In this video I am going to explain to
you what affiliate marketing is and how it can work for you as beginner. Let's
get started. Hello youtube its Alston and welcome to my channel where I help you
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interested in different tips and tricks on how to find success online alright so
as I just mentioned I'm going to explain to you step by step what affiliate
marketing is and how you can get started as a beginner maybe you're looking for
different ways to make money online maybe to supplement your income maybe
you have seen or heard or read that people are making full-time income plus
on with affiliate marketing and it's true you can make very good money with
affiliate marketing as long as you understand what you're doing and how you
can do it successfully how you can help the customer how you can make money for
the business and put some change in your pocket alright so without further ado
affiliate marketing and its most simplest form is affiliate marketing is
the process of recommending a product or service to solve a problem so let's
break that down so in general there are three components to affiliate marketing
and each one has probably an equal say or an equal weight as far as their role
or their responsibilities there is the consumer the consumer is going to be the
person that's buying the product or service there's the content creator so
that's going to be you me whoever is looking to make content to help somebody
and then there's going to be the company that offers the product and pays the
Commission so let's let's look at some examples and I'll explain to you what
affiliate marketing is and how it works and how this can apply to you so a
consumer has a problem before example maybe they want to lose weight maybe
they want to make more money maybe they want to make more money online or maybe
even they want to learn about the new iPhone new iPhones come out every year
and they want a little bit more information the content creator which is
me or you or anyone that's interested in affiliate marketing if the content
creator creates content answering the question so maybe they create a piece of
content that says here are 10 ways to lose weight that here are 10 ways to
lose 10 pounds in 10 days or maybe they create something like here's how you can
make $100 per day or even 10 facts about the iPhone that you didn't know so the
content creator creates content based on the customers problem concern or
questions so the next step is the creator gets the affiliate link from the
advertiser in this case we'll use Amazon Associates for example Amazon Associates
is the largest affiliate network out there because it's attached to which is the largest retailer out there is the content creator what I
would do is I would sign up for Amazon Associates you just enter in some
information it takes probably 10 to 15 minutes once you enter in your
information the the count the the company so Amazon in this case is going
to give you a unique user name encode that user name slash code is attached to
the URL the URL is the web address to the product or service and then the
advertiser is going to provide or input that URL into your dashboard the
dashboard will include things like your payment information how much how many
clicks all the different analytics that you need to determine how successful you
are these are very very critical things I urge you to spend some time learning
about dashboard and analytics and all of that good stuff then the next step is
the content creator Ed's that special link that I just referenced to his or
her content and adds a call to action so a for example again going back to our
three examples that we used a little bit earlier click here if you want to lose
ten pounds and eight days or click here if you want to learn the super secret
recipe to help you lose ten pounds in eight days here's my number one solution
to make money online and then click here to learn more or buy the new iphone so
the content creator creates a call to action with a button or link and that
will send them to the affiliate product or service that they're recommending so
if the click if the customer clicks the link and buys the product everybody wins
the customer wins because they have their their issue of their problem
solved with the product or service that they
purchased the advertiser makes money selling the product or service and the
content creator makes a commission so let's break that down a little bit more
for example let's go back to the the iPhone example the contact Creator
recommends the iPhone says click here to buy the iPhone the customer the consumer
buys that iPhone and let's say they buy from Amazon the customers happy because
the iPhone gets shipped to them in two days or whatever the content creator
which is you or me we get paid a portion of the sale let's say they spent
$100 on the iPhone we may get a 4% Commission off of each sale and then the
the Amazon associates or gets to make a sale usually with the content
creator it's either a set rate or it's a percent
of the total sale for example Bluehost does a set rate of like $65 per sale
versus Amazon which is a percent usually between four and ten percent alright so
let's talk about how it works for you as a beginner but the first thing
absolutely first thing that you need to do is you need to find a niche now the
most popular niches that are out there are health wealth relationships and
Technology those are the most popular those are the most competitive but you
can still make money if you are interested in those four niches also
know too that any niche can work it's just how much how much content you'll
have to create in order to start finding a level of success that you that you're
looking for so know that health wealth relationships and Technology are the
biggest ones but you could create content about batteries or nail polish
for example the next step you want to do as a beginner is you want to decide on
your platform the most popular platforms are out there are YouTube blogging and
podcasts now what I recommend and not a lot of people talk about this choose a
primary platform and then a secondary platform in my mind a primary platform
is YouTube blogging or podcasts a secondary platform is a social media
like LinkedIn Pinterest Instagram Twitter that should be your second
platform and then you should actually drive traffic back to your primary or
your first level so you decide a platform the reason why you want to do
is decide a platform second and that third is because your keyword research
which I'll talk about in just a minute will depend on the platform that you
choose YouTube results search results are going to be very different than
blogging and podcasts so you want to make sure that you decide your platform
before doing your keyword research now on to keyword research basically keyword
research is the art and it's an art into finding what the customer is searching
for for example a customer may Google how to lose 10 pounds in 10 days that is
a direct search result and you want to base your
content around search results instead of what you want customers to know you want
to figure out what they're asking so you can answer that question and provide
your affiliate information that is key that's critical that is one of the first
beginner mistakes that people make is they create content based off of what
they think people want to know versus actually going out and figuring out what
people want to know and what they're asking so you want to find I would say
maybe a hundred keywords to focus on and now if you're a beginner you want to do
what's called niching down mitching down is the practice or the art of finding
competition in a niche that is a little less competitive for example if we if we
did how to lose ten pounds that's going to be very competitive
everybody's creating content around that keyword or niche so as a beginner you
want to niche down to how to lose 10 pounds in tape in 10 days how to lose 10
pounds in 10 days as a single parent again you want to do your research
keyword research and find out exactly what people are searching for
while niching down the reason why you want to niche down is it's going to be
less competitive there will be less people that are creating content around
how to lose 10 pounds in 10 days as a single parent versus how to lose 10
pounds or even how to lose 10 pounds in 10 days what I would recommend is do
what's called and/or for for example how to lose 10 pounds and make money online
or how to lose 10 pounds for beginners and people that only have two hours a
day use EDD quantifiers like + + 4 and that will help you niche down and find
keywords or phrases that people are asking now the best way to do this the
keyword research is to go right into your search bar whether that is on
YouTube or Google or Bing if that's your primary method and start typing Google
and YouTube will do what's called Auto suggestion or autofill they'll actually
return results for you with things that people are actually actually circuit
searching for though they'll return results for you with things that people
are actually searching for so it's not going to be some great mystery you want
to just go in and make you dedicate at least one or two days
creating finding and and and compiling a list of keywords that you're going to
create content on the next step is to start creating content now the whole
purpose of ukraine' content is to add value to someone's life you want to
answer the question completely for example if someone is googling again how
to make more money online as a beginner you want to go in and you want to give
them every step and some even some bullet points on how to make money
online as a beginner and then provide your recommendation you also want to
include in there or which you'll include in there eventually is a link or a
button and that'll take them to an affiliate offer but we'll talk about
that in just a moment but again the whole purpose of you the content creator
is you want to create so much content so much helpful content put all of your
time energy effort into this single blog post and you do that again and again and
again you will help someone and you'll make money in return the biggest mistake
that beginners make is they go into it thinking about the amount of money that
they can make instead of how to help someone if you go in with a mindset of
the amount of money you can make a hundred dollars per day a thousand
dollars per day whatever you will get burned out you won't be as helpful as
you can be and people will see through you and they'll go on to someone that is
helpful so make sure you recreate what's called an ecosystem of content going
with the mindset that you are going to start you are going to create at least
250 pieces of content with the mindset that you are just going to keep creating
content until you find success sometimes it takes 50 pieces of content sometimes
it takes a hundred pieces of content just going with the mindset that you're
just going to keep creating content in this niche until you find success so the
next step is find affiliate networks now the reason why I like to have I
recommend finding affiliate networks at this step and so that you have already
created content you started uploading content and you are finding affiliate
networks based on the the keyword research and the content that you've
created and that's the other way around there are many there are hundreds if not
thousands of affiliate networks that are out there that will help you make more
money mind the biggest affiliate network
that's out there's Amazon Associates while there the biggest and the easiest
to get started with they pay probably the lowest Commission so you want to do
some research the easiest way to find an affiliate network that'll work for you
is is typing in search in Google niche affiliate program for example basketball
basketball affiliate programs and you'll get a complete result of a number of
different affiliate networks that are out there for basketball just do that
for your niche and you will be able to find affiliate programs that work for
your niche alright so now that you have found it for that networks you are going
to actually switch gears a little bit and get into email marketing if you want
to make money online as an affiliate marketing you need to learn email
marketing email marketing is critical pivotal it's vital to your success as an
affiliate marketer the reason why you need to get started with the email
marketing is number one there's no guarantee your customers going to come
back so say you came to this YouTube channel there's no guarantee that you're
going to find my information and come back again so you want to I want to
collect your email address number two email marketing converts at twice the
rate as other types of marketing they're out there so it's pivotal to get people
on your email email list number three it takes between five and twelve touch
points before a customer becomes becomes a buyer so you don't want to spend your
time energy and possibly your money creating content for them to go
somewhere else and purchase the product through them so you make sure that you
learn email marketing next you want to go back and add affiliate links to your
content what I actually recommend that you do is add your affiliate links to
your opt-in page so with email marketing and you'll learn this once you start
getting into email marketing email marketing consists of a landing page and
a thank-you page a landing page is where a customer goes to when you when they
heed that call to action so if you put in click this link to learn how to lose
ten pounds in eight days they click the link it takes them to a landing page
where you secure their email address and you possibly give them something in
return so you may want to so you may say something like
click this enter your email address to get this free keto recipe guide they
enter in their email address they get that guide and then you've added them to
your email list so after the they hit the landing page you enter in their
email address that will automatically take them to a thank you page that
thank-you page will have an affiliate link or an affiliate button you'll put
their in big bold letters click this link to buy the product that you're
recommending then they click the link they buy the product next you want to
make sure that you track your success with analytics analytics is probably the
second most important thing after after email marketing that people forget and
omit because numbers can be a little confusing a little bit dicey a little
bit not Shady but a little bit frustrating confusing if you don't know
your analytics you don't know your click-through rate you don't know your
click-through to buy you don't know your your traffic your pageviews how much
time they're spending on page if you don't know these things
you don't know affiliate marketing and you don't know where you need to improve
for example if if someone if I have like a three percent click-through rate I
need to know I know that I need to create a better call to action I want my
click-through rate to be 10 or 15 percent ideally but if it's lower than
that I need to generate more more interest I need to pique that interest
and I need to create a stronger call-to-action make sure that you learn
and understand your analytics after that make sure you repeat those same steps 3
through 8 over and over again until you find the level of success that you're
looking for once you've repeated those steps the next step is to get paid with
either a direct deposit or a check in the mail just know that you will not be
paid immediately for affiliate marketing companies like to verify that the
purchase was made there's no shadiness going on you didn't
have your cousin buy it from your from your home usually it can take 30 days or
more to get paid with affiliate marketing make sure you click that first
link in the description if you want to learn everything that I know about
affiliate marketing in addition to learning and knowing everything that I
know about affiliate marketing you'll also get a free guide to email marketing
as I just mentioned email marketing is pivotal to your success as an affiliate
marketer so make sure you click that first link get that email guide and I'll
see you in the next video you

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