how are you all how are you and welcome to another edition of marketing with dom aka this is my favorite video to use because it literally brought me so much wealth in 2020 because I used these two exact software for SEO I'm going to prove to you that 90 of my channel comes from Google and SEO based from the fact of search engine optimization and then I'm going to explain exactly how I use these things and I think you should definitely write it down if you at any time get excited like I'm ready to go and you want the products that I actually used to earn me so much money in these niches You can go to the link below and then you're going to be able to see both the products that I use being vidiq booster and the another one is the sweet right what is the youtube suite i use crack the code when it comes to making money this platform let me explain how it works so let me go here to my youtube studio and i'm going to show you the ins and outs how much money i made from youtube just like some 200 300 but i built a whole business off the back of that so look at the last video i did live let's go most right in the analysis people show you not really but I don't really care honestly because you know it's nothing compared to the money I make outside of this on products and services and things that I use and now let's look uh let's see after um reach I don't know which one it is I'm going to try to find it now um look at this so compared to most of my external traffic we're looking at here we're looking at a 40 of all my traffic comes directly from google search which means I beat the algorithm more than twice when it comes to that we search and find across the platform all the others can't even explain it right so google searches almost everything and it's the last 20 days let's look at the last 360 days straight i mostly started jaa with this r so you'll probably see some traffic but in the year it's all of february 2021 watch this it's crazy and it's a single video i also think it's not all my videos but it's just a look at this it's all from the search engine my seo is flawless so now that I've proven that I actually do what I say I do I'm going to show you what I do and how I do it so you can use it yourself and that you can grow your own YouTube channel and make a lot of money by finding more customers exactly niche you want to know where people are coming from Google is as soon as they search for something and they provide it exactly that's the best way to make money there is nothing like it so and it's not a single niche and now I'm leaving now to tell you this because I wanted to be able to learn other things so let's start youtube if you know what it is video I'm going to walk you through the process I'm going walk you through exactly what I'm going to call this video youtube and this is how I do it and I just want to give it all away, because it's much easier this way youtube um seo tools because I'm a baby with a wanted SEO let's go with tools because I want to see what that participant looks like is the investigation I'm doing see how I go through so you can see the exact steps I'm looking at okay cool I knew this was going to be ready because I shot this video and it froze on me a few times but I was like oh cool I'm going to give you what you need so watch after this, it's the expression of to you that it's a peak chance to be able to do it because in this space there aren't people doing the
exactly looking for what people are looking for people are really typing youtube seo tools right and all these people what's here to kill it say research tools for youtube right here's the craziest thing about this is what i'm telling you tools for youtube right let's do it tools for youtube i show you oh my bad i know you are say i'm a little don't waste tools for YouTube e right so he positioned it at the end so I'm going to show you how terminology matters because if someone isn't looking for it exact thing how are they going to find exactly what you want to tell you see it you see it see this competition this man makes it dead but there's no one actually searches for it so what I do is I search for actual words that are being searched for youtube seo okay so youtube uh CEO by itself okay youtube seo by itself is highly searched low competition it's actually a very keyword it tells me I have the opportunity no matter how big my platform is and that's how I landed my niche what are the only fans that if you look at me best youtube videos in the game is by in be able to get to what people are looking for if you just make the videos and no one is looking for you you really just hope that you find it off of hype and I watch a lot of people do that which is completely unfair so let's break down these two platforms and i was trying to make this video not too long so hopefully I don't bore you too much right let's break these two this one tells me how to find things like I'm looking for things and it's telling me right now that it 72 is is that what you're going to watch this video because I'm looking at these guys to see what my competition looks like I can express exactly what it's going to take to look at the platform here goes our competition means it means I'm going to fight it is exactly what my page is going to be called that's exactly what this video is going to be called if you're watching it now so in addition to that there are a few other pieces that really make the destroy
difference and that's the other number one product that I use here what is video blaster okay i'm literally right here and i want to go to this i'm going to type youtube youtube youtube seo tools you know let's just go youtube seo because honestly it's a lot more powerful it's a shorter term and the stronger the short term i s the more powerful it is so I'm just going to stay here and just let this thing do its thing and it's going to generate my best opportunity to kill the seo platform and to be in the search engine in see this situation how do I see google phases like here goes this is something that all these other platforms do i'm not trying to go well on google why do you want to be found on google because if someone is looking for something on google they're ready to find what they're looking for this is the thing you better have a chance to sell someone who comes from google like you are if you watch this video you are selling someone who has never done it and i'm super true because honestly look at this so it's going to tell me seo youtube tutorial 2020 position right right it tells me that so I'm going to use this one because I think this one's canvas right youtube seo youtube seo 2020 how to rank number one on youtube fast so hopefully I rank i nered you guys to give me a
mark this video right now if you've watched it for so long because you're a real trooper you really want to know how to use it and I respect you because that's how you do business and give me thumbs up because honestly I have need to get the boost from an algorithm um and for both I would really appreciate your um from there it does a few other things suggestive phrases that's so what's the keyword is because people are searching for phrases and things like that that you can get posted here bam you have to ask you oh I'll know on some of these things you
click just because I know that's what people are looking for this is the and I only use a few usually on the top and I know you bam let's do it one let's do it because I want to be, I want to edit it later but I'm not going to do everything right now because it's going to take too long so then I go to tags and it's going to give me the number one tell tags here bam tutorial 2001 seo tips 1.19 tools free tools you know it's words that become people that direct search is used too big seo words and they hardly ever rank, that's not the case with you son here when I make a video and I find a niche that just like this one I rank heavy and make it' a big difference so if you are and this is how I build my six figure business and the only niche fans is by finding this click on you can seriously look here look how many times I've done this real local seo there I looked up here i have to just fans hack uh uh just fans is seven times when I look for six times I'm looking for it right because the algorithm changes what people are looking for changes so I'm trying to find out what they're changing I'm dropped videos I've more than 100 drop videos in the niche and I'm the number one dude in the space and now I'm showing you exactly how I built it how I built my position in the space to rise to the occasion because if no a people know that you can't win you, you have to be known like that, I'm going to cut the video out there The two platforms create the multiple opportunities so you have to take down below and click on both of these because you need it, you have to vid iq so you can see your competition and find the space where you can enter a lot of classified and low competitions then you have this platform needed to use it for that exact reason to then rank in a space and get all the
keywords and things you need based on search engine optimization to win on youtube seo well your son must live in the country building I appreciate you taking these ten minutes and watching this video um I'm going to drop so many more videos about the tools and things I'm using actually growing my platforms and making more money on youtube and really getting to that point, make sure you go below you hit the subscribe button you deliver let's go if you got this far because honestly I like to give away the goods and try not to make them too long so 10 minute videos are already long for me i know you like things quick and easy but both all the links and stuff make sure you subscribe to my channel if you're really trying to make money in 2021 because i'm going crazy here i'm about to lose so much to give juices how I make 100 200 a day and how I really work together that I'll see you on the side, keep you doing keep you doing what you're doing [Music] oh sorry I'm trying to stop it from the other side

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