so what exactly is email marketing and do you 
even need email marketing in your business my   advice to you is yes you do need email 
marketing your business and we'll talk   about that in just a moment but in this 
video i'm going to show you in four steps   how you can create that email marketing system 
what parts that you need to have in place   now i'm not going to go in a lot of detail of each 
part because each each part could be a whole video   in itself but i want to give you a broad view 
of what an email marketing system looks like make sure you subscribe to my channel i will 
put out videos every tuesday every friday   on how you can turn your passion into profit and 
then within that scheme of talking i will talk   about different income revenues like affiliate 
marketing email marketing things like that   you can have that youtube channel turn that 
passion into profit but there's also many other   ways within that youtube channel that you can 
make money so it just kind of grows as you go   but i like to say it starts with youtube now don't 
forget to hit the notification bell so that you'll   be notified every time one of my videos come out 
all right we're going to jump in and we're going   to look at this visual that i made this is kind of 
what the system looks like this here is content to   start your email says marketing system you need to 
have content that you're putting out so people can   find you i love youtube because it's searchable 
i can find topics that people are looking for i   can provide the answers to their questions i love 
to do how-to videos they're actually my favorite   um because usually that's what people are 
looking for how do i do this how do i do that   and you make a video and you answer that question 
and that is the content when you make that content   we're going to use youtube because that's what i 
do i may offer you something for free so today i'm   talking about email marketing what am i offering 
you today in this particular video i don't always   offer anything something in every video today 
i'm going to offer you a free email marketing   course called email marketing mania and you get it 
for free all you have to do is hit the link below   but in exchange for that you're going to give me 
your email address and now i have you on my email   list now you might say well i want the course but 
i don't want to be on your list as soon as you get   your first email and you get that um information 
to log in if every email marketer will provide you   with an unsubscribe button at the bottom think of 
all those thousands of emails that you're getting   in your inbox you don't want scroll to the bottom 
and you can unsubscribe to all those lists so   every legally you have to provide that so you get 
the free email marketing course i get your email   so what am i going to do with that email then 
i am going to create a sequence of emails that   i send out to my list now i have an automated 
list of emails that i send sometimes and then   i do a weekly it just depends on which list i put 
you on um but that's called an email sequence of   lists now this email sequence is not set up where 
every single email is asking you to buy something   or do anything sometimes it's just providing you 
with information that's going to help you grow   in your business because you came to me because 
you wanted to know how to build your business so   that's what i'm going to provide 
for you in your email marketing list now let's go back to the first step that was 
content now i talked about content i said that   you could you could provide your content through 
facebook through instagram through blogs through   youtube you need to have a platform for your 
content and i highly recommend that you pick   your favorite platform if you like to talk but 
you don't want to be seen on video then get a bot   start building a podcast if you'd love to write a 
blog would probably be best and if you like video   then actually it's your youtube channel but those 
are the three main social media platforms that i   would suggest to start providing content for your 
viewers now step number two was offer something   for free now i'm going to give you a really fast 
list of different free stuff that you can offer   um you can stop the video and and get those 
if you need them but i'm just going to offer   them very quickly you can offer templates mar a 
marketing plan you could offer email newsletters   something called a swipe file if you're into 
email marketing and you know what a swipe file is   people love that you could offer sales 
letters infographics presentation designs   so something for free you could 
also offer quizzes or assessments you might offer somebody a free checklist 
so this is some free stuff you might say   here's a checklist um for uh how to set up your 
youtube channel here's a checklist uh swipe files   we talked about that you might offer some kind 
of training a webinar or a video training you   might say hey would you like to see this training 
on how to catch fish um my secret five secrets   um you send it out they ask for it that you get 
their email address it can be anything you might   give a free trial i might say hey you want to 
sign up for a free trial with click funnels   give me your address and i'll give that to 
you here's another one a cheat sheet i've   heard people offer cheat sheets case studies would 
you like this case study of how 10 people became   millionaires and they started from nothing you 
may offer a free consolation call people love   that especially if you've got a lot of knowledge 
in a certain area and um 15-minute call where   they can ask you anything people love that 
especially if you're a lot of people following you   that definitely is a plus and then a free ebook 
is very popular as well so that's just the tip of   the iceberg there's lots and lots and lots of 
different ideas for free stuff now so now you   might ask how do i collect the emails and where 
do they go you're going to collect the emails by   setting up a funnel and i use click funnels 
there's other software out there but this   is the one that i use and i here i offer a 
youtube channel checklist that's a free thing   that i offer i'm going to bring this over to 
the preview page so that you can see what it   looks like so somebody might say i want that 
checklist so what they do is they give me their   name and their email address and when they click 
this button the system is set up where it goes   to my autoresponder it goes right into an email 
list for me and automatically it just goes right   over i set this up it takes time but then after 
that it's already set up i don't have to keep on   building it i can go back and revise obviously 
but i don't have to do anything more than that   now where does it go from there it goes to what we 
call an autoresponder now i believe mailchimp is   free if you're just starting out that might be a 
good one to start with i was advised to start with   something that could handle more emails because um 
somebody who i was following at the time started   out with mailchimp and then was he said that my 
email list got so big that i had to move it over   to a different company because mailchimp couldn't 
handle it and it didn't have the features so that   person recommended activecampaign and that's what 
i've been with ever since so activecampaign when   my my new email people or my new contacts come in 
they go to what an automated list that i have i   call this my soap opera list this is my first four 
emails everybody comes in and they will get them   and they'll get them maybe every other day i think 
or is it every three days yeah every three days   these will come in there's like four of them and 
i just tell my story so that everybody can get to   know who i am after that i send them to a list 
where i send out a fresh new live weekly email   after they go through my soap opera or get 
to know me then i send them to a weekly email   and i think i send them out on thursdays i 
can't remember right off the top of my head   um and then they get that every week and like i 
said let's go back let's go back to that first   picture we were looking at this is where the 
email sequence comes in okay this is why you   want those email list names i didn't mean 
to move that but there we go all right and   they become your list now why do you need this 
you're saying that's just something else for me   to have to do and it is and it does take time 
to set up and you can actually get anxiety over   because you're like i have to have everything 
in place just start building it on the side as   you're working on your content and my opinion your 
contact content is the most important thing that   you can be doing in your business whether you're 
building a youtube channel a blog or podcast   you want to start creating a group of followers 
who are following you and they want to learn   from you and from there you can start working on 
other systems that are going to help you build   your business so this is something you can start 
building and the as far as the email sequence when   i first started and i didn't really have that 
many people in there and it was just a lot of   um stress to have to keep it up i came up with the 
email sequence of about 30 emails and i know that   sounds like a lot you probably don't need that 
many but i wanted to send out two a week at the   time and and just you know help people get to know 
me i did two a week and i did like 30 of them so   it was about 15 weeks worth i could have done 
30 of them and they could have lasted 30 weeks   but they were automatic everybody went through 
the same sequence and they call that an automation   so activecampaign offers that an automation 
within there and i used it at first because i   could just send people to the automation i didn't 
have to worry about going in there every week or   every few weeks and writing up new content for 
my email list so that's something you can do   when you first start out now i have a link below 
for activecampaign i have a link below for click   funnels or you can go out and find other ones 
but those are the ones that i use and i've been   very happy with both um i hope this was helpful 
for you that the the email marketing part is   crucial to your business because if youtube stops 
being in existence or maybe you have a podcast and   you have your podcast hosted on a certain platform 
that disappears or maybe the blog that you wrote   maybe you didn't save all those articles you 
wrote they were all on your website and all   of a sudden wordpress went down i'm just using 
that as an example you don't have a business   your business is the people the names of those 
people their emails and that is something that   you want to build bigger bigger bigger bigger 
and another thing that could happen what if   you changed your mind in what you were doing 
let's say you were really really known for um training dogs okay let's say that was your 
niche and you really you know you have this huge   following well all of a sudden maybe you started 
leaning over to horses or something i don't know   or cats um yeah a lot of your people might drop 
off and not follow you because they're like i   don't like cats or maybe you change the breed of 
dog you talk about i don't know but the point is   you can change what you talk about and the people 
that love you and will follow you anywhere will   keep on following you and those that are there 
only for the content might stop following you but   you can change who you are and what you're doing 
um naturally and still have those people following   you still have them on that email list and 
again they can unsubscribe anytime they want to   but that's where the money is the money when you 
sell things you have the affiliate marketing you   have different items that you might be selling on 
amazon and you're suggesting them to your audience   you're doing that through your email list so yes 
you need one even if you're brick and mortar that   is your bread and butter your email list um think 
about you know you've gone to kohl's you've gone   shopping at a store and they'll say um can we 
have your email that's why they want your email   address because they want to send you coupons and 
all of a sudden you're on your email and you're   getting all this stuff coming in especially 
you know during the holidays you're on their   email list and you're going oh they're 
having 30 off i'm gonna run to the store   it's right there in your face so that's that's 
what the email marketing is for and i hope i   simplified it enough for you those four steps and 
um i have a whole email marketing list playlist   that you're welcome to go to as well i'll put that 
at the end um i just keep putting my different   videos in there to help people and again free 
email marketing course to set up activecampaign   or if you don't have an autoresponder i think they 
have a 15 day free trial so you can check it out   for free at first and it's only if you start 
collecting emails decide to stay with them the   last time i checked i think it's only like 15 a 
month it's very reasonable the prices do go up   as your list gets larger so um in the beginning 15 
bucks is great all right i hope you got something   out of that today let me know below and i will see 
you on the next video i hope you have a good one

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