google workspace referral program in google workspace the promotion code redemption guide for north america this was printed april 2022 and this was designed to help people affiliates who are promoting or who have decided to promote google workspace sending your promotion code to potential customers thank you for being a valuable member of the google workspace referral program once you have a customer ready to sign up for google workspace please make sure to remember the following as a referral partner you have the ability to offer promotion codes to your customers clients and audiences for 10 percent off the user on the first year of google workspace when signing up for google workspace in the united states and canada customers are required to provide payment information before the trial begins during the trial sign up process this is the only time when a promotion code can be entered promotion codes cannot be redeemed after the free trial begins refer to the resources in the next slide to provide your customers with a seamless experience redeeming their code promotion code redemption resources remember share your promotion code directly with your potential referral or customer codes that are shared publicly will be considered ineligible under the program terms what number one ask them what plan they intend to sign up for number two download the business starter or the business standard pdfs and enter the corresponding promotion code into the text field next number three attach a newly saved pdf to the ed email that you are sending to your potential referral or customer number four in that email also share this account sign in process a guy with additional information on how to enter their promotional code when signing up to google workspace number five send them the email with these two attachments and make their journey using google workspace even more pleasant thank you for referring google workspace looking choosing for the promotion code redemption pdf for the country you're looking for so they have promotion codes for each country that offers google workspace and it's offered in quite a few countries so uh keep on the lookout for that and i will share that information in the next video uh referring other countries or regions out here they are right here i tell you what look at that boom give to you right now choose from the links below to find the resources for the country you're looking for i have attached a copy of this very same google workspace referral program promotion code pamphlet in the description of this video and you may click it and get a copy immediately and you may begin to either download it and get the information for how you can access the promotional codes or you can utilize this as a resource and decide to join google workspace as an affiliate promoter as well but that's all for this video thank you for choosing to watch this video and stay tuned for the next video if you found this video to be informative please don't hesitate to click the like subscribe leave a message for the comment and click the bell notification to be notified of new videos being uploaded to my channel that's keith o'brien stocks and i'm out

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