are you caught in a trap of desperately wanting to quit your job but you can't because you're scared of taking that risk financially maybe you've looked at other biz-ops and worried because they seemed too good to be true but in your heart you really wanted the time and financial freedom they offer so you can spend more time with your wife and kids and i understand i've been in the same position as you weighing up the pros and cons of leaving what i considered a safe job but when i did finally make that decision it turned out to be a great decision so if you're ready to take control of your life and start believing in yourself and get producing the income you actually deserve then stick around for a few moments and i can show you how you can easily put yourself in a position to quit your job without the worry with two red hot side hustles that you probably haven't considered but either of which done well will leave you looking cooler than don johnson standing on a miami beach affiliate marketing and video marketing are two of the most popular side hustles around today and they are both really good for guys over 45 and if you get it right then both could be really profitable and scalable which means your dream of generating a second income so you can leave your job and be a hero to your wife and kids suddenly becomes a reality but here's the thing they both have their advantages and disadvantages so let's take a look at which would be best to start let's start with the flexibility and ease of operation a lot of affiliate marketing you can just set up and then leave alone you don't have to monitor it continually however you do need to spend some time setting it up creating content getting traffic or visitors to your website or another channel and of course having your content in search engines like google or bing actually getting seen but it's great if you're after flexibility and it is really easy to operate now did you know that 80 of internet content is video and the great thing is you can make this a really easy side hustle simple things like producing voice overs to presentations is a really easy option and a really easy way to get started you can even use a ton of free stock footage that's available online to create engaging stories about how to use products the benefits to the consumer or make really engaging ads it's really simple all you need to do is just to learn some basic editing and away you go so both these options are easy and they're both giving you the flexibility that you're looking for so we better have a look at the income determining factors with affiliate marketing your income is determined to a degree by the niche that you're operating in is it high value or low value are your affiliate products high end or low end what does your competition look like the quality of your content and crucially how well you manage to drive people or traffic to your affiliate link and your income depends on the products that you promote but there are so many different affiliate programs available you can have multiple streams of income set up which over time can really start to grow with video marketing your income will rely on how well you can produce your videos how quickly you can produce them and how good you are at selling the service producing quality video can be a very time consuming process but equally there is plenty of scope to outsource all of the processes that are required good quality animations come at surprisingly cheap prices and if you can get yourself a good video editor your production values will rocket and that allows you to charge a higher end for your products just think you can outsource the entire process and use your management skills to bring the jobs in on time so that you can charge premium prices which allows you to have more time watching your kids grow up and having fun now a big issue when starting any new venture is of course the cost of getting started with affiliate marketing you can start with the very little money and your income potential is huge all you need is somewhere to post your affiliate links now what i would recommend of course is that you do get your own website you get your own website hosting and a good crm system to manage your emails because that's one of the core things that you need to do to be successful in affiliate marketing is to be able to collect people's information so you can remarket to them and promote your products ongoing and equally for video marketing you can get started surprisingly cheaply but it depends how much you want to do by yourself you can spend a fortune on cameras and lighting and sound equipment but i would suggest starting this side hustle with just your smartphone for shooting video free editing software like imovie or windows movie maker and as i said earlier you can get some great talent online that you can use to outsource every process which frees up your time to focus on the parts you enjoy and lastly of course it's always good to know what the potential success rates are and in my view affiliate marketing is just really suitable for beginners there's not many things about affiliate marketing that you can't fix if they've gone wrong so it's really quick and simple the real key is just to get the right people in front of your offer and as i say there are so many affiliate programs available just pick one that you're going to be passionate about and that passion will come through in your content and you really can't go wrong recently many non-video marketers have added video to their marketing strategy because they believe they're easier and more affordable to create the average success rate of video marketers across all platforms is incredibly high on average when marketers use video channels 79 of them report success so i suggest you target video marketing for social media and websites but most people with a dream of starting an online business don't make any money online so whichever you pick you need something else to maximize your chances of success what i did was get myself some great training from sfm and the digital experts academy which gave me vital knowledge on how to successfully create a profitable online business the training and support is second to none and we're a community of digital entrepreneurs working daily on the cutting edge of available technologies generating second incomes and passive incomes to financially secure the futures of our families but don't take my word for it here are some people just like you and me that have taken the decision to take control of their lives not have to be beholden to a job they frankly didn't like and decided to give themselves a little more time and money freedom so if you're ready to learn how to make a good side hustle income and you want more money in your pocket to spend how you like then here's what to do next click the link below in the description now and you'll be taken to a free full video training series hosted by my friend and mentor stuart ross stewart taught me all about the different ways we can make money online following our passions so take a moment and click that link and finally put an end to worrying about not having any time to spend with your kids and your wife and start to realize that you can actually kick that job that you don't want and build yourself a second income that is scalable and can give you the life you truly deserve so click that link now and i will see you on the other side you

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