hey folks this is wesley billion billion billion dollar virgin what i'ma show you in this video basically okay i'm spelling my money right now listen don't be distracted by the money okay one step to making a bunch of money online is to make sure you always have what you want around you to change your life okay now listen this video here that you're gonna watch now to the very end it's basically affiliate marketing for beginners that have zero dollars i'm gonna go step by step what you're looking at right here is my youtube channel whatever you can always smash the like button you can always sub to the channel now listen let me log into one of my accounts here because it's important for me to prove to you that i'm actually making money listen don't listen to anybody online unless they log into a merchant processor account where they actually are making the money here i'm gonna show you how much money i've made so far today i haven't spent a dime i didn't spend no money today and this is how much i've made if i submit it here 11 12.

and that's three grand that's three grand so far let me show another account here i'm going to be very transparent here now listen i have a lot of accounts because once you learn this and do this now you're gonna do the same thing okay all you need to do is do it one time learn listen to everything in this video now and you'll do exactly what i'm doing here look let me log into another account boom boom boom okay you see this um come on come on come on come on look so let me move my big head over here somewhere give me a second so basically yesterday i did 10 000. today i'm at 1700 but by the end of the day i'll probably be about 10 to 11 000 now listen don't let those numbers intimidate you all you need to do is follow the instructions in this video step one go to clickbank.com i'm gonna give you two processors or two marketing platforms just like this okay to start making money as an affiliate marketer let me keep it very simple an affiliate marketer is a person like you that's brand new that recommend stuff to people right that's all it is like you recommend this versace sweater you you recommend uh uh a movie but the difference between people that recommend things like you and the people like me that recommend things i get paid so i'm gonna show you how to recommend things on the internet and make money and you don't need any technical skills or expertise you just need to listen now that's it just listen now okay to the very end of the video here so uh clickbank and digistore24.com please write that down these are two websites that you need to focus your energy on don't go to all the other websites listen i made my first million dollars in 30 days using this website at the end of this video let me show you some strategies that i use that you can use today to make money online if you want to create a product it's very easy to do okay all right now listen so you're gonna go to clickbank.com like this okay sign up for a free account all right just say sign up and the great thing about clickbait.com is worldwide so what i want you to do is and i want you to listen do this while i'm speaking to you actually do it just don't sit there and look at me with glazed eyes and like do it okay hey do it get a free account then i want you to go to the digital store register now get a free account okay because the thing is i want to show you how to make double the money like before i show it to you qac that's three thousand dollars right here right that's one way and here that was ten thousand dollars right right so i'm gonna show you multiple ways to become an affiliate marketer to make money okay so once you got your account you're good to go now you gotta log in so we're gonna log into clickbank first like this here and i'm gonna show how simple it is i'm gonna show you how to find an offer i'm gonna show you how to promote the offer and get traffic and get the money okay all from your bedroom as a matter of fact while you're listening to this video get in your bedroom let's go hey if you like me saying let's go smash the like button okay listen you got to have fun while you're making money online all right so the thing is what you want to do is go to marketplace and i'm going to keep it stupid simple because it's very simple here you need to go to where it says find products hit that magnifying glass and all you need to do this is what i did when i was a beginner marketer when i started to listen now right before i wasn't listening now to people i i thought i knew it all and that's why it took me so long if you're in your 20s if you're a teenager if you follow these instructions here even if you're older man or woman listen now and you can do this okay so look these off these are offers so basically offer is a product all you're going to do is recommend these products to other people and they're going to send you cash money the question is well who pays me clickbank okay they're gonna pay you every week every three days depending on how you set it up they will send you money just by promoting these products from your bedroom okay now listen your first question may be which product do i are you want to promote well look this is the top offer so what you want to look at here is the average conversion number this number right here that says 154 that means that when you promote that offer you're gonna make an average of a hundred bucks every time someone makes a sale now listen don't move too fast i'm gonna show you how to get traffic for free and how to get sales every single day but it's important to do what listen now to everything to the very end of the video here okay see research here 116 109 so listen let me ask you a question do you want to make a lot of money or a little money i'm pretty sure i'm gonna be psychic i'm gonna believe that you're stating that you want to make a lot of money so only promote offers that have an average conversion that's like 154 116 dollars like don't promote something that's 41 because even if you make a sale that's only 41 dollars so listen this is what big marketers do and this is what newbies like you failed to do even if you start promoting an offer you're promoting offers that doesn't pay out a lot of money does it make sense only promote offers that's gonna pay you a lot of money okay does that make sense so you can choose this one or you can choose this one let's go to the digit store now okay and say we're going to go to digital store and let's say that we want to go to this marketplace and we want to choose an offer to promote now listen it's important because whatever you promote and whatever you recommend you have to focus on it and i'm going to teach you in this video how to get tons of traffic so you can get money like this you're going to go to your bank account and just get you know just money thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars make sense so understand something about digital store okay when you click on marketplace tells you which product by rank is selling the most right now this is selling the most but what do we look at what did you learn remember earnings is 137 that's the average earning that you're gonna make if you start to promote it this offer here overnight millionaire that's one of my products 43 that's kind of low so i'm like i'm not sure listen to mastery 178 little bit better this is a herpes product here hey listen if you got herpes i won't tell that's the product you need to cure it okay let's get it baby look 39 that's too low right we want to get rich fast we want to make money now online right now okay jump for you services hello look that's 552 dollars so listen you do the math would you rather promote something that pays you thirty nine dollars or five hundred and fifty two dollars okay so this is the offer that you might want to promote so right so what we're gonna do is we're gonna focus on digital store because we went to clickbank we saw some cool offers but we want to make money now and look do the math if you get one cell today and i'm gonna show you how to get one sale per day with promoting this product right here that's 15 000 per month can you imagine what you would do with fifteen thousand dollars a month let me show what i'm going to do well i'm looking at building this lake house right here okay like i make a couple of million dollars a month i just i've been doing this for a long time so listen one day you will go online you will find the house of your dreams and you're going to buy it you got to believe that comment below i must do this okay all right so look what you want to do is you need to log in okay log into the account i'm gonna log into one of my digital store accounts here and remember it's worldwide and it's free if you're following me right now listen if i'm making sense go ahead and hit the like button or leave me a comment below i look at the comments every single day to get more ideas to help you to make money for free online as long as you listen now okay that's important you gotta really listen now okay now look if i scroll down here this is the product now this right here pay attention please is your affiliate link well this is the link that's going to get you the cash okay when you post that link around the internet you're going to start getting paid and i'm going to tell you where to post the link so you can get more sales that that makes sense how many of you want money well you may say well dull west that's why i'm here of course okay look take this copy open up a notepad and paste it somewhere on your computer or maybe put it on your iphone whatever you can put on your iphone here and you can use your iphone to do this as well it doesn't matter okay listen now once you have that link now this is the easy part okay you can do two things you can click here that says grab your affiliate tools here let me tell you what a good vendor or good offer creator will do well they would give you the tools necessary to make money online this makes sense so that is me that's ariella this is one of my business partners i've mentored her she met me when she was 26 now she's like 27 29 or whatever and she's a millionaire why because she listened now she watched and she allowed me to mentor her like i'm mentoring you here okay if you want to make 500 per cell click here if you don't don't click there okay you go here you put in your digital store id where's your digit store id it's right here okay see that digital store id it's important that you put that id right over here okay i'm gonna put money because i want to make money just like you right and i'm gonna put a fictitious email address here boom boom boom then it takes you here now listen don't miss this this page here is just going to help you use tools and resources to promote the offer so you can start making the cash that makes sense i'll give example here click to access all the ad videos for facebook and id promotions which means i have already created something for you all you need to do is post it where i'm going to teach you in this video and make money yeah it's just that easy okay give me a second i got a burp all right look all right so now next this is what we want to do here now pay attention here you don't want to miss this at all okay now we have the affiliate link right we know exactly what we're going to promote and let me show you what we're promoting here if you test out your affiliate link you're going to be moving people to a page like this this page get 50 conversions which means this the more people that you send to this page one out of two of those people they will sign up and about 40 percent of those people will buy that means 500 in your bank account does that make sense the question is well who pays me west digital store okay digital store let me show you approval now i always want to be very transparent let me move my my big head again look if i go to reports here let me show you the money that i'm making by using this strategy here because i'm an affiliate marketer right look it's not a lot of money like 12 000 a week 13 000 a week 15 ounce 26 000 a week i know what you think you can't live off this stuff but it's a beginning right imagine making thousand 26 a week just sitting in your bed listening now to the video taking notes and repeating the process basically what you learn here okay now listen now next what you want to do is go to your facebook page like this okay now this is how you get traffic to the website fast makes sense so look this is this is actually my daughter's facebook whatever right i'm using her facebook here now look what you want to do here is go to groups okay sorry here we go we want to go to money making online just type that money making online okay now understand something about facebook okay a lot of you don't know how to run ads because you're brand new i get it okay like year you're brand new but listen now listen facebook is the best place to go to get traffic to your affiliate link because it's free you have billions of people on facebook every single day that wants to make more money that wants to fix their quality of life and they want to have a bunch of cash like this in their bed does that make sense everybody wants cash everybody wants money so what you need to do is go to groups let me give you an example see this group right here it says make money online club cryptocurrency up i don't want that group here's another group make money online what join this group folks now listen you don't look this is what stupid people do they go to these groups and they post their link hey check it out no don't do that facebook is gonna slap you in the face with baby powder okay you don't want to do that let me show you something look you answer these dumb dumb stupid questions i can't stand these things all right you answer these dumb questions here you submit it okay there we go now look now eventually they're going to accept you does that make sense they're going to accept you to the group but you want to join all these groups that says make money online why because the offer that you're going to show them which i just showed you right here right it's basically teaching brand new people how to turn their spare time into a profitable online business doing the pandemic basically we show you how to make a thousand five hundred bucks per day very easily from your home does that make sense i've taken new people this girl right here she was a newbie she's still not technical she's making a hundred thousand dollars a month i had another young man he had no clue that every click he was doing on the internet was making other people money now he's making forty thousand dollars per month all the proof is here if you want to see it okay so what you're doing if you're with me hit the like button if you're with me or comment below say wesley i'm with you look see people register every single day imagine your person registering all you need to do is take them to facebook okay join these groups and this is what you do you join all these groups make money online make money online join all these groups right spend some time and then i want you to join entrepreneurship groups okay see that type of entrepreneur here because what you want to do is find qualified people that wants to basically make money that's it you want you don't want to reach out to people that's not going to give you the money we're looking for people that want to make money listen you're at home you're in your bed you're at work whatever you can do this in your spare time and all you want to do is this once you join these groups look at that look at that look at this group 83 000 people so you can imagine 83 000 people if you reach out to and look at this these people they're so smart and they make it so easy for you to make money as they list all the members here so what do you do had friend had friend add friend like add all these people okay everybody that's in this group you want to add them as friends does that make sense add friend add a friend add friend right and you want to build a relationship hey what's going on i see you in the entrepreneurship group hey what you got going on that's it okay you don't need to post understand this you need one cell you need one person on the internet and these groups okay to have thousands to buy the product and they will they always buy okay so you just add ad ad and you just reach out to them listen don't talk about you at first this is important step two when you reach out to these people just say hey what type of business are you in they're going to tell you okay are you with me they're going to tell you everything and all you do is this listen you're not going to send your link this is what you're going to do okay you're going to go to youtube.com pay attention here okay you go to you youtube.com you're gonna type in wesley virgin i'm gonna show you something this is some behind the scenes sinister tricks here because you know why one thing about people they want to see proof they want to know well uh are people actually making money west well so here we go you go to wesleyvirgin.com click on wesley virgin i'm verified here on youtube here okay and then what you want to do is you live in this video go to playlist okay now listen this is important here and then you scroll down and you go to testimonials of real people now look here are you still with me smash the like button now look you find a video that says done for you service testimony i have hundreds of them these are hundreds of people just like you that are making money online basically from registering to this course we have a lot of people that buy this product a lot of them only because people are actually making money so we take a video you can take this video right here okay you click on it okay then what you do is you copy the link of the video okay guys i hope you're awesome does that make sense and then you go back to facebook okay and when you're reaching out to these people you say hey this is what i'm doing i'm doing affiliate marketing check out this testimony of this person that started to make some money with the system you send them the link they watch the video they're like wow that guy made some money yes wow what is it all about you know what check it out right here and then you leave your affiliate link that's all you do see how simple that was you just leave your affiliate link you just give it to them personally but you first allow them to see the video now listen let me show you a another cool trick i've never seen this before but i'm gonna give it to you and thank you for smashing the like button if you're getting listen if you're getting value hit the like button let's get it listen let's go back to youtube okay that video that i showed you right that video right here that i showed you right that you're listening to now you're gonna download the video okay you're gonna download this video from youtube you can always go to google.com and type in how to download youtube videos download that video you can upload it to your channel and look this is the trick in the description put your affiliate link does that make sense in the description put your affiliate link and watch you get paid does that make sense because check it out every time that you're reaching out to these people on facebook with your leads these people are leads you're not spending any money but you're making money right now you leave your link right here look boom you see that i'm sorry not that link your affiliate link right from the digital store site you remember the link that that we're here okay you just get your link there let me log back in let me show you i want to be very transparent so you can get this now okay and it's so simple like look go to marketplace scroll down because we want to make 500 bucks right exactly copy we go back here copy and paste boom and you type this number one way to earn 10k per month online or the number way to earn money every month online and you just save it so which means is when you start to share that video that's on your youtube channel you get paid twice now you're building a youtube channel that you're eventually going to get paid with two when they watch the video because people always want to see social proof they want to see hey am i the only lone duck out here they want to see other people that are getting results before they take action now on this page does that make sense now listen it's many ways to make money online i'll also make money by creating products like this and you know what let me show you something in the description below if you want it i will show you step by step how to create your first internet product and as a matter of fact just to give you more value because i want to earn your life like i want to earn your life right now let me show you what i did here look this is the first product that i created five six years ago i made a million i've been over 30 million dollars on a website with some cool old people here with a video and a headline listen when you create a video online or when you want to create a product what you want to do is what is called model now listen in the description below i take you step by step and i'll show you what i did on this page to make millions of dollars it is it's it's basic psychologies triggers listen everything that you see right now was strategically placed in a way to make money in the link below under this video in the description it's going to say online help click it it's going to show you step by step what i did now listen this is what i'm going to do i want to do something cool smash the like button sub to the channel if you want to but i want to do something really cool for everybody okay that link that's below here let's say i want this now wes and you click it here it is again the first 11 peeps and i'm talking about you i don't know how old you are i don't know where you live but the first 11 people that successfully created a product from learning everything that's in a step-by-step easy tutorial right here in that link right there okay that you can see in the description right now what i'm going to do is once your offer is done i'm going to email your offer that means that i'm going to email 200 000 people to your offer so you can make 5 or 10 grand instantly does that make sense that's how you make money online you make it through facebook ads you make it through organic traffic or you make it with email lists okay i for the first 11 people let's say wes that i want this now i'm ready to turn my life around financially i'm gonna bust my butt i'm gonna work with you with your mentorship and once your product is ready to go on the internet you reach out to me okay i'm gonna leave the email address on that website that you see in the description below and on the screen right in front of your face i'm going to email your offer okay which means is i make an average between ten to fifteen thousand dollars every time i email an offer i'm going to email your offer okay so you can start making money and once you start making money i am going to refer your offer to thousands of affiliates so you can make money on autopilot now listen this is not for everybody everybody's not going to believe this i get it some of you are not going to take action now i get it but listen information and ways to make money online is easier than ever before but you have to pay attention and you have to watch it and you have to apply it if anything that you missed in this video here i showed you how to be an affiliate marketer as a beginner with zero dollars if you keep going through this process every day it's no reason why you can't make five hundred dollars a day does that make sense listen before i let you go if i gave you any value smash the like button sub to the channel so you can always get a notification because i keep recording more new and exciting videos like this for you listen you can do it you could do it young man you could do it young lady you can do it you can make money online you got to believe in yourself you got to learn more you have to take these type of videos seriously take your time you got to eradicate negative people out of your life right to people to say oh that's a scam this is listen i'm making millions of dollars i mean i and i'm grateful to god but listen it's up to you listen it's up to you to realize that you're worthy of doing this it's going to be some trial it's going to be some error but you can do this believe in yourself listen do you want to work for a job for 20 30 years of your life do you want to fight in traffic every single day do you want to sit in cubicles where the boss is telling you what to do for the rest of your life hell no listen the internet right now is the biggest thing going it's making people rich in their 20s it's making people rich in their 20s 30s 40s and 50s but everybody that always makes the money they take action now before other people i love you guys i appreciate you hey listen do i deserve a thumbs up go ahead and smash that like button right there on the youtube channel um just give me a like button and remember the first 11 people who go here take action now with everything that you see here i'm going to email your offer to 200 000 people so you can make up to five to ten thousand dollars it's easy i do this all day every day but i'm always willing to help you remember in life you don't get what you want you get what you picture picture yourself winning picture yourself making tons of money online put yourself in your versace robe landing your bed on a friday on the thursday doing nothing while everybody's fighting traffic i love you so much this is wesley billion dollar version let's go motivated dedicated let's go

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