can't reveal all of his secrets but this is a good place to start in addition to that I some of my bonuses were also going to help you with some YouTube ranking techniques as well so between him and me and the YouTube world you should be able to get out to a good start with ranking YouTube videos so cheap getting cheap quality traffic from Bing actually I think this this video may be a little bit of older I'm not entirely sure but I know that he does or has at some point use Bing ads so it's basically just a quick little course on how to use Bing Bing ads as not that's really all I can II need to say about it traffic method number 3 3 under grand traffic sources this section is really really cool and it's and I was kind of watching the video like wow this is a kind never thought to use it he's going to be talking about using Instagram Twitter and think it what the third one is just have to go in there and see but he's not just like posting links for an Instagram and Twitter he's not doing that he's using a whole other method that is not not done as common in this particular Nisha said more and like people who have Shopify stores and stuff like that so you really want to take special attention to this video because it's going to really really help you help you out um excuse me the final video is basically his list building pack I mean I think you've been able to really rapidly grow his list the guy I know who knows what he's doing Oh the third underground traffic stores I know I remember it's Google Adwords I think that that alone has been very responsible from Joe know going from in one year's time from making it maybe a hundred dollars a day to probably I think he's probably making at least they granted a at this point maybe give or take a little bit but he's doing really really well so the point is I really I really love learning from these guys because number one you got to learn from the best and number two of these guys really know what they're doing again Joan was always at the top of these leaderboards now he's always at the top of this youtube search results so it's someone that you want to look want to learn from so the course itself like the I would say it probably will take you mmm maybe two and a half hours to go through it two hours so it's not a whole you know that's enough time for you to watch it a couple times you know and take some you know bitch Japan takes the tick so take some good newts put that stuff into action because it's like I said some of the things that he taught me in this course I'm actually going to do right now I'm doing it now so anyway stellar course so let's talk to you about some bonuses so right now I basically oh before before I go into that my brain is so scattered today I don't know why I can't speak but I'm but the thing that I think is really cool about this particular launch Joe no lives in Indonesia he lives in Jakarta I think he's lived there for about 20 years and so for this particular promotion I believe ten percent of the sales are going to go to support these poor families in Indonesia I believe this video it's it's really really touching this is a video of his um I believe his his the woman who cleans his house this is her son so he's going to be talking and kind of walking you through a day in the life at that family and basically explaining to you you know the cause that that these sales will be going towards so I want to I'm wanting to put it for my best for with this promotion to be able to help families like this because yo know you know we're I guess the side of town he lives on is more affluent but right across right across the rice paddies is all this really severe poverty so for me it made me really want to take up to two to hop on and hop onto this promotion in addition to supporting you know guys who I consider friends and who I who I look to to learn more techniques so anyway so to watch this video as well so my bonuses bonuses so because this is about essentially about selling high ticket products I just came up with some some sales funnel diagrams you know you know people use click funnels when they use return funnel hacker so I've been learning you know learning funnel hacking a little bit lately so I've just created some example funnels that you can use to promote things like Clickbank CPA offers or webinars or whatever I'm not a funnel expert but I'm just gonna pass on to you some things that I've learned that that may be helpful bonus number two since we are talking about high ticket stuff I found I just made a little list a little resource that you guys can use of some high ticket programs that you can promote if you don't want to promote Brendan Brendon's thing or if you're in a slightly different niche I just kind of tried to compile excuse me unless there's some stuff that you guys can promote that's gonna be you know gives you more commissions than like you know an Amazon affiliate where it's gonna be you know 5% or something like that so so little list that you can go through and you know maybe yeah take action on that there are high ticket products and Clickbank by the way something like John crostini has a product called super affiliate super super affiliate something it's the thing it's the thing that replaced internet marketing jet set anyway kind of rambling so I'll bonus number 3 I'm gonna show you how to make your landing pages because the landing page is the first page of your funnel it's congruent as possible with the product that you're promoting the sales page because that helps to increase your conversions bonus number four of my course it's coming out at the end of August on August 27 I'm gonna give you one free module on it's not going to be the 1 minute long intro video it's gonna be an actual module that you can learn some techniques and I'm just gonna give that to you for free as a preview for my course to also help you guys excuse me bonus number five when you do affiliate promotions especially things that I'm doing like this you're generally going to either get 50% you did it you're generally gonna get 50% Commission's some of these launches will give you 100% commission but most of the time is 50% so I'm going to show you a really quick and easy way so you can always earn 100% Commission's on the front end of the products that you promote I'm going to show you how to create professional quality video ads for YouTube and Facebook using a free web-based software that I use all the time as one of my favorites and let's see I'm going to give you some Commission gorilla training that's the gonna again go and conduct in conjunction with what Jono is teaching you in the course as well so you can use his export code you can also use my export code between the two of us you should have the start of being able to create a page that looks similar like this basically I learned how to create Commission gorilla pages from Jono so you probably can just use his code is gonna be kind of similar type of page anyway I kind of copied his layout and made a little bit of my own and blown nose number eight it's off page SEO for you to basically help in each you guys to learn how to rank your video then use a little bit better if that's an issue for you so anyway prices the the front end of the course is 1295 which is you know it's it's it's it's a it's a really reasonable price it's pretty much a steal for all for the techniques that you're learning from these super affiliate guys it's really it's really a I think pretty pretty affordable so Brennan always puts together like a funnel that has like a million a million steps but the thing is that it's them it's for to maximize not only his his his his his conversions but also for his affiliates affiliates like me we have our opportunities to promote this full funnel and it's basically this is this funnel and itself as a lesson in in marketing so the upgrade is the done for you can done for you campaigns and that's going to be $37 so basically you that's going to be $37 so basically you know things that are are sorry campaigns that are already done done for you without you having to basically do anything so that's going to be $37 with anything so that's going to be $37 with a downgrade 17 I don't know that I recommend that that one limitless traffic for 365 days is a bonus I'm sorry OTO number two there is no down stuff for that again if you can afford to get that one you can but I'm I'm gonna let you know the ones that I think are more or more valuable upgrade number three is 52 weeks of group coaching with Brennan and Jono and again this is the one and I'm not telling you this one because it's one of the more expensive ones I'm telling this because if you're gonna grab an upsell you know they can you can order things that are done for you but you still may have questions you still may have concerns if you're getting coach and a group by those guys you have chances to chances to ask your questions with these first two there's not really any sort of interaction with Brendan or Jono so if you have questions you're kind of left up to your own devices so obviously $397 is not cheap by any so obviously $397 is not cheap by any means you can try the trial for a 495 $4.95 and then pay $67 a month again if $4.95 and then pay $67 a month again if you can if you can afford the trial I would say try the trial see if you like it if you can afford the sixty seven dollars a month go ahead and get the whole thing three hundred ninety seven dollars maybe a lot for you guys to pay off at once but like I said that's one of the upsells that I would recommend up for number for his life can't like time campaigns get done for your campaigns for life from Brennan and joining without them having to pay per current fees again again this is one that I would if it was me I would probably pass on but this will be up to you of great number five is license rights license rights or something that I'm going to be starting to buy now because that basically means instead of getting 50 percent Commission's on this funnel I'm when it I would make a hundred percent commissions so if I sell it for 1295 I get the full 1295 if I sell something if I if someone purchases the $197 upgrade I if someone purchases the $197 upgrade instead of getting fifty percent of that I get a hundred percent of that so that's how that works so if you're able to get the license right it basically allows you to promote this product as your own and then you could do something like run a solo ad I usually create YouTube review again or something and promote this product and get the full Commission instead of 50% OTO number 6 upgrade number 6 is 2 grand that's Brendan's number one uh one-on-one coaching he really doesn't coach that much anymore I think his last student was guy named Anthony McHugh so who's been doing really well under Brendan's on tutelage so if you can afford it pay the 2 K learn from Brendan but if you can't the downside is 197 and you can get access to everything if you would teach you in a digital Cushing format you log in to his membership site and then you can get the videos but you don't get access to him so that's basically it for the funnel again I apologize for the family my much I might even go into it my brain is not working at maximum capacity today but I really want to deliver you guys a decent review on this product again I really I really really really enjoyed going through this course because it helped me learn something that I can do to to increase to improve my business so between that and my bonuses and the course itself I thank you guys got a pretty good deal with this with this course here so anyway enough rambling I hope you've enjoyed my review drop me a comment or give me a thumbs up subscribe to my channel if you haven't done so already let me know if you have any questions or concerns by sending drop me a comment all of my social media is in the description as well all the links and everything to buy this product is also in the description so I hope you guys have a great day an amazing week keep crushing it talk to you soon thank you

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